Something for Legal Insurrection (gay folks’s)

Legal Insurrection had another attack of the vapors over King & Spalding and DOMA. And the Secretary of State of Virginia is well quoted. Here, it’s an interesting read, as are the comments:

Of course, DOMA is unlike any other law in America. It’s not for all of us. It’s just for some of us. We’re very special, we gay folks, to have such a special law just for us. One of our “special rights” that only we are “entitled” to.

So here’s what I sent the good man this morning because I can’t seem to post anything to his site, I don’t know why:

“Hello Professor Jacobson,
here’s something I tried to add to your comments, your site just doesn’t like me, too bad.

>Oh, if it’s OK for everyone to say “God Hates Fags” and call us evil, dysfunctional, a threat to society, a danger to family, child molesters, and worse — all without a shred of proof other than theology; nor as individuals, but as a class of people — despite our owning homes and business, having jobs and paying taxes and living peaceably among you all, I’m sure it’s OK for us to pressure a law firm. And as Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council who proudly claims to be the man behind DOMA called us on April 29th, 2011: “Domestic Terrorists” — it must be our absolute right of free speech to bring pressure on anyone who would defend this law, too. It’s self defense. We are in a fight for our lives. There are many people calling for us to be outlawed, incarcerated, “cured” like a ham against our will and nature, and even executed. And those are just the ones running for president.
But you know, sir, some laws are just too odious to be defended. For DOMA is basically “liberty for 95% but a theocracy for gay folks.” Worse, gay folks’ tax dollars are paying for any lawyer to defend this law against us and only us; and it doesn’t “defend” marriage. Why don’t you all try “Don’t Tread On Us, Either” instead of this Medieval theocracy by the pro-Doma people, of the sort that was directed at Jews for 15 centuries: Convert or die. Thanks.

Jim Hlavac”

Really now, this law is just a nasty gratuitous piece of theology directed at the last people in America whom can be pilloried for mere existence. Absurd. Wrong. UnAmerican.


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