Ruth Markus strong arms Gay Folks (unfairly)

Let me roughly quote a regular columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group – I’m sure an esteemed collection of writers on the public discourse of this nation. Her name is Ruth Markus. She writes today, April 29, 2011, in my Advocate, on page 8B in an article entitled “Strong-Arming the Lawyers.” This article ironically appeared on the day of a day of a fairy tale wedding watched by 2 billion people. And she writes in defense of the defense of DOMA – and against gay people. She’s a liberal, I’m sure. Such good friends we have. And DOMA, the illogically named “Defense of Marriage Act,” what is this law? It has nothing to do with “defending” marriage. Divorce and adultery and shacking up and wife swapping are not only legal but encouraged by our society.

Here’s Tiger Woods, paradigm of fidelity back on the course.

So much for fidelity and marriage and all that – not to mention the thrice married Newt and Don, twice married John McCain, admitted heterosexual pederast by the hundreds in the Catholic Church – they are said to be heterosexual, talk to the Pope. I’m told I should believe Il Papa en Roma, OK, on this I believe, the pederast priests are heterosexuals. Fine. Not to mention either the condoms for sale in every location imaginable.

Here’s a small compendium of the sanctity of marriage before I get to the gist of Ms. Markus’s nonsense.

(the britney 55 hour marriage is my fave, I think, or maybe the 9 weddings of sanctity for king)

OK, so now that we can show that the “sanctity” of marriage is not a part of this discussion – did I mention the astounding divorce rate? Or how about the men who keep girls in basements and garden sheds? Or the men who kill their wives? And kids. The mothers who drive their kids into lake and rivers, or drown them in the bath? They’re by the hundreds every year – for the sanctity of it all, of course. The prostitution, the porn, the depravity, the Victoria’s Secret right there in the Malls of America showing scanties to the kiddies? Ah the sanctity and purity, which gay people sully, no doubt. Not to mention the divorce, debauchery, adultery, murder, death, mayhem and destruction of the heterosexual institution of marriage – “Fatal Attraction” “War of the Roses” “Rebecca” how many movies of the “sanctity” must I present? But a gay kiss – oh, the horrors.

Or the TV shows – Grace in bed and proud of it with every guy she meets and Will a virgin apparently, demure about his undies. Jack a talker and a dreamer and Karen screwing everybody within arm’s length. And that’s just the gay show. That’s for the sanctity and purity and wrought of GOD of it all. Seething hypocrisy, but it’s gay folks fault of course, for daring to tell a law firm – don’t defend that law – it’s unholy. Yes, Ms. Markus, unholy. There is no right to defend the unholy. Only those who might be innocent or guilty with doubt might be defended and candid facts known. You cannot defend an attack upon the innocent about whom all that is known is opinion and faith by everyone but by us whom are this thing attacked. That’s wrong.

Then there’s the news of the unwed mothers, the child beating, wife beating, divorce, alcoholism, the entire panoply of disaster in the modern family – Springer and Povich, Judge Judy and Divorce Court come to mind as the “Sanctity” of it all. Nancy Springer, Deadbeat Dads, babies dumped in dumpsters. OK, did I cover everything about the craven hypocrisy of heterosexuals on the issue of “marriage” and “family” and “sanctity” – you people are so lax on the matter it’s astounding. And you lecture us? Are you nuts?

And the only people whom are a threat to this orgy of hedonistic heathen paganism is gay people. So it’s said. My my, is DOMA going to save the nation. The idea, the premise, the concept, is so preposterous that one wonders how anyone could hold the view that defending this mind numbing mush is rational. Still, ma’am you want to defend the irrational.

Ms. Markus is concerned that “strong arming the lawyer to drop or avoid the unpopular client is not an acceptable tactic. It is true whether the lawyer is defending murders on death row, Guantanamo detainees or a federal law – …”

Well, no darling – you cannot compare defending this law to an adversarial proceeding between a murderer and a prosecutor with facts in hand. Nor to a Guantanamo detainee caught on the field of battle. Nor even to a federal law that affects all 300+ million Americans. This is not a law that affects you Ms. Markus. This is not a law on say, Speed Limits, that affect every driver. Nor is is a regulation that concerns, say the quality of water – which affects all 300+ million of us. This is not a federal law that is paid for by every American to be equally enjoyed by every American. And even laws against murder are enjoyed by all of us, because they help mitigate the murder of any of us. Nor is it akin to a law to detain foreigners caught under the rules of law in foreign lands but now held in Guantanamo or any other outpost of the United States, such as Baghram in Afghanistan. No, gay Americans are not akin to murderers nor are we different than any whom could be murdered. Nor are we foreign detainees nor different than anyone whom might be harmed by these detainees should they rejoin civil society.

No, gay Americans are singled out as a distinct group of people deserving of unbridled scorn. “Evil” “Dysfunctional” “Molesters” “Sick” “Depraved” – what other words Ms. Markus are used to describe us in polite public discourse and on the hustings themselves. Oh no, Ms. Markus, we are a class unto ourselves – nothing is like gay folks. Nothing. We are comparable to no other thing under the sun.

Why, Ms. Markus – did you not notice that just a few weeks ago the Supreme Court of this nation – in an 8-1 decision – was applauded by everyone for its sagacity on the absolute First Amendment Right to say GOD HATES FAGS – and that it was perfectly, legitimately, within sound reason, and erudite considered legal opinion by the highest court of this nation that any group in this nation can call for the outright eradication of me, Jim Hlavac, and all my friends to numerous to name – and not a one you know, nor me. These people in support of DOMA and those behind GOD HATES FAGS are not against “Marriage” my sweet innocent lady.

They want us dead.

They want us gone.

They want us removed from earth.

As a class, as a people – regardless of our individuality.

And if you don’t see that – then you are willfully blind.

And DOMA is part and parcel of their program. Indeed, sweet naïve lady – go to everyday to learn everyday of the DOMA supporters’ plans – not wishes – not desires – no, but plans – to simply eliminate gay people. By incarceration and forced cure or expulsion from the nation.

And there, in the beginning of your article, you say – “Let me hasten to make a few things clear. The Defense of Marriage Act, which bars the federal government form accepting same-sex marriage recognized by state law is repugnant and I believe unconstitutional.”

Oh lady, com’n, do your research – it was the Family Research Council which pushed for and engineered the law – they are clear and proud of that – again – should you have missed the first link. Daily is the compendium from that brave man to point out the plan – THE PLAN – to eliminate gay people from this nation. Just today, Tony Perkins showed how he is this, how shall I quote you – “the bigger culprit.” He called us all Domestic terrorists” And you have the audacity to say gay people are the “bigger culprit” after GOD HATES FAGS and “domestic terrorists”? And your on my side? Ha!

Tony Perkins today said that “homosexuals” as a group, in our entirety, individually and collectively, are a “the biggest threat to the nation.” And he’s the guy who engineered DOMA. He’s whom deserves defense? You jest, no?

And now you want gay men and women to pay our tax dollars to defend the law against us – and have no right – no reason – no imaginable purpose to pressure anyone and anything that comes to defend this horrendous law which says I’m not worth a bucket of warm spit? But I should grin and bear it, for the “majesty of the law”? Ma’am – if GOD HATES FAGS is OK, I’m pretty sure, “pretty please don’t defend this law” is OK too. I mean really – isn’t it free speech for everyone? May we not call for our defense by being aggressive? Or shall we just wait until they attack us some more? Should I wait until the police are at my door demanding my surrender to forced reparative therapy as the “defenders” of DOMA want?

You is off your rocker lady. I hope every gay group, every gay guy, every gay gal, and gay friendly hetero hounds the dickens out of anyone who would dare to defend a law promulgated by our government on behalf of a genocidal group of maniacs intent on destroying my mother’s son.

It is our duty, Ma’am, as humans – to stop anyone from every defending this law.

And if the Family Research Council can say GOD HATES FAGS that us fags whom God “hates” can tell anyone “defend this law and face our wrath.” And if you can’t see this, get the hell out of the way.

And that Ma’am is a 2nd Amendment right to self defense. Even more – it is my duty as a man to say NO THIS WILL NOT STAND, DO NOT DEFEND THIS LAW to anyone I find out is defending it.


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