Craven nasty illogical mush from NO GAYS, Inc.

Once again, craven nasty illogical mush from NO GAYS, Inc.


There’s the article. However, they are remiss in one major aspect of this legal situation: There’s no one who can judge this case impartially. For if the Christians get the judge they want then he or she will be automatically biased against us. This sort of judge would have a “Personal interest” in keeping Prop 8 OK — for their own reasons. Faith based reasons even. Or some other buggaboo in their lives.

If a different gay judge, ditto their reasoning. If a Catholic, ditto — a prejudged outcome because of a personal interest in the case. Everyone has a personal interest in gay people. Why, many a heterosexual claims that the very sustainability of civilization hinges upon our acceptance and further toleration in society or not. I’d argue that’s a pretty good personal interest in the outcome of the case. In fact, given the rhetoric against gay people, it’s more like no straight judge could possibly ever be fair in the case. Straights are never fair with gays. If they were, we wouldn’t be arguing over this issue and all the other issues that heterosexuals have with us without foundation or proof, but mere unicorn hunting and supposition and belief and faith. The whole subject is preposterous no matter which judge rules what. No one will be happy. Thus the cases will continue. The Supreme Court in the next few years will have so many gay cases they won’t know what hit ’em.

And I’d think that if a straight judge ruled for us gay folks then some other reason would have been found. For these people are against our existence, not our marriages. They want us gone, not quiet and back in the closet. They don’t want to accept our reality, they want to “cure” us no matter what they hell we say about the issue. How can this ever be fair? So no matter if straight or gay judge rules for us – there will be cause for complaints — oh, I don’t know — a gay cousin, a gay friend, belonging to a church that accepts gay people as fellow citizens, a one time support statement by a gay group, a beer in a gay bar by accident, stopped at a traffic light while a gay parade passed – it’ll make no difference — anything will be seized upon by the pseudo-Christians against us. They are not Christians, no. They are Communists and Theocrats of extraordinary proportions who have nothing better to do but to hound us incessantly. And we play defense and are accused of attacking those whom attack us. The hypocrites.

And any judge they like must perforce already have a pre-stated animus against us. That’s exactly what they seek. A judge against us by any measure. They wouldn’t accept any judge who was “for” us, or who was “balanced.” These people don’t want “balance.” They want to spend billions of dollars to round us up, incarcerate us and force a “cure” upon us. They are crazy. And still, sadly, people listen to them. Oh well. Nothing to us, we’ve heard it all our lives. We laugh, and worry. But I think the rest of the nation is beginning to get a hint of what these people are saying. Have at it. Lose big time. Good for you and us.

Indeed, with Rights for Gays cases — no side will ever be satisfied — for the lion will not lay down with the lamb. But the lamb bleats and the lion threatens to devour us sheep. Indeed, these lions demand we hand ourselves over to the slaughter to be devoured. This is disgusting within the American political scene to be directed at anyone else but us gays. Hey, we’re just fodder for this rapacious heathenism of genocidal proportions. I don’t know what else to call it. I have listened to Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg, Maggie Gallagher and Bryan Fischer, and the rest – oh, why must I name those whom want me dead or conformed to their wishes? I want to just punch him in the nose already. Like I did with Allan Rolli in Ninth Grade. Why are we – the only people in America who must endure this – simply hounded by these lunatics?

And only a National Commission on Gay Americans and a good ruling by the Supreme Court that gay folks are a protected minority, well, then, that’s that. When will it come? I grow tired from the mush of mush heads. Despicable people intent on coming into my brain itself and reordering it to their specifications. The idea is outrageous. Why is this even legal to talk about? I don’t give a crap anymore about the legal niceties, truly – here we have a group of people who want to force me into a “Cure” for what they think what ails me. What gives them the right? Where in any jurisprudence of this nation does one group of citizens have a right to call for such actions against another?

This is beyond mere disagreement over policy – they want me dead. And this is their right? To call for my elimination? Horrendous. Where are the good people of conscience in this nation to speak up for me? Not Obama – that prick is “evolving” on the issue. Not Tea Party operatives, they’re all over the place on us and me. Not a Republican, they’re hiring lawyers with my money to pick on me. Astounding. And of course, I’m just a whiny faggot for pointing out the absurdity of this.

Weirdly, the only political figure who ever expressed it like I do is Barry Goldwater: “You don’t have to like it, but gay people deserve full Constitutional rights, including marriage and military service.” He said it in 1994. Why are we still arguing over this?

Gay folks wanted to be accepted. That’s what we begged since the beginning. But the opponents to our existence have made it into exactly that — a discussion over our existence. They oppose our reality. They are delusional. Why are they still listened too? Who will tell them to shut up, already. I await for that.

The two sides are implacable – and it’s inconceivable that it could be put up to a public vote. No, now, only the best minds of science and reality, and religion and politics, need to be brought together, to hear testimony equally from all sides. Not some bunch of heteros hearing testimony from yourselves about what a horror we are. Not some 95% straight, because we make up maybe 5% of the population or less. But 50-50. We are entitled to a fair hearing in the court of public opinion. Why can’t we get it?

For a decent respect of the opinions of mankind and our sacred honor we are entitled to go before Congress, the President, the Courts, and the Churches and make our case, all at once – not some piecemeal battle fought day by day. Look, if we say “we’re born this way” well then that’s it, “we’re born this way.” And no one has a blessed clue why. You heteros couldn’t explain it if you tried. Go ahead. The conflicts in opinion, the blatant contradictions betwixt the various reasons for our existence and the outcome of the acknowledgment of it, that it is impossible for this situation to continue. It is unfair. It is UnAmerican.

It is unChristian to keep belittling people whom a vast majority of this nation considers “sick.” OK, fine, we’re “sick.” So are a lot of other people. But no one chose to be “sick,” as we are blamed for doing. And no sickness is destroying the nation, as you accuse our “sickness” of doing. Well, except the sickness of the NO GAYS movement, which seeks to rid us from the population as surely as Jews were hunted down in Nazi Germany or Medieval Spain. They are clear about it – I’m not hyperbole here – they are clear – “cure” or be damned!

Meanwhile put us on the autism spectrum and be done with us.

Stop this nonsense. This is nuts. This is cruel. More than enough evidence has now surfaced that all across this world that something else is going on than some friggin’ “Homosexual lobby” “Promoting the Homosexual Agenda” because of a Democratic party leftist political position against the American family – it’s absurd to say so. It’s unbecoming a rational people to think so.

Talk to us already. Come to us. We’re the ones with the answer that you seek. You all are all over the place beyond all rational thought that it is almost too difficult to field every argument against us.

Come, talk to us. In a National Commission — 20 gay guys, 20 straight folks. Let’s talk. Figure this out.

But we are tired, but yet unrelenting – have no doubt – you will accept this reality of us now or you will listen to us till the end of your days. We will never relent.

We cannot give up. It would not be our Nature, and of Nature’s God. Let my people go.

Here, look, it’s now 50-50 even in Baton Rouge LA.

What are we going to do, keep holding votes until we win?

What a waste of time and money.

And up in Minnesota the NO GAYS movement is going to spend $4.7 million to put a referendum before the people. And if they lose? What then? Why, they’ll cry unfair and “gays are evil for defending themselves.” What a waste of humanity.


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