Glenn Beck & I, peas in a pod?

Glenn Beck is famous, he thinks, for drawing up little diagrams and putting up pictures and such, to give little history lessons. The other day he had on who is running for president, he thinks. And these two, well, they need a little gay history. And I do this for the youth, which is always good. Of course, few people teach this stuff, so I take it upon myself. And Beck and Santorum and others do need the lesson.

You know, many a young person today doesn’t quite know the history of gay folks in this nation. And these people are quite child like in their claims, demands and assumptions. It’s quite a weird little tale, this gay history stuff. Let’s tell it in pictures.

In 1965, four years before there was a gay uprising, or riot, or disturbance, or a rather nasty attack on the police state which did just one too many times come in to stomp us – there were a handful of people who went to Washington, and did a little protest right in front of the White House. Here’s a picture of that:

See how they’re dressed? See the threatening signs? See the two girls for all those boys? Interesting.

This same year, a book was published about the menace to the nation “homosexuals” posed. Here’s the covers and the table of contents:

Quite the end of the world, eh? Oh the horrors! Still, we hadn’t even had a hissy fit yet.

Then there was that Stonewall thing. A documentary was on LPB last night – Louisiana Public Broadcasting – an amazing amount of pictures and film from the sissy hissy fit was taken for something that was pretty spontaneous. But as the people say in the oral history parts, they all knew it was momentous. It was big, somehow.

And in 1979, 10 years after the fracas in the Village, a large gathering of gays occurred in Washington DC. I was there. I would say it was about as big as the recent Beck rally. Which is weird in a number of ways. One is that the press covered Beck to high heavens and the press never mentioned a word about the 1979 March. Both events were extraordinarily peaceful. And both were about restoring honor. Becks’ version is whatever it is. Our version was from coming up from zero honor – indeed, we were just the untouchable lepers of the nation. So here’s just two pictures of that (I’m looking for more.)

And then I think, you know, in 1979 there were a lot less people in the nation, maybe just, oh, 220,000,000 or so, I don’t know exactly. And when one considers the size of the crowds in DC that day in 1979 and compares that to the alleged percentage we are in the nation, well, then, it would seem that every single last gay person in the nation was in DC that day. Only, I know that isn’t true. But still, that’s the perception given the crowd size and the numbers claim. Doesn’t quite add up, but hey.

And the other thing I think of, given the apocalyptic warning on the front cover of the book, our “Lobby” and “recruiting” and “promotion” drives have been rather dim failures if all we could get is 2,491,034 – and 34! (That exact number still grates me, still.) And all sissies too. So it’s either a not very successful effort, or it’s because there’s no such thing. Um, I’ll go with number 2. But I’m biased, I’m told.

Meanwhile, there’s these really crazy people running around the nation thinking it’s 1965 all over again. At least they sound just like the book presented above. Weird. Just weird. What does Santorum think he’s doing? Or Trump or Newt with their arrogantly hypocritical family values crap?

And this answers to that, I do believe, is:

Which is weird, because, in essence then, Beck and I have a lot more in common than just wearing glasses and being able to tell history. Why, we both relish this flag:

Yeah, don’t do that. Don’t tread on me, either. It’s tiresome and loathsome and unAmerican.


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