American Specator Gets the DOMA Vapors, too.

The conservative American Specator got the DOMA Vapors, too. But they are in a perennial snit over gay folks at that magazine. I’ve been reading them for 30 years, used to come right to my house. And so lucid on so much, then mush heads when gays come up. And they can’t even see that they’re in a losing battle and make no reference to their past stances. Now the line is drawn in the sand here at DOMA, and not back at Bowers V Hardwick which they argued in 1986 should keep gay sex itself illegal. I pointed out to them even back then — it’s impossible to arrest us all — so why not be nice?

Here’s just one of my four lengthy comments I put up at this blog post:

I recommend you go read the rest – and what the other people say too – illuminating.


By the way, all the gay men and women in this nation are actually funding the defense of this horrid law. Think about it, we pay a few billion in taxes — and so the Congress is using our money to fight us — on a law to which there are so many challenges it’ll be overturned within a few years anyway. (And we cover all the people with HIV/AIDS too — we probably even cover the cost of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills, and we’re not even a part of that problem. )

Even weirder, there are people in this nation, gaining the ear of presidential contenders, like Don, Mike, Newt, Tim and others who want to round us all up, incarcerate us, and force a “cure” upon us. For fiscal sanity, liberty for all and family values, too. The insanity is that they think this will punish us, and on your dime we will have the weirdest Club Med ever devised by the folly of man.

And stranger still, the more you all harp on “gay people” as a class — and not, say, me Jim, as an individual, you are making it easier for the Supreme Court to rule exactly that we are a “special class” picked out for negative treatment precisely because of whom we are. You’re sinking yourselves by defending the law against us.

Basically, our reality, our fortitude and our American spirit of Never say surrender has simply zugzwanged you. And indeed, our answer to the culture war against us, with its insistent demand for our surrender and be heterosexual or listen to this unbridled crap against us forever is “Nuts!” And that’s the most eloquent answer to a demand for surrender ever uttered by an American. Go look it up. Cheers.


I did lit in to these people in the sweetest way possible, no reason to yell at ’em. They’re just misguided, and need correction. They know not the ways of Jesus on this matter. I just wish more gay folks would start to comment on such sites, for many people are quite receptive to the “Oh, who cares” argument for rights for gays. And we’ve got to reach these people where they are — not at some gay blog which preaches to the choir as much as this hetero blog preaches to its choir. Time for the choirs to get together with the congregants and form a more perfect union.

Now that’s a word to spread.

And not the joyous of which comedy I do not tire of, for he is out to get me, and has declared war upon my being and he has some hell of a nerve. I will only defend myself through ridicule of course, while Rick Santorum, a darling of American Spectator, wants to attack me with the police state. For liberty and family values and the American way, even. The hypocritical little twerp.


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