Time to get rid of Democrats and Republicans

In talking to a friend last night, as we watched MSNBC’s “the ED show” – with that bombastic interrupting fool dealing with the not so swift Michael Steele I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be nice if we had no more Republican and Democratic Parties? Why do we need them? What do they do? They argue with each other and nothing changes. We were warned against factions by the Founding Fathers. They were sure that government which governs least governs best. And with a citizen legislature. Why can’t anyone run as just a citizen? And would it make a difference if we took the first 535 people out of a telephone book and put them in office? Oh, sure, sort of pie in the sky at the moment, as my friend informed me, but I did a little test with him. He said, more or less, “that’s the way it is,” and of course that is true, right now. So I picked up an advertising circular and rolled it up and started to swat his knee. He said “what?” And I said – “Hey, that’s OK, that’s just the way it is.” And he had to laugh, for truly, these two bastions of elite sycophants for power are just oblivious to what they’re saying about each other – and especially, obviously to nearly everyone, they are not listening to we the people.

Endless discussion ensued on Medicare and Medicaid there on Ed’s show, and there were two inarticulate union representatives from the firefighters or something. I couldn’t figure out if they were with each other or against each other; and one couldn’t make a declarative statement to save his life apparently. Sort of makes no difference whom they were, for they are part and parcel of “that’s the way it is.” Well, yes, that’s the problem – that’s the way it is. And Ed and Michael, in great comity, talked about personalities and politics, and scored points, and argued percentages and disparities and rights and everyone joined in on the need for “Reform” of course. As well as “maintaining the safety net.” Yes. And certainly not disrupting anything for the seniors while crafting a new and exciting future for the youth. Sure. Back and forth with platitudes and ad hominem attacks and a little vitriol thrown in (and at least nothing about gay folks, for we are guilty of so much, I’m told) and I thought – geez gentlemen – Americans don’t want to deprive grandma of her drugs.

We just wonder why on earth she is given three to five pages of the exact same information month after month for the drug she’s been taking for years. Paper which costs billions on its trip from the forest to the paper mill to the printer to the drug store to the consumer to the landfill for no purpose under the sun. How many billions of dollars of Medicare and Medicaid money go into the monthly dispensing of pointless information that is thrown away? My friend said, “Well, otherwise the old lady might take too much …” and I cut him off – “If the old lady is too stupid to not take her normal one pill a night for the last five years I’m sure she’s too stupid to read three to five pages of dense text in large paragraphs with big words in a subpoena format.” And he couldn’t argue with that. Can you?

So why didn’t any of these four horsemen for their apocalypse unless they’re in charge point out that billions could be saved from Medicare and Medicaid, and garbage and recycling pick ups, and Lord knows where else by just eliminating this monthly onslaught of superfluously unimportant, unread, un-understood nonsense about something that a doctor can say in a few moments – and that’s he’s paid to do so with the knowledge to ensure that he and the old lady who have known each other for quite some time are on the same page – one pill a night, don’t worry. But no, the paper comes, and comes. At the billion buck rate a day probably – $365 Billion Bucks saved right there and not a dent in anyone’s health care, drugs, or anything else.

But no, now we get more paper, under ObamaCare, so that we know what we got for “free” from the government because we always got it for “free” – but now we’re told that in a monthly mailing for Medicare services billing. It now comes once a month to the old man I watch – with an itemized statement of several pages, in a plastic window envelope and a postage meter rate – all to tell him that he owes no money for what he doesn’t barely remember even receiving. All to save money?

Or to give some politician’s district a printing plant?

But it’s not real economy, despite the alleged protestation that the forestry jobs are real, or the paper mills, or the postman – all of it is just make-work. By requiring the paper for the landfill all of the people employed are merely shuffling the paper from one “Desk” to another until it winds up in the ultimate in box – a landfill.

And a thousand years from now the archeologists will look at these dumps of paperwork and wonder “What on earth?” Perhaps they’ll think it magical incantations, these endless pages of information for taking Simvastatin for too high cholesterol once a night before bedtime.

I doubt they’ll say it was a gay caveman or a fertility doohicky, for the spell of superstition will hopefully have be broken by then.

Meanwhile, not a thing is done about this paperwork onslaught except, well, “that’s the way it is.”

And yes, true; but, ay, that’s the problem – too much paper coming at us regular people. Save a few billions, stop the paper for just the drug information. I’m well aware that every medication might have side affects including a leg falling off or something drastic. I’m sure if we’re smart enough to go to a doctor to get a drug in the first place we’re smart enough to go to a doctor about any other problem. And I bet even we can see that it happened the very next day after we took one of those newly prescribed pills. I bet the doctor would take us right away if we were covered in hives too. He’ll be the one to say “Yep, it’s the meds.” And tell us to stop; which we probably did already. But no, three to five pages of one sided printing of dense subpoena like text for the good of granny, a bureaucrat and a lawyer.

And endless prattle about how this or that side want to destroy grandma and the nation in the same swell swoop. That’s what Democrats and Republicans do now – they prattle on about the end of the world and throw some goodies to favored buddies or groups so that they might ride the gravy train of the cushy life of the Washington suburbs. Frankly, I’m thinking the capital building should be a warehouse in Wichita and representatives house in a modest apartment complex within walking distance and a small playground for exercise. But I’m rather radical about these things. As the picture says, here’s Congress:


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