Boehner & the Medieval Theocracy of Pedro Vega “Vivificat.”

Boehner & the Medieval Theocracy of Pedro Vega “Vivificat.” What an imperious title, vivificat indeed.

I saw this mind numbing mush this morning at – a blog which tirelessly exposes the weird theocratic positions of the National Organization (for the elimination of gay people, we don’t give a damn about heterosexual) Marriage – led by a rotund woman named Maggie Gallagher who had a child out of wedlock, doesn’t use her now husband’s last name and can’t get a wedding band on her pudgy finger, but is quite sure she’s the savior of the Western World by stopping me from smooching. She’s crazy. And John Boehner invited her to speak against me, Jim, in the House of Representatives – which lives off of my dime. I’m paying for this? I’m tired of it. If I’m not of sound mind and body I certainly can’t fill out a complex thing like the 1040 EZ to pay my taxes.

And too a guy named Bryan Brown, with the spurious NOM – who purposefully works full time to spew God-awful crap against some “homosexual lobby” while not knowing one gay person who’s actually a member of it. I mean, he’s not saying “Jim Hlavac is wrong on this…” nor that “Jeremy Hooper of G-A-Y website is incorrect when he says that…” No, Brown is just intent on destroying some “homosexual” existence that stands outside of the actual particulars of any specific gay person. It’s all very metaphysical, I guess. Still, they talk about us as some strange group of millions whom all think, do, act and say exactly the same at all times. So disastrous is this man’s mind, after his full time job of working to wreck my nerves he gets snippy if me or a friend say he’s a bigoted moron. Well, what else is he? Reasoned? No. Likeable? No. With a brain? No. Just bilious, and well, a bigoted moron with no real purpose in life. He’s protoplasm interfering with good people.

They are a strange duo who make their living off of calling for the renewed suppression of gay Americans. No doubt the demented smooch each other when thinking they won another “victory” in their Pyrrhic war against Broadway chorus line boys for the threat they pose, like butterflies take on F-22 stealth fighters.

But they’ve teamed up with Pedro Vega with a blog called “vivificat.” Which does mean sort of “bring back to life.” And what they want to bring back to life is a crusade of religious proportions, a plague of Biblical proportions even, against a happy bunch of people who want to be left alone and be our normal productive selves and utilize various legal mechanisms in the family law instead of either having to use business law or to be denied any such mechanism whatsoever on the basis of nothing more than whom we are. Forcing me to respond to this sort of mindless drivel. This is just breathtaking in the audacity of stupidity and a craven disregard for reality.

Here – look at Mr. Vega’s contribution to the theocratic delusion; he’s so sure he Jesus come to town I thought I’d put his words in Red, just like in a real Bible – and who else is going to stop these loons for unicorns? Don’t be shy, time to shut down this gelatinous pus filled boil of illogical hate.

“G-A-Y Exclusive: NOM’s ‘war team’ targeting more than just our ring fingers

In May of 2008, a man named Pedro Vega contributed these posts to his pseudonymously-written “Vivificat” blog:

Theological Issues

 Folks, there are “theologians” out there who see no discrepancy, no contradiction, between homosexual activity and Christian living. Those who quote them are taking the easy way out, looking for an exculpatory absolution, and that’s their free choice. However, what is not for them to choose is their drive to impose their morality on others by means of the law or public opprobrium and then silence those of us who hold a principled dissent toward their views with name calling and “hate laws.” It is sad, but these “theologians” are lending their help to a malignant ideology. So, again thanks to NARTH, I present to you a list of essays dealing with the theology of the issue, with the purpose of making these searchable in the Catholic Blogosphere so as to influence the public and politicians to end their support to the legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

Is homosexuality an unchangeable, inborn biological trait?

The assumption underlying the recognition of same-sex unions is exactly that: homosexuality is an unchangeable trait as unchangeable as race and in fact, the “fight” for “gay rights” is often pictured by activists as another civil rights movement. The media never challenges this assumption and, like human-caused, human-driven global warning, the immutability of the homosexual conditions always goes unchallenged. One would expect that there would be no scholarly literature challenging this tenet but the fact is that the literature is vast and suggestive. Here’s the tip of the iceberg. Don’t let homosexualists tell you what to think – much less treat you as a bigoted moron. Challenge their assumptions. Educate yourself. Vote accordingly.

Homosexuality – What do clinical studies say?

Folks, I continue my little Information Operations (InfoOps) campaign of documenting sound but dissenting opinions on the origin and immutability of homosexual attractions by reproducing this list published by NARTH. If you haven’t guessed it already, the purpose of this InfoOps campaign is to document, collate, and redistribute true information regarding the origins of homosexuality, its dysfunctional character, and its treatment. Therefore, by dispelling any argument equating the homosexual condition with race, I intend to inform and influence voters, lawmakers, and jurists into stopping any move to legalize same-sex marriage.

 There’s no hidden agenda here. Only the truth, for all to see.

May 2008 Archive [Pedro Vega’s Vivificat blog]

 “Homosexual relations are “unnatural” because such acts frustrate Nature’s intention that the human species perpetuate itself. Obviously, if most people chose to exclusively engage in homosexual relations humans would become extinct. Nature also discourages homosexuality in that homosexual practices generally cause or are associated with a variety of physical and mental disorders. The fact that the average lifespan of a male homosexual is 43 years (39 if one has AIDS) indicates that the human body was not made to engage in sodomy.

An Unhappy Union: Why Same-Sex Marriage Is Unconstitutional [Pedro Vega’s Vivificat site]


In their own words – “unnatural” –that’s what this crap is, “unnatural.” And I think – why should I bother to worry about this theological nut job? Why is he wasting my time by going to legislatures and arguing his Medieval outlook? And everyone else would be well worried that he’ll get successful in destroying me – for then he’ll go after anyone else he doesn’t like. This is the same sort of attitude which led to 1500 years of religious wars in Europe. That’s what this man wants here in America – a religious war against me. Weird, my family started to fight the Catholics at Tabor in the Czech Republic in 1415 after they burned at the stake, on a pile of faggots, our preacher Mister Jan Hus, that very year. These Catholics have never been happy with us Czechs – now they’re just coming after me as a gay man too. 600 hundred years of Catholic attacks. Get a grip you people.

Everything the man says is just ludicrous. The most absurd, the most bizarre, delusional, misinformed and rambunctiously looney to the point of crisis intervention is this line: The fact that the average lifespan of a male homosexual is 43 years (39 if one has AIDS) indicates that the human body was not made to engage in sodomy.

I’ll be 53 in a few weeks, and most of my friends are in their 50s and 60s. The guy I take care of is 89. I mean really, it’s a “fact”? Is he nuts? Is the man just so gone from reality that he can make such a statement? And why is he being listened to? He’s crazy. Get a straightjacket already. And they’re giving testimony to Congress? And no one up there says a word like “Um, oh just go home you loon”?

Even weirder – look what he says “ Don’t let homosexualists tell you what to think” – yes “homosexualists” and I think (am I even allowed to tell me what to think?)– what the hell is that? What on earth? A homosexualist? What sort of specialist is that? Oh yah, this Catholicist, he’s actually saying that anyone who says anything nice about gay people is also evil, deserving of scorn, and even, presumably, as theocrats are wont to do – elimination. They want our own mothers pilloried for having created the monsters of their nightmares. For family values? These people wouldn’t know a family value if Jesus hit them upside the head with one.

But it is getting tiresome to have to listen to this. It’s absolutely beyond the pale of civil discourse. This isn’t religious freedom – it’s imposing his theocracy on me. And do not listen to me? I whom might know something of what I speak? Hell, even self-defense-wise someone should listen to me, no? No, he’s sure of what on my mind. He’s Kreskin, perhaps.

It’s disingenuous – and if I’m crazy I want disability already. So I can live off the dime of Mr. Vega, Mr. Brown and Ms. Gallagher – you all want to arrest and incarcerate us, me? How pitiful. With what billions of bucks darlings? And Rick Santorum of fame is right on board this shipload of fools. And you’re going to remove us from voluntary association with gay men we know to put us into forced association with millions of gay men we don’t know, in prison? This is rational? Why are these people allowed out of the house in the morning?

No wonder John Boehner can’t get a grasp of the budget – he’s getting advice on spending from NOMnuts. Why are these people allowed to testify to Congress about my existence and they don’t even know my name? Every thing they say is lies. They perjure themselves beyond the word “the.” This is absurd.



  1. Dude, I stumbled upon this today quite by accident. It’s a nice exercise in the use of irony, sarcasm, ad hominem attack, etc etc. It even made me laugh a couple of time, so the post possesses a kind of comedic charm to it. If you had written this panoply of invective on a wall it would have been a work of art!

    I am proud of my association with NOM. You may disagree with them (us) but we have the right and obligation to defend the integrity of marriage against those who want to destroy the institution and impose – ironically – their morality upon the rest of us.

    I am happy that you’ve chosen to express your opinion – albeit poorly. Please continue to do so, as I will. May the Lord richly bless you.


    • Oh Teofilo — you is one crazy man. You want to “defend the integrity of marriage against those whom want to destroy the institution”? Eh? Well, sir, go after the heteros in divorce and adultery. And furthermore, if the word “marriage” is the issue than give the reality of gay relationships another name, like oh, say “Teofilo” or something. Yeesh, sure, blame gay folks for hetero failings — typical of religionist scapegoat artists — And your opinions are poor indeed, based as they are on shifting the blame from those whom wreck marriages upon those whom have nothing to do with the matter. The Daily Mush


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