The Answer to Peter LaBarbera’s Question.

While researching former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson’s announcement that he’s running for president (Go Gary!) I ran across this:

From the article: Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality [which weirdly speaks no truth on the issue whatsoever, and instead insists I surrender to its demands or suffer whatever consequences they mete out; to which “NUTS”] wants to know how many boys decided to go gay after watching Darren Criss and Chris Colfer’s characters on Glee kiss.

Asked LaBarbera: “This romantic Glee kiss between two teenage boys depicted on the show, popular characters, one of the most popular if not the most popular TV show that young people watch, and here they had a romantic kiss between two teenage boys, I thought, what, how many young men and boys decided right there that they’re gay?”

The answer Mr. LaBarbera is exactly ZERO. No one “decides” to be gay. You are or you are not at birth, due to a brain wiring issue, which tiny study after tiny study seems to be showing; but which everyone is truthfully quite nervous about finding out that this is true, for it does put LaBarbera out of a job. This brain wiring thing? That would put gay guys right alongside with autistic guys as just, well, just whom we are, but not quite like anyone else. Oh well, such is life. But Mr. LaBarbera needs pictures, apparently, for he is a simpleton. So here:

And gay guys are among the toughest on earth, for having to put up with the crap of the LaBarbera’s of the world.

And yet, if Mr. LaBarbera is sure that one kiss on a show in 2011 will cause someone to “decide” to be gay then he’s living in lala land. Not to mention, but hey, why not, I got a question for Mr. LaBarbera: what great TV kiss did I ever see back in the 1960s that made me “decide” to be gay? ‘Twas none, twerp. And why didn’t all the heterosexuality pushing make the slightest dent on my impressionable young mind? Oh yah, you can’t “impress” someone into being gay. And you can’t condemn the sissy out of a boy, either.

Or maybe it was this:

Yes, that’s what made me decide — song lyrics. Ha, ha, ha.


So why ask the dumb question Mr. LaBarbera?

The idea is preposterous; the man a loon.

But to really drive him nuts:

For a kiss is just a kiss, as time goes by.* & **

*No gay guys were made by the posting of this photograph.

** No heterosexuals, Christian or not, married or not, old or young, male or female were harmed by the posting of this photograph, except a bunch of busybodies of the very sort that Gary Johnson and I are opposed to — those using the government to interfere with the Liberty of the People as Individuals as Americans. And if White Republican Christian Fundamentalists don’t like it they should join their Black Democratic Christian Fundamentalist brethren in a NO GAYS IN AMERICA party — for that’s all they seem to be concerned with. They are weird folks.


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