If saying “fag” is OK, so is burning the Koran, right?

I found this most interesting discussion entitled “Liaquat Ali Khan: We Should Ban Koran Burning Because Muslims Are More Dangerous Than Veterans”


and too: http://patterico.com/2010/11/01/salman-rushdie-responds-to-the-inclusion-of-yusuf-islam-in-stewart%E2%80%99s-rally-to-restore-sanity

And I urge you to go read it. Quite fascinating for what it doesn’t use as the real endorsement to truly OK Koran burning. The Supreme Court recently ruled that not only was it perfectly fine to say “fag” in virtually any context, in an absolute expression of free speech, but it was essentially OK for a group which not only wants to say “fag” but to eliminate all “fags” with impunity, based on religious free speech and First Amendment Free Speech, to call for our elimination. Indeed, it is perfectly fine in this nation to argue for the execution, forced conversion, incarceration, deportation, beating, and spitting upon, along with saying cruel and nasty things towards gay folks, outlawing us, condemning us, and pretty much also call for our exclusion from civil society, as well as the continued public denigration of us, and the constant harassment of us – without bounds up to and including under religious freedom and free speech “God Hates Fags”

And we were born here – we are American citizens, and the children of American Citizens:

>> and at the same time gay folks aren’t even allowed to use the word “Olympics” in our Gay Games – it was banned from us by the Supreme Court, which might well wind up with such cases as the ones talked about by Patterico.

And Patterico says: “Consider it the “anti-trust” theory of freedom of religion. You are free to believe in any religion… that will respect my freedom of religion. But if you can’t reconcile your faith to my practice of freedom of religion, then it is your freedom that will be restricted, not mine.”

And I think – Gay folks right to freedom of religion is impinged by DOMA and all the good Christians lined up against us. But we don’t deny them this right, we just want them to keep it in their churches, and not haul it out into the legislatures. They are impinging our religious belief by their insistence that their Bible is more important than my Bible. By sheer force of numbers, which gay folks can never hope to overcome, the Christians Right is denying gay folks the free exercise of religion.

And if it’s perfectly fine to scream “God Hates Fags” and call for our elimination it should be perfectly fine to burn a Koran. Or a Bible. Or put Jesus in a piss pot. Hell, we are to be the most picked upon peoples – so let all peoples experience what being picked upon for no good reason is really like. Oh, it’s fine, the Supreme Court says it is. Burn the Koran, I shall provide the text, the gasoline and the match, if it helps. Just to show that we gays are no less or more equal than any other in this great land.

And I shall toss a Bible on the pyre for good measure, to show equality. For if “God Hates Fags” is OK than surely so is “And Fags Hate God Obsessed People” – and we too can throw a Bible in the fire. Oh that’s right, we wouldn’t – for we follow the teachings of Jesus in ways “real” Christians can’t well imagine. We turn the other cheek, ask God to forgive our enemies and treat others as we want to be treated. But, hey, that’s just us; we’re just weirdo gay folks.

Weird thing is, as Patterico points out – the Muslims are threatening violence if they don’t get their way – and Gay folks don’t threaten anything but beg a little more for acceptance by our own families first, and society second. And often our own families don’t even support us. .

And yet in legislature after legislature across this land and in the US Congress itself – see www.goodasyou.org for the National Organization (Against Gay) Marriage and Family Research Council and Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality (such as they all make stuff up) all tell Congress that the greatest threat to America is her gay sons and daughters.

Friggin’ amazing.

Maybe Maggie Gallagher and John Boehner should speak to Patterico about what is the true “greatest threat” to our civilization. I can tell you this: Gay folks don’t register in the top 1000 problems this country faces. And yet we are accused as if we are priority #1. It’s disgusting. It’s time for our heterosexual friends to speak up – say something already. This is ridiculous. And we are too small in number and yet accused of an agenda of destruction in some sort of indefinable way. We are only a problem, however, for those whom are obsessed with our existence outside of all proportion to the numbers in the population we might be, whatever it is. We claim we and only we are gay, and these morons go around pretending we’re trying to change the entire populace. It’s like Koran burning. Have at it.

So all I can say is, fell free to burn the Koran while saying God Hates Fags, and I’m sure it will be OK.

But if the Supreme Court rules that it is not OK to burn the Koran, but it is OK to say “God Hates Fags” than we will know that this country truly hates us more than any other person or people no matter what their actual threat – and hate us because of some imaginary threat that exists only in the minds of those who hate us most.

And we will be disgusted, but typically, do nothing. Other than whine a bit some more.


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