The Quackery of Quack Dr. Drew Pinsky at HLN

So, while trying to quietly pass a glorious Spring Sunday painting, enjoying the garden, visiting with friends, doing the laundry, making sure the 89 year old I take care of is comfortable, arranging a trip to New Orleans, calling relatives for comfort and family values, emailing friends, and answering the ones I get, I have to listen to such utter mush as to infuriate me beyond belief.

This time it’s some whack job quack named Dr. Drew Pinsky. He’s got himself a new show on Headline News. I heard it only because the 89 year old watches this crap incessantly. I’m opposed. He will not stop. I will still make sure he’s OK. That’s my family values mission.

Yet, I hear often that supposedly this “left wing” TV network is working on behalf of the “Homosexual Lobby” to turn America gay. The idea is so preposterous that it’s beyond my comprehension. HLN, a CNN arm I think (Oh, I hate TV so much I barely know which is which on that infernal device,) now has hired Pinsky to “preach” about whatever it is he believes in. Which is mostly a cushy house in the Los Angeles suburbs. And he’s got a blog at CNN – so I guess he’s with that “Lefty” thing

Now, if I was a typical gay blogger I would just whine and say “unfair” or something. But no, let us analyze this moron. Let us see what his “credentials” are to discuss this issue of my existence. Not some amorphous “homosexuality” – but my life; Jim’s life. I write this blog, not the homo-lob. A life more important than any other on earth precisely because it is mine. Whom else will live it? Whom else could? I’m the type to move to a city in a foreign country with $100 in American cash in my pocket and see what happens. Most people can’t go to the supermarket anymore without a cell phone to consult with whoever is at home about the “color” of milk, as I once heard. To which I answered “The white milk, get the white milk.”

No, but this whacko needs refudiation of a Palinesque sort. Point by point, idea by idea. It’s necessary. Very. Yet, that’s why I like that woman – she says what’s on her mind – bluntly. I think she models herself on me, for I was like this since I was three years old, as those whom know me can attest. We need a little more bluntness rather than this mush which passes as public discourse like Dr. Drew and HLN spew.

This Dr Drew quack had the audacity to have a show promoting “Exodus” – an “anti-gay” – or more aptly called if they were honest – “newly hetero” – group. And why on earth is this even being discussed? Why is my forced conversion or continued condemnation being discussed on national TV? For that’s what it comes down to. The “Exodus” bunch – the Family Research Council, AFTAH, NARTH, NOM, AFV and etc ad nauseum of the NO GAYS! Groups – see for the details – all incestuously interlocked in polygamous embrace in a disgusting example of Medieval Theocracy – have all declared that I shall be cured – by them or myself – or suffer. Forever.

The audacity of their unAmericanness is astounding. The idea that my pursuit of happiness is dependent on the whims of these men whom don’t even known me is breathtaking. My answer to their demands for surrender is “NUTS!” – that’s the most eloquent answer to a demand to surrender ever uttered by an American. I reiterate it on behalf of every single gay guy I know. NUTS!.

Oh, go look it up, I’m fed up with this “how can you know that?” crap. Learn the history of your nation.

So from we learn:

“Celebrity Rehab” is the first television series to chronicle the real life experiences of a group of celebrities as they make the life-changing decision to enter themselves into a drug, alcohol, and addiction treatment program. They each have the sincere desire to achieve rehabilitation and recovery.”

OK, fine, Charlie Sheen and Britney Spears and the rest of the Hollywood crowd need redemption. This hasn’t been a secret since Fatty Arbuckle was brought down for vice. Oh go look him up, too. Know this stuff. It’s cultural literacy as well promulgated by Bill Bennett, who thinks gambling is bad, unless he’s at the tables. Who didn’t find it fit to mention the Stonewall Riots in any of his books on the development of LIBERTY FOR ALL in this nation. What can I say about the hypocrisy of the commentariat? But Bennett wrote a book about “cultural literacy.” I would think Fatty ought to be in there; if not, I should write the book. Why, if one really searches one can find Vienna Zeitung editorials decrying the Waltz in the 1830s as the downfall of the Hapsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire and the Holy Catholic Church because men AND women were touching each other while dancing. I mean, really.

So what does this claim have to do with gay folks? What evidence do we have, other than his “addiction treatment” planning do we have that Dr. Drew has a whit of knowledge about gayness? None. All we have, indeed, is his expertise at “drug, alcohol and addiction treatment.” What does this have to do with gay folks? With me? Why am I included in this man’s body of knowledge?

Here’s more about his “credentials” to speak of Me, – Jim – a guy more than a thousand miles from him – and all the hundreds of guys I know – hundreds – beyond the Quack’s comprehension – who just flat out simply reject everything he says. Why is this man on TV? To just lambaste us to line his own pockets, that’s why. Cruel stuff, to earn a living sissy stomping. Cruel.

Loveline follows the call-in question-and-answer model with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems. As a practicing internist and addictionologist with training in psychology, Dr. Drew’s answers have medical credibility.”

An “addictionologist”? What the hell? So let him study Sheen. There’s enough there to make a living. Leave me out of it. But no, he’s going to give credence to “Exodus.” This ridiculous group is wholly unaware of the essence of the Book of Exodus. Here, let me sum it up: “Let My People Go.” God did not say to Pharaoh, aka “the Ex-Jew movement” – Convert the Jews or make them suffer. The Book is not about the use of the governmental power to squash a hated minority. The Book is about letting the minority – people of God, even – go in peace to live their lives in their land. Let My People Go. Not – covert or suffer. The use of the word “Exodus” to describe my forced conversion under threat of constant condemnation by people I don’t know and whom don’t know me into something that is beyond my comprehension – that being a heterosexual man – is profane. It is against the First Commandant of the Lord – take not my name in vain. Exodus? They aren’t for “exodus” – the are for repression of the least of God, the Pink Sheep – those put here by He as a true test of heterosexual decency, at which so many have failed. No. No. Let My People Go!

I will not be a Murano – a converted by force Jew of Medieval Spain – you’ll have to burn me at the stake on a pile of faggots first. Trust me on this.

Here’s more on the quackery:

Throw in appearances on every form of gab fest, and soon enough, Dr. Drew will be almost as inescapable as Ryan Seacrest — no small feat. But dig deeper, as he does on a daily basis when helping his patients battle their addictions, and you soon learn that it’s not about fame or fortune, though Dr. Drew says he does have an agenda.”

He’s going to “help” me “battle” my “addiction” eh? “Inescapable” is he? And I’m his “patient.” Frankly, sir, you got one hell of a nerve. I’m not your “patient.” I’ve never set foot in your office. I wouldn’t hire you to lick my boots clean. How dare you presume to be my doctor? It’s government healthcare run amok. Or some weird presumption to live my life for me. He’s got an agenda, all right – and it’s aimed right at me,Jim, here, writing this blog. The bum.

And this is my supposed friends in the “Left wing” media “in the tank for homosexuals”? With friends like this, who needs enemies?

More mush:;_ylt=AhVhvsf_.GNIvWum4ALa6AzAGL8C;_ylu=X3oDMTM4YWdoN2QwBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwNDE2L3VzX3doZW5fbW90aGVyc19raWxsBGNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwM0BHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbW9tc2tpbGxpbmdr

Look at you people, you heteros – you got an addiction alright – killing kids – legally through abortion, or like this:

But mothers kill their children in this country much more often than most people would realize by simply reading the headlines; by conservative estimates it happens every few days, at least 100 times a year. Experts say more mothers than fathers kill their children under 5 years of age. And some say our reluctance as a society to believe mothers would be capable of killing their offspring is hindering our ability to recognize warning signs, intervene and prevent more tragedies.

“I’d say a mother kills a child in this country once every three days, and that’s a low estimate,” says Cheryl Meyer, co-author of “Mothers Who Kill Their Children.”

Meyer and co-author Michelle Oberman interviewed women at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. They found that of 1,800 women at the prison, 80 were there for killing their children.

Now back to Pinsky –

HLN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky appeared on “Piers Morgan Tonight” to talk about Charlie Sheen’s latest meltdown. Pinsky discussed possible ways Sheen could go about recovery, but he also discussed the way CBS has handled the situation.

“I think they’ve navigated this very well, because the fact is hundreds maybe thousands of jobs are affected by Charlie Sheen’s behavior,” Pinsky told Piers Morgan. “Because he had no problems at work, CBS probably couldn’t fire him.”

The audacity of this man knows no bounds – He promotes an erroneously named Bible-ignorant group with an agenda to destroy my life and personality on national TV while he says he’s concerned about the “addictions” of Charlie Sheen and his “meltdown” and thus comparing me to a crazed coke head? The bastard. No, frankly, it’s gloves off. I have turned the cheek too many times now.

This Dr. Drew is out to get me. He’s out to destroy my life, and he has no idea whom I am. He’s out to destroy the lives of many of my best friends – and he has some hell of a nerve. I love my friends. Why, they are friends of mine, in a tight group for decades, against the onslaught of this crap. And Dr. Drew knows naught of it. Naught.

Exodus? Is Drew and the creep from “Exodus” Unaware of the Bible? Yes. They are.

Let My People Go.

Do Not Tread On Me Either.

It’s a Republic. Not a Theocracy.

Beware the theocrats against gays, you heterosexuals I know – beware – for they will be after you as soon as they are done with us. And we’re easy pickings. As Headline “News” shows.



  1. peggy

    Hey ! Dr. Drew is a notible DR.Ya know he s been around over 20Yrs. Just on T.V. All he wants is for people have a better life. NOTHING ELSE !!!! Please just try to open our mind. Please just try. peggy

  2. charlotte salisbury

    dr drew i believe that george and cindy anthony know that baez was going to accuse george of molestation, otherwise, there would be no way george could sit there during opening arguments and no t respond, they know exactly what baez is doing all along, charlotte

  3. Roberto

    Get over yourself! Seems like you’re attacking someone who has dedicated their life to helping people…don’t like it? No one else cares..

  4. V.E.G.

    Drew Pinsky is the distant cousin of the TV repairman from Colorado, Ted Floyd!

  5. V.E.G.

    Drew Pinsky is the direct descendant of a German Count, Detmar Sternberg!

  6. Good observation….people are more dynamic that some psychologists can appreciate…it’s pretty scary since they hold a lot of clout and can actually annotate a diagnosis in a patient’s medical records FOR LIFE.

  7. JoelCool

    Oh yeah, he’s dedicated his life to helping people alright. As long as they are Dr. or Drew….. You go out of your way to be in the news to help people? Yeah, right!

  8. Christian M.



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