The John Snow Kiss & Kissers

What a hullabaloo over a friggin’ kiss:

(I had said “John Bull” in a previous, post, it’s John Snow. Oh, well, bulldinky.)

You should see the nonsense on this one kiss, and the follow up kisses — all over the internet – mind boggling. Pointless but mind boggling. A kiss is just a kiss. Yet, it’s like the greatest threat in the world. Heteros are just so threatened by our existence, it saddening. What scared bunnies they are. They can’t even articulate why other than screaming “satanic” or something. A kiss is satanic? Geez. People, get a grip.

Meanwhile, war and revolution continues across the Middle East. And our nation is broke and getting broker, and the oil prices are rising and all we gay folks just paid our tens of billions in taxes so that this Republic can continue on it’s mission to belittle and deny our very existence. What a country.

Meanwhile, too, some fool and his peers publishes such mush numbers on how many potential kissers there might be — and the nation takes the number proffered > exactly 2,941,034! >> and say’s “see, we can put those people down, there’s not that many.

All the while they tell us we’re “sick” — which would make us some sort of Untouchable Leper I would think. Imagine — you say a man has a “disease” and then condemn him and demand he simply pray the disease away like some arrant faith healing. Mind boggling.

Enraging, saddening and sickening too, but hey, who’s counting my opinion, right?

More on the demolishing of Gary Gates’ fool “study” that enables him to earn another buck and wrecks lives.

Yep, so bizarre, so bizarre.

I’m thinking of moving to Mexico — it might be safer, and they have gay marriage — and more importantly — no crazies running around the nation talking about how I’m the end of their world.


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