Liberty For Thee, Theocracy for Me

It is infuriating to listen to people like Rick Santorum, Glenn Beck, Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg and so many more it’s absurd to count to them – all screaming about “Liberty” in this nation – and then calling for a “Theocracy” against gay people. Yes, against us. That’s what all the calls to “cure” me are – a theocracy. Daily I hear calls to “outlaw” me. And I’m supposed to shush, I’m told by many, and just plain ol’ continue to listen to people condemn me forever as a man.

There’s been a lot on the net about this thing in England known as the “John Bull Kiss” – yes, two men were kissing in a public bar – and oh, too damn bad, some heterosexuals were pissed. They’re always pissed at gay folks; so nothing new there. We pay taxes, and are denied the right to kiss. Can you imagine? Yes, you can heterosexuals – because you join in. And we gays suffer. So the bar shut its door, and a “kiss in” was held – oh the dangers of sissy smooching! Why, it’s the end of the world to hear some folks say it.

I have seen tons of commentary now about this Kiss – and 95% negative – those being the heterosexuals – and 5% are OK with it – that’s us gay folks. The divide is so ominous it’s scary.

At last night – they went hog wild in open condemnation of gay people. People whom scream “Liberty” – and then call for the police state against me. Hypocrisy of astounding proportions. But that’s what a theocracy is – a police state. Go ask an Iranian or a Saudi. I told them all to go “f… off” and I’m not prone to use profanity.

This idea that some church – or more accurately, it’s leaders – can call for the outright banning of my existence is nuts. NUTS. I don’t care what someone believes – until it shows up at the front door with a policeman in tow to arrest me for not believing as they do. But that’s what these self appointed leaders of “Morality” are doing. Sure, “protect” marriage by denigrating gay people. How stupid. How completely stupid. If denigrating gays is the lynchpin of marriage, then you all got it all screwed up.

Here’s an apt display of my view of religion:

I put up earlier this morning about the quackery of Dr. Drew Pinsky, a man who had “Exodus” on his new show. An “Addictionologist” he proclaims? Nah, a “Religion Pusher” that’s what he is. This Exodus is a bizarre group of Medieval Theorcrats who are attempting to gain control over the government so they can “cure” me against my permission. And Headline News broadcasts calls for the theocracy? Because they’re “for” the “homosexual lobby” – are you all lunatics? This theocracy will come and bite you all in the butt, trust me. Theocrats don’t stop at the easy pickings – they’ll come after you next.

Have at it folks.

But let me tell you – you all allow these theocrats to come after gay folks, well, when we’re all in prison on your dime and billions are spent in “reparative” therapy – don’t come crying to me when they come a-knocking at your door for you not hewing to their beliefs in the way you run your life.

It’s absurd. We live in a Free Republic – not some theocracy. Have your religion, leave me out of it. Me and God are fine with each other. I don’t need no stinkin’ intercession by some man whom claims to “know” what God “wants.”

God wants gay folks – and you all can’t grasp this.

But you’re going down a dangerous road. For once they’re done stomping the easiest to stomp on they’ll come for you. Yes, Liberty for Thee, and a theocracy for me. For now. But then you, you’ll be next. Good luck!


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