Socialists & Theocrats versus Libertarians

I think the nation is slowly dividing itself into three groups that are much more descriptive than Democrat or Republican. The present two party structure is clearly not quite explanatory of what folks truly believe, or what their plans and agendas are. It’s time everyone recognized this. There’s surely some much clearer dividing lines if we look at the political landscape in a three party system – The Socialists, who are probably 20 to 30 percent of the nation. And the theocrats whom are probably, oh, 15 to 20 percent of the nation. And then there’s the other 50 to 65% of the nation.

Alas, the 65% (being the optimist, I’ll go for the bigger number) – often called independents – or the middle, and sometimes the Tea Party or Blue Dog Democrats, or the cumbersome “social liberals-fiscal conservatives” – oh, there’s lots of names for these 65% of us with rational brains and decent hearts. Of those who think less government and lower taxes is better, but lets not totally suspend some help for the truly downtrodden and bedraggled. But the socialists have hijacked the Democratic Party, and the theocrats have, or are in the process of, hijacking the Republicans. And yet, both parties retain a veneer of their former selves so as to appear to be “Mainstream” – that is, they look like the two parties we used to know. But they’re not.

And the problem is that we in the middle, or more correctly – those of us on the Right side of the spectrum – for the Socialists and the Theocrats are really both on the Left. For they aren’t that far apart in thinking at all, no matter how much they pretend otherwise. Control over the lives of other people is control over the lives of other people, no matter which “god” you claim – that of the Bible or that of Marx. It also makes no difference what minor details of policy prescriptions they might differ on – they are both sure that running other people’s lives is their business – and not the business of the people leading those lives. It’s a strange mind set. Both come out the idea that only the State is divine and has power to rule – They used to call it Popery. Or absolute rule of monarchy. Now we just have Royalty without the ermine. The idea is that individuals must be subordinate to the State run by God or Marx determined uber-men so that society can function to well ordered rules and predetermined actions, such that there are no surprises, as determined by the elites.

So us 65% or so in the middle are forced, by current election rules, to either vote for Republicans, which empowers the theocrats on that side, or the Democrats, which empowers the Socialists on that side. And because the two fringes have so successfully insinuated themselves into the party power structure, and because the election laws are rigged in the parties favor, then it becomes almost impossible to get any sort of reasonable practical stuff done. And instead, the two fringes work their magic on gaining more control over the government, the law, the public purse and over the lives of the people.

So I think it really is Third Party time – not Trump running as an independent. That lampoon of a man is absolutely what we don’t need. Not some Perot type, or the other time honored “third party” movements; Wallace, Anderson, etc, etc. But a true third party. A party that can actually elect congressmen, and elect mayors and senators and all sorts of lower level positions. Traditionally, “third party” candidates are really just ego-trippers on the way to a book deal.

I saw this breakdown of congressional seats the other day. I disagree with the prognosis of strict demographic make up of the legislative body which accompanies the data. That’s not democracy or inclusion, that’s grouping people together by one characteristic to the detriment of their individuality. That’s what Medieval Diets did. It’s exactly what socialists and theocrats want – a slavish adherence to a predetermined outcome. What difference does it make if there are less or more Blacks, Asians, Whites, Jews, Catholics etc, than the demographic split? Such thinking actually puts a cap on the prospects of minorities since their potential numbers would be limited by fiat to their demographic percentage. But this little drawing does show how the Democrats have gone socialist, and the Republicans have gone theocratic. And now those two sides – the alleged elites of our society – are fighting it out for the power to rule.

And we 65% stuck in the middle watching this is the angry part of the nation. We’re the Tea Party, and the Independents, and the abstainers, and the people who don’t want to get involved. Which in a way is also not good, for that reinforces the two fringes.

The only other party structure that is up and running is the Libertarians. Technically even the third largest party in America. And it’s time to consider us rational people taking over the moribund thing with its lots of ballot access and make it truly about what America is about – leaving people alone to do what they want to, so long as they cause no harm, and believe as they want to, and otherwise do nothing except handle the violent criminals, and defense, and adjudication of natural disputes from the course of the people’s activities, and help the most truly unfortunate.

I actually said this in high school. And my predictions are coming true. And my unpublished novel “Stalin Giggled” is just my expository foray into what I see – but I watch the pages of my book unfold everyday in real life, well, it’s nerve wracking. And if my novel is predictive, then, well, we’re screwed. Because if we keep voting in Democrats and Republicans we’ll soon find ourselves in either a failed socialist state, or a failed theocratic state. And neither is really a good outcome.

So why not take over the Libertarian Party and stop arguing within the elitist two party power structure and start arguing with it as a third party? Now that would be audacious hope for change.


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  1. Interesting post. I’ve thought a lot about the infiltration strategy in the past. See my response at Poli-Tea.

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