Oh, the irony of “Can you hear me now?”!

Who knew? The guy who asked one of the most oft quoted questions in the past decade — “Can you hear me now?” — is gay! He of Verizon Phone fame. Who cares? For of course, it didn’t make a difference to his job. For he is a productive peaceful citizen. Like we all are. He who did what he was paid to do, and paid his taxes, and caused no ruckus. Gayness had and has nothing whatsoever to do with our lives. Except, well, this:

I think, oh my, the irony … think about it. What have gay folks been saying for the past 60 years? Can you hear me now? We have said this to everyone we ever met – it’s called “Coming Out.”

Apparently some are still not listening. They are deaf. Willingly so, in invincible ignorance. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council hasn’t found a gay person in or near a family whom said gay person loves and is loved by since 1983. See www.goodasyou.org for the vast compilation of mush from this putz. He apparently hasn’t met my family. They’d all smack him upside the head.

And I submitted something about that to http://www.imfromdriftwood.com just today – it hasn’t appeared yet; I’m hoping. But I was very accepted by my family, they still love me. Every time I heard of an attack against us gay folks – that we’re destroying families – I would call my mother, my sister, my father, my aunts and my uncles, cousins and long time family friends, and they would console me, reassure me, and wonder why their Jimmy (which none but they can call me!) is being pilloried by unfair nonsense. They will protect me when the hammer comes down, this I know. To the point of an underground railroad if it gets that bad. If the theocracy these people want against us rears its ugly head, as it seems to be doing. And which every American should be worried about.

But this site has joined www.borngaybornthisway.blogspot.com as a major proponent of telling our human stories – which is the only way we’ve ever won anything, for we can never be a majority anywhere. As a group, we are powerless. As individuals we have power. We can only appeal to reason.

This man, Tony Perkins, and his friends in unGodly evil, Peter Sprigg, and Maggie Gallagher, Byran Fischer, Bob Vander Plaats, Peter LaBarbera, Bradlee Dean and on and on through the NO GAYS! movement have no reason. They are not rational. They are delusional. Not even unicorn hunters; for everyone at least has a good thing to say about unicorns. No, these people are seeking some evil they have only in their own minds. They search high and low for the “homosexual lobby” “promoting homosexuality” to bring about the “homosexual agenda” of wrecking the universe. But they can’t find a single one of us doing anything good. It’s delusional; they have the right to be nuts – but the duty not to be. They have not been listening. We beg them to change their hard hearts. I do so again, today. We pray to Almighty God for a change by them to the ways of Jesus – treat others as you wish to be treated.

And to the ways of Jefferson – all mankind are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights including the right to pursue happiness. Not achieve it, no, but to pursue. This these people would deny us. At the point of a gun if they had their druthers; of this they are clear. They deny our existence, and are attempting to rile the nation to stomp us out. Tennessee is attempting to outlaw the use of the word “gay” in schools – see www.bilerico.com for that bit of brainless stupidity.

They are intent, all of these people, in believing, and worse, spreading the lie — that we gays are some major threat to the world. The idea is so preposterous that I can’t fathom anyone truly believing it. And yet, there they they go again, the rubes who send good money to these whack jobs so that they can denigrate us for a living.

And they do so not through anything any one of us as individuals do – or as a small number of us might suggest. This is not over policy disagreement with individuals. No, this is over our very existence as a nameless faceless group. How obsessed they must be! To pay one’s mortgage by blaming other mortgage payers for the downfall of the Republic. It’s nuts. Where is crisis intervention when you need it? Weirdly, if my city is any clue, just down the block from all of these people lives a gay person. I can’t go a half mile in any direction from any point in my city and not find a gay person’s house. This is truly threatening, eh? You know, maybe it’s our lawns or something.

They just make stuff up, and give portents of the end of the world beyond all rational thought. Relying a lot on Paul Cameron, whom is well documented at http://www.beyondhomophobia.com/blog as a certified loon and a de-certified everything else. And these people earn their blood money to spread their horrid words of blood libel. Pitiful people, pitiful. Worse still, I think, are those who aid and abet them. For such lunacy is pitiable. But to listen to it and agreeing with it is volunteering to join the delusion.

And I wonder, what on earth are these people thinking? And there they are, slowly taking over the Republican Party, to the detriment of the focus on the economy they are going to “focus” on this alleged threat to humankind less than 5% of it is. These people don’t give a damn about the financial health of the nation. Which is the thing that matters. To everyone. They are panic stricken that we gay folks will be able to go about our lives unmolested by themselves, who make a living off of castigating us. It the weirdest obsession known to mankind.

Here’s the news itself:


“… Marcarelli, who is gay, also says that kids used to drive past his home in Guilford, Connecticut, at night, yelling, “Can you hear me now?” and spewing gay slurs. He says he never filed a police report because he was afraid of the publicity.

“I didn’t want to be put in a position to have to answer any uncomfortable question that would affect my income stream,” says the actor, who reportedly received up to $6,000 a commercial. (Marcarelli’s initial five-year contract forbid him from talking about his job or from taking any other acting gigs. Verizon even refused to confirm his identity even after AdAge published it in 2002. Later, his contract was amended, but Marcarelli said he still kept quiet because he didn’t want to jeopardize his job.)

… So, what’s next for Marcarelli? A film career. He has already written and co-produced “The Green,” about a gay couple who are ostracized living in a small town. Said Marcarelli, “I still want to make something of value.”

END, see the article for the rest of it… [I can’t wait for this! Hurry!]

Afraid for his job for being gay openly. Can you imagine? And people think this is good? Are you serious? The 89 year old World War II vet I assist – gay as a goose since 1922 when he was born – lives in fear that my book “What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality” will harm him at even the end of his life if anyone should see it and think he’s gay. This is decent? This is Christian? A book by a Priest of the Catholic Church – Father Daniel A. Helmeniak, Ph.D. – attempting to show the Bible isn’t exactly against gay people, this is the cause of such fear? No, it’s the constant condemnation, which must cease.

Out of the blue a friend sends me this yesterday, of which I had no idea either:


Or go right to www.spreadingsantorum.com

Ah yes, let us go for the gusto. Let us not be shy in our condemnation, as they are not shy in theirs.

There is a great call for Civility among the Tea Party. And among all the many website I go to, left, right & middle. Well, then – let’s get civil, people. The Right complains about the nastiness of the left. And all complain on the Left about the cold-hearted Right. Well, then, let us be honest about the twain. As I say, let’s not be shy in the endeavor to Form A More Perfect Union with Liberty for All. Not just the hetero 95%.

Can you hear me now?


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