So the Government Was Saved!

OK, so the Dems and the Repubs figured out that if they fudge numbers here and there, and accede to a little rounding error ledger fuzzies they can shave $39 Billion from the federal budget. Sounds like a big number. Only, the budget is $3.9 Trillion bucks or something. So it’s 1%. A nice symbol, pointless otherwise, mostly (well, $39 billion is still something.)

But let’s put that into perspective, shall we? Say you make make $21,000 a year. And you spend $39,000 a year. And in order to stop the $18,000 annual short fall you cut spending $390. Well, then, that will help. Um, no. No, not really, at least not enough.

And this charade is going to last until the “Extra” budget resolution is going to be required to pay for the Libyan whatever it is – which we were told will last a week and is now nearing a month. And with no end in sight; for our plan on Libya is like our plan on budget cutting. I’m sure we’re going to need a $40 billion dollar “supplemental appropriation” to pay for our Libyan adventure. Bye bye $39 billion in cuts. Watch, give it a few months. Maybe less.

Then too, each side, D’n’R (what a great acronym – do not resuscitate,) will blame the other for most of what ails the nation, as if the two haven’t been flimflamming back and forth for decades. As if it has mattered which party was in.

So then I get all libertarian, and turn to and all his wonderful links – and I think, yep, my analysis is, while a bit more, um, frothy with comedic-tragedy, and his more professorial, right like his. Which is nicely encapsulated in this bit of Birthday discussion at by Brian Caplan, which I ran across today. And which sort of list I came to write when I was 20, and didn’t have to worry about when I hit 40. And I go to and I get teary eyed at the rational thought on the issues.

And then I go back to the usual crud, and about the only thing everyone is worried about is whether there’s a gay caveman out there or not. And I think, well, the author of that report, there’s a man in search of some publicity, for either a grant, or his up coming book on whatever it is no one gives a dang about.

So, the nation is still adrift. And Speaker Boehner, in his parsimonious new self, not long in evidence, but new and improved, is going to spend untold millions – literally untold, he’s clueless he says – to stop something that a few wackos on the far Christian Right seem to be obsessed with beyond all reason. Mostly known as DOMA, but which I affectionately called “sissy smooching.” And the man, third in line to the presidency mind you, is all so sure that we are a grave threat to the nation. Perhaps by stopping any recognition ever of any kind whatsoever of our smooching he’ll be able to shave the 1.9 Trillion Dollar deficit down to size. Or at least until the Supreme Court knocks it all down, as seems more an more likely. Since if you keep picking on us, it’s going to be hard to argue to the court you’re not singling us out to be picked on as a very special class of people indeed.

For the deficit is truly a threat to the nation, and yet we’re told all the time we’re the biggest threat of them all! And every Republican is trooping off to hear Bryan Fischer of American (Not many) Family Values say just that. Which is so ludicrous that I wonder what planet the people who say this stuff are living on. I mean really, here we all are, quite embedded in our families, helping moms change light bulbs and stuff, and we’re a “threat” to the very thing. Bizarre.

So Saturday afternoon whiles away with mush from every quarter bandied about. It’s like I live in that REM song, who’s title I don’t know – but who’s tag line sticks in my head, and fits the world well: “It’s the end of the world as I know it, and I feel fine.” And I really do.

And that’s because these are the best of times, even if in so many ways Democrats think the glass is half empty and the Republicans think it’s half empty. Which would seem agreement, no? No, it’s not. They’re looking at two different glasses. Two completely separate glass half full or empty. Probably not even on the same table. Other than that, they’re our leaders.

So that’s the Saturday round up of the mush of our times. Except what I posted earlier today about there being a coffee drinking gene, but no gay gene.


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