The Benign Prospect of A Government Shutdown

The Benign Prospect of A Government Shutdown

When I hear the endless talk about the coming “shutdown” of the federal government I sort of laugh, “and so what?” I mean really, will all the federal law enforcement agencies take a break? Probably not. They’re “essential.” Will the IRS not function? Well, that could be good actually, and show the nation that we can live without that bunch. Indeed, the entire “essential” functions will be kept running, while the “non-essential” stuff will cease. And I think, well, if it’s “non-essential,” just cease it, and be done with it.

For we cannot continue to borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend on government. And we can’t continue long with 1.5 Trillion Buck Deficits. Oh, sure, you can do it for a while. But eventually, well, no one will lend any more money. Indeed, they might not have any left to lend.

And we can’t raise the taxes high enough to match the spending. So something’s got to give.

Will I personally be affected by the shutdown? Probably not.

Will society come apart. Nope. And all the fifty states will continue to function.

But this is not all really about what government does. It’s about the politics. The Democrats didn’t pass a budget last year, so there’s no spending plan as required by law. But only just muddling along somehow, continuing resolutions perhaps, senses of Congress, whatever. It seems no spigot of spending was stopped.

And the new Republican majority in the House won’t go along with the President’s spending plans. Which is good, because that’s what we sent them there to do.

And they’ll both blame the other and not much more will come of it.

Well, the sense of the nation is that we’re all sort of fed up with government and the politics and whatever it is they all do. These people in Washington live in a different world than we all do.

And so I’m not going to worry about. I’m not going to follow it on the news much. I’m not going to think about it all a whole lot.

In fact, I’m going to a party to forget all my troubles.

Which is weird in light of yesterday’s posts by me – on the gay numbers. Some 40 guys will not be at the bar, and they won’t go out on Saturday either. Indeed, most of them seem not to go to bars much at all. So the wouldn’t be counted by my “go to the bars” counting method at all.

And you know, sometimes, in moment’s of giggle fits, I think counting gay people is like worrying if the federal government shuts down. Doesn’t make a difference. And the numbers are so crazy there’s no way to make sense of it all. Still, the world will go on and we’ll all wake up in the morning and look out our doors and see if aimlessly bedraggled wandering federal bureaucrats are looking for something to do, or getting ready to storm their offices and demand their jobs.


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