The Other Angry White Men

Stilton Jarlsberg had an interesting post this morning at his about the Donald Trump dilemma – I agree with the man. Nearly 100% of the gay men I know agree with Stilton on this one. Is that really the best the Republicans can attract? And Newt? And Pawlenty? Romney? This is presidential timber? It’s like a rerun of Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce and James Buchannon. And there ain’t no Lincoln on the horizon. Though I doubt too many of my kind know about that period of our history. They went to public schools too.

This cartoon from Big Fur Hat and pretty much sums up my dilemma.

It’s the dilemma of most if not all guys I know. I’m not sure the straight world has a clue as to how patriotic gay guys are – we sure slather our picture sites with praise for military men, policemen, firemen, he-men, and on July Fourth the speedos are all red, white and blue. The memorials to 9/11 are prominent every year. Mother’s day brings great joy of our lives by that fine lady. And on most gay websites I go to the argument with Republicans is not on the economy, taxes, fiscal policy, the IRS, the schools, defense, any of it – it’s only about the ridiculous attempt to condemn us out of existence. No one says the obvious though: say something nice, and here most of us come.

Funny, how many on the Left refer to the Tea Party as “Angry White Men.” Well, you know, we gays are the other angry white men. We’re entrepreneurs, and workers, and survivors, and home owners, and taxpayers, and productive people whom don’t ask a whole lot of our government, other than to be left alone, and to get some recognition and a nice word every so often about our contribution to the nation. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many swung over to the Republican side of things once the Fundamentalists are chased away. They who belong in the Control Freak Left side, anyway. Indeed, it’s hard for me to listen to people tell me all about how they’re for rugged individualism and self-reliance, and then work in a condemnation and plan of government control and oppression of the most rugged and self-reliant individuals around. How the hell do you people think we survive and prosper under the barrage of negativism? I mean, really?

But no, we’re going to wreck the place, we’re told. Sure. Sure. That’s rational.

But this is my political reality, as it is for all gay men. Individuals, barely organized, scattered to the four winds, and treated like a single-thinking Borg like entity intent on destroying civilization. It’s bizarre. I really have no idea what to do about it. Except badger fiscal conservative, libertarian leaning Republican voting, rational people to realize that the Christian Fundamentalist plan to simply keep up the verbal assault on gay people is nuts. Throw the bums out. Why, many prudent Democrats, blue dogs and such, might just scamper on over to the Republican side too.

If the Left is about the hate, as the Tea Party says, then let the hate part of the “Right” move on over to where it belongs. Time for a little rearranging of the party structure.

Because, we’re simply not a part of the equation of what ails this nation. Wouldn’t make a difference what the condition of the country was. If the nation was fiscally sound, with 2% unemployment and no financial worries, and everyone was healthy and paid their own way and minded their own business – we’d still be here. You’d still have to deal with us, we’re embedded in families from toddling in diapers; not that the Family Research Council has figured that out yet. So much for family researching, eh?

Doesn’t make a difference if Republicans or Democrats are in office, here we are. Nor of what agencies, or policies, or anything really, in government – we’d still be here. Our dilemma has nothing to do with the rest of the nation’s worries.

Here’s a 20 year old explanation. It’s still pretty much true. I wouldn’t change much, and I never saw it until yesterday.

On Friday April 1st I facetiously did the fool thing and posted “Homosexual Lobby Declares Gay Republic.” On Sunday afternoon, trolling around the internet for fun and games I encountered this:

It’s a website presenting basically the concept of us getting a geographical territory and be done with it. It’s rather professional looking, and serious. But somewhat moribund. Who knows? Talk about an agenda, though, eh?

Still, I live in the real world. As 2012 comes along, and I’m supposed to choose a candidate – I can get the mealy mouthed president we got running again who is not for me, and is fiscally nuts, and aligns himself with African-American Baptists and Muslims who call for fire and brimstone on me. Or I can go for a Republican who might have sat down with folks so dead set against my existence that they make a living off of it. And that Republican might not have a clue either, about the fiscal and governmental reality.

Yep, it’s the periodic “know-nothing” era. Or maybe it’s just the Nixon, Ford, Carter era, and there’s no Reagan on the horizon.

But I’m in zugzwang, and don’t know what to do. Thanks Big and Stilt, you know we’ve talked about this. And I know you don’t have an answer either.


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  1. Hlavac- Great piece (and I’m glad you liked my cartoon today). I completely agree that this is no time for unthinking haters on the Right to be standing in the way of alliances between the Straight and Gay communities to elect leaders who will actually be good for this country.

    As you say above, I don’t have the answer…but at least I know we’re heading in the right direction with honest dialogue, and the willingness to drop stereotypes (on BOTH sides) to achieve it.

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