Our Flag Was Still There, Newt.

So, Newt Gingrich has met with a Reverend Hagee so together they can rabble rouse the Evangelicals to political fervor and end the “secularization” of America. Well, that’s nice of them. They have every right to call for their faith to be adhered to, just as every other religion does. And just like every less religious people, or even not liked religion, have the right to speak their minds — but truly mind their own business, too. For indeed, the whole premise of the nation is to allow for as much individual liberty as and individual seeks to live it, while all getting along as best we can. But no, Hagee and Gingrich have a plan! They’re going to bring back Evangelical Fervor of some ancient kind — to a nation quite filled with faith. And to do so, they’re going to stomp on gay folks. For the good of everyone. Sweet.

Now, this Reverend is sort of the “Conservative” equivalent of Obama’s Reverend Jeremy Wright. About whom those on the Right are still fuming. For there is not much difference between the delusion, hid by faith and a protestation of good works – that somehow excoriating other people is the way to do things. In the name of God even. Weird.

Newt doesn’t seem to know or care that back when McCain was running for president he had to backtrack from the ringing endorsement of the San Antonio, Texas minister to thousands. For Mr. Hagee did say odd things. Like “Catholics are whores” and roughly, “it was good to kill the Jews.” And that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because of “the level of sin” as Mr. Hagee put it. Other preachers did the same. It was well reported in the Fundamentalist press that Katrina was God’s punishment for what is called the “Southern Decadence Festival.” Which is just a street festival, costume party and revelry with a gay flamboyance. In a way, it’s the gay guy’s French Quarter Festival, which takes place in April. In fact, New Orleans is chock full of festivals. Now, Southern Decadence had been going on for 25 years already, with nary a hurricane to speak of. And it’s been five more years now gone without one. Still, Hagee is sure that Katrina was against us.

But here’s a picture I took five days after the hurricane, on Rampart Street, which is the edge of the Gay Zone. And look, look at our flag still flying there. Dozens of ’em. Not a one barely scared. Lining the street unto the horizon. A raging hurricane sweeps through with 150 mile an hour winds for hours on end and not a flimsy flag is flung away from where it proudly stood the night before. Somehow that just seems familiar to me, that vision. Hmm. Oh where can I see it in my mind’s eye? Hmm.

Five Days After Katrina, Our Flag Was Still There

Now, on that same day, here’s a street that we couldn’t get down. Weirdly, the Baptist churches were mostly destroyed by flood, wind and fire, while the gay bars were open the first day the people were allowed back. Weird, so much for the God didn’t like the gays bit, eh?

Since the clear 65% majority of the nation is most concerned with the economy and all it’s related to, and doesn’t give a damn about sissy smooching, here’s a cartoon, www.theregularscomic.com that sort of asks of Newt a riddle. As soon as he steps away from the brink of buffoonery perhaps he can answer it. As president he’ll be called upon to do cost-benefit analysis – so, Newt, first, how much do gay people contribute in taxes, verse how much we get back – and second, how much will it cost to keep stomping on gay people and keep up the legal and political circus going on in courts and legislatures all over the country? Third, other than that we’re not straight, can you point to one problem that gay people are actually causing, in, um, say, fiscal terms? Or violence? Demonstrations? Crime, deficit, guns, pregnancy? Anything? Oh yah, some 400,000 out of 20,000,000 have HIV, but still, 600,000 heteros do, and gays pay more than enough taxes to cover both sets, so that’s a wash. Anything else Newt? Or did we cause you to cheat on your wives and divorce two so far, the third perhaps fretting her fate, as she should, perhaps. Is being nice to us the cause of your infidelity? Really?

Yes, Newt, Farm Subsidies, much more important than Evangelical’s view of gay folks, no? Ya think?

You guys, Newt and Hagee are in need of some Christian counseling, here:

And Newt, Hagee, et al, we can’t accept defeat, and we’ll be happy yet, as happy as Pursuit thereof I can get, which has been astoundingly happy so far. I’m having a blast in life.  Though true, for what the Bible says too, is this:

And neither you nor I are perfect Newt, but dude, you’re using a book written in the 1960s, here, take a look:

And, Newt, you and Hagee have said nothing new on this subject since 1965, when for 95 Cents you could read all about the destruction of the nation if gays were tolerated for one moment. And look, the nation is being wrecked by too much government — a government which has barely given an inch since 1965 to gay folks — and you think still, we’re the problem? Are you serious? Really. Are you serious?

But what Ecclesiastes also says: for everything there is a reason, and for everything there is a season. Find our reason Newt, for you’re not getting rid of us, for it is our season. Don’t go talking to people like Hagee if you really want to be president. It’s not going to work. But let Lions sit down with us Lambs.


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  1. My question is….are there any gay gynecologist who are in practice that you know of?


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