He’ll Always Have Rio

He’ll Always Have Rio, and we have another debacle in the making, and I wonder, do these folks in Washington actually work at their jobs, or do they just golf, party and wing it? I’m all for a little saber rattling — well a lot – and then a few well placed cruise missiles to make the point. But surely now, here in 2011, it’s time to start a grand plan to rid the world of violent crazed dictators.

So the president launches a war and goes on vacation. Then within hours it turns out there’s no plan, no one in charge, and everyone involved is not going along with whatever is happening. What a disaster, instantly, weirdly. Shouldn’t he have stated clearly to the world: “Our goal is to convince Mr. Ghadafi too relinquish power – or force him if we have to. And once he’s gone, then we will come to the Libyan people with what aid we can, to make that country whole again, and welcome it back to the community of nations.” Of course this is what he should have said. But no, he went to Rio. And he forget to talk to Congress about the use of American Military Might, and so now his allies in Congress are miffed, and the Republicans are miffed, and the Liberals and Conservatives in the media circus are miffed, and about the only person happy is John Kerry for someone finally listened to him. He will of course be against the war as soon as it drags on too long, for he will say he was not informed, or was busy on his yacht when the meeting was held.

A madman sits on his throne for 40 years and we have no earthly idea on how to take him out? I can hardly fathom this. For instance, couldn’t France do it? They should have the means to do this. And by giving the job to them, then it’s just done. And the rest of the nations can back up France with the support in materials and politics. And the next time a dictator goes bad some other country should solve the problem. You know, sort of assign a dictator to one or two countries, and concentrate on that, and then get rid of the dictator. But with the United Nations around, give up that idea. For it’s run by the loons.

Like with North Korea, there’s China, right next door, with more than enough might to solve that problem. They want a better deal with America? Get rid of the Kim family. Let’s trade indeed. Even if they ran North Korea like the worst run Chinese province it would be a 1000% better for anyone inside the nut house that the Kim family rules.

Indeed, isn’t it obvious? Some family, the Khadaphi’s (I like this new spelling, for when a world can’t even agree on how to spell a dictator’s name, it sure must be hard to get rid of him – suppose you’re talking about a different guy?) – yes, some family gets a hold of a country, and drives it into the ground. The Kim’s in North Korea, ditto. The Castro’s of Cuba, ditto. The Assads of Syria, ditto. Iraq was. So many African countries too, some family, some clan, gets all the guns and starts a shoot ’em up against everyone in these poor nations. Poor in both senses, for it’s pity poor, and it’s poverty poor, while the family rules it in tight embrace of lunatic power and thuggery. Ceaucescu in Romania, how many examples does one need?

And the sons prove just as brutal as the father. Then, later on, it turns medieval, the way the sons start circling the father as he dodders to mortality, and one gets the desk and one gets taken out and shot or sent to the South of France.

And indeed, the South of France is littered with ex-dictators. They probably meet monthly to reminisce the good ol’ days when they could order the slaughter of those whom they didn’t like and confiscate their wealth too. France surely should lead the way on getting rid of nearby dictators; if only to boost villa sales on the Cote D’Azur. And everybody loves the French, right? No fear of American Cowboys running rough shod over the world’s downtrodden there.

But too, when a president orders such a military strike I think it’s a requirement, if not legally, certainly morally and politically, to address the nation – tell us why he’s making this fateful decision – and what the process is – and what the goal is – and who’s with us, and whom we just don’t care what they say. And then actually stick around to not only “be advised on developments,” but actually be involved. That’s the man’s job. He’s the Commander-in-Chief – people will have questions, situations will arise that need his focus – and he goes to Rio? To play soccer? What took place in Rio that couldn’t wait?

This is not good. It’s not good for Libya’s people, who don’t deserve this. Oh sure, they’re not like us in 90% of the way – culturally, religiously, etc, etc, – but they are like us in that they have the right to live within their cultures unmolested by a madman. Think what you want to about the North African culture it is what it is. But Ghadafi is no different than a madman who walks into a shopping mall with a bunch of guns and starts shooting, and then holds the shopping mall hostage. The police have a playbook, a plan as it were, to deal with such things. And we as a nation, as a world, we don’t?

Sure, Obama might not have liked Bush’s playbook – well, sir, it’s your job to make a new one – new and improved if you think it’s better. We the People have no problem with that; you got the information, the resources, we pay you to do this. And you go golfing?

It’s not good for international relations, and our standing in the world. So Obama has needlessly riled some countries (or really, some other dictators) by saying nothing. And he’s angered those on our side for not leading, as the Leader of the Free World is supposed to do.

The American President is not the Leader of the World – he’s leader of the Free World. There’s a difference. He’s not here to make nice to the world, he’s here to make the world freer, based on some simple truths, like the inalienable rights of mankind. And Ghadafi is not exactly an adherent of that, but I’d dare say the people of Libya would have liked to have lived a little better, to the point at least where they don’t have to rise in armed insurrection against a crazed lunatic, like shoppers wrestling a shooter in the mall.

The president of the UN is leader of the Un-Free World, a pointless buffoon trying to get movie rights for his book or something, (I read a blurb, it was sad, I stopped reading.) The president of the European Union is the leader of the confused, people who are so timid of war now, after there last few go rounds, I almost don’t blame that for not wanting to push any buttons. But France and England? They got moxie enough to take on Libya. There’s not too many other folks out there who can do this. The Germans really shouldn’t get involved because well, Germans and war; still bad memories. But surely they can send over some Bratwurt und Bier for the men at work, no? Or promise a brand new Mercedes to whomever shoots Ghadafi in the head and really solves the problem.

But, Obama, he goes to war in Libya and goes Rio to golf and soccer and perhaps espy the girls of Ipanema as if they were of equal importance. Pitiful. Just sadly pitiful.

And the media, which should be on top of the president at this time have now moved to Liz Taylor 24/7 in a vain attempt to cover up the President’s ineptitude.


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