And now to sum up Indiana

The Indiana Legislature At Work

According to every website I went to this afternoon, starting with and and and — and the whole shebang — Indiana now joins the ranks of states that are hopelessly broke, but will now obsess over gay people for a few weeks. Yet another state that is facing the same economic doldrums as the rest of the nation, that has unfunded liabilities out the wazoo, that has broken families by the tens of thousands with kids abandoned by their fathers to young unwed mothers who require endless social services — and hearings will be held on sissy smooching. Another state facing the maw of federal dictates that do nothing but add expense, will now concentrate on the one thing that costs no one money. It’s like arguing over the naming of a private park on a scenic river, to the tune of millions of dollars.

Indiana is simply awash with the handwriting on the wall of a new recession based on the rise in gas prices. The people of that state are about to be hit by an expensive mandate that does nothing to help the health care situation for any of them. The people of that state are simply up in arms to the tune of 65% or more of them being extraordinarily unhappy with the way their lives are being impacted by the size of government, the size of bureaucracy, and the job destroying measures that pour out of Washington — and they could give a hoot about two sissies smooching. Nearly everyone but 5% of the most wacko just simply don’t care about it.

But the state legislature is coming to the rescue of the forlorn and nervous, by making sure not one nice thing is said about a tiny sliver of the population that contributes mightily to the whole while causing not a single problem and costing no one a dime, and paying our own way.

For apparently, such is the obsession with the reality of us, that only passing laws specifically against us will do.

And groups like NOM — the National Organization “for” Marriage — is leading the way. And they resemble the jackasses in this picture. And we’re getting our head chomped off for the good of society. And while I doubt intended NOM NOM NOM to be about that group, and more like just a bit of munching, I do thank them for the wonderful irony of it all.

Have at it folks, it’s hysterical. And stupid. And nasty. But hey, apparently it helps you all with your obsession over us. Legislative hearings on nothing, while the state goes down the tubes. Amazing. Frightening.

And I’m told I’m obsessed with the issue? I’m trying to get you all to drop it and move on to the important stuff — like your own lives. But I can’t seem to get you all to do that.  Too many remain obsessed with us. Hearings? On sissy smooching? Yeesh, what idiots.


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