Good as You .org

Tonight on I saw a most interesting video by the young man who runs that site. It’s a heartfelt plea. Just like I have made heartfelt pleas all over the internet. Just as all gay men make the same heartfelt plea — we just are, help us deal with it, help us be all we can be. Figure out a way to include us. But he wondered about it all; so I posted this there, about our opponents, and what they must do:

Here it is more simply —
I don’t want to debate their right to exclude us;
I don’t deny their right, but I question the exercise of it.

I want to debate their duty to include us.

This is what I have always felt; I’ve been at it for 35 years.
This is what we should tell them: you have a duty to include us.
And let them defend their lack of carrying out their duty.


Yes, let those so opposed to our very existence defend their abandoning their duty to help us as their fellow human beings. They will not condemn this out of us. They are approaching this from the wrong angle. They are against us, and we plead for inclusion. They need to work on inclusion, and explain more fully why we should not be. They claim that we are “made” gay at some tender age – well then, fine — what are you going to do about this reality? For once made there’s no unmaking. We’re like a cake. You can take flour, eggs, butter, and each will be it’s own element. But once mixed together, you get a cake — and that’s it — there’s no returning to flour, eggs and butter. It’s the cake you must deal with. We are the cake.


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