It’s War with Khaddafi, Not Libya

OK, so we’re at war with Libya’s government, Khaddafi, actually. But not it’s people, certainly not. We’re not at war with “Libya” – and it shouldn’t be said that we are. It riles up less thoughtful people. We’re at war with Khaddafi and nothing else. Remove him, that should be the plan. There’s no conquest here, there’s no destruction of the people for some living room, there’s no effort to seize and plunder wealth and minerals. That’s what “War” is about. War was always about the spoils. That’s what Italy did when they went to “War” with Libya in the 1920s and took it as a colony, for the spoils. No, this is for getting rid of a man whom is bombing his own cities. So that his people can move to a somewhat better life within their cultural traditions and a dash more money to do it with.

And it’s quickly apparent that we have absolutely no idea what to do. The president has gone to Brazil for nuts, soccer and golf, and to drill for oil offshore there and stopping it here, while attending to basketball here, and mentioning, along the way, “Oh yah, I authorized the bombing of Libya.” I don’t know, if I was going to war I’d cancel my vacation.

And when I read, and, and, and oh, at,, and who knows, a few dozen more rambunctious political blogs. And what everyone seems to say is that, “yep, we got no plan.” And I wonder, why? Why on earth is there no plan?

Isn’t the whole point of the Defense Department and the State Department to have a plan? Isn’t that their job? What could they be spending their time on? We all know exactly what the madman was. We have all the data we could possibly pull out of the ether and off the ground about the place. I’m sure we could have parked a satellite over the place and watched for a while – and then, with all that data, had a plan. We all know what happens when dictators go bad. They bomb their cities. They use their military. Countries like Libya don’t need a military. What on earth for? Are they going to be invaded by Tunisia or Chad? Maybe Algeria could pull something off and grab a few miles of desert. These militaries are play things for guys like Kahdaphi (We have no plan on how to spell his name, how enigmatic, eh?)

Still, we keep a fleet floating around right there off his shores for six decades, with a major base just a few hundred miles across the Gulf of Sidra and up to Taranto, Italy – and we have no plan? Why, we should be able to take out any fool attempting to invade across a border and take out any madman at a moment’s notice. And tell ’em that’s the plan. “Screw it up fella, and you’re out of there.” That’s what we should have planned for.

So we know what he has, and we have no plan to get rid of it? This is what I’m hearing. This is what I’m reading. This is what we’re being told by the erstwhile folks who are paid well to have plans about these very sorts of things. Weird; they don’t. Why are we paying them? Sure, they know how to bomb a tiny military into submission. That’s the easy part. But they sure seem to be clueless about why they should do it – and why, to avoid this very thing – they should be able to say to Qhaddafi (is that right? He’s the Prince Symbol of the orthographic world, isn’t he?) >> “Sir, you bomb your people and we’ll blow up this, this, and that, in about five minutes after you start. Now, go buy a villa in the south of France and leave your people be.” I mean, a little saber rattling never hurt anyone but the dictator. In fact, in general, it helps the people who live under the dictators fanciful version of what he thinks his country to be – by allowing them to do what they want for a change. And we have no plan to deal with this sort of stuff? It’s so common, after all.

Not to mention, every time one of the dictators goes, by death or exile, all hell breaks loose, the society almost comes adrift from its moorings. Isn’t that the State Department’s balliwick? Isn’t that what their job is? To have a plan to bring countries to normalcy. No, not Iowa picket fence normal, no, but surely something like, oh, Morocco, where the King is real and the people are traditional, and not much fuss is made in the age old way of doing things, but with a dash of modernity. It’s exotic to us, sure. It’s worth a movie even, or a more dangerously exotic: a trip to Casablanca. But it’s a functioning city, and rather pleasant I hear, from the tourist folks.

But Libya? That place is simply nuts. The people are herded by the government and are kept in constant poverty and fear of reprisal for saying the wrong thing. And we have no plan to step in? I mean, Libya and Khaddafi have law books. They have some semblance of law they use to subjugate the people. Couldn’t we get a copy? And like, sit down, and write up something, a revision towards normalcy, and then have it ready to go when the man is removed. For he must be removed. It’s cruel and unusual to keep the people there with the whacko and his sons awaiting to take power. And we have no plan? Of course, the UN wouldn’t have a plan book like that, the dictators are in charge of the place.

Sure, it’s complex. Sure, there’s no way to have it figured out all the way. Broad strokes are a good way to start. Yes, there is the nasty work of physically removing the dictator and his henchmen and his military. Most will get the message quick. They’re slithering opportunists, not religiously in love with the miracle of Khaddafi. Generals are always quick to turn on dictators; especially if they think they’ll get to be the next president-for-life. Anyway, I could go on, but really? They have no plan? Weirdly stupid and pointless. But we do pay these people good money precisely to have plans.

I sure hate to see what happens when North Korea goes really nuts and it all comes crashing down, and South Korea has to do something. Is there a plan?

And in some ways, this is why the UN is pointless. And it would be better for the rational governments to get together and do it on our own. And even maybe form little groups that could mentor a country into normalcy.

But that takes an active president, someone who knows what and where things are, someone who can think, and ponder the great issues and then set forth a bold plan where no one has gone before and solve some of this stuff.

But nope, we got a guy off to soccer, basketball and golf games, not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Don’t try too hard to understand Gaddafi and don’t even bother trying to analyse his thinking, there’s just not enough rational thought to analyse. However, whatever one may think about him, this guy is a born survivor. 40yrs in power. Not a very nice chap, probably responsible for the torture and murder of thousands, but clever enough to last 40 yrs in power. Where all this will end up I have no idea. But lets hope that at the end of it, the rebels are still alive with some guarantees that they will stay that way. I wonder if NATO/US realise that they currently have no exit strategy?

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