Gays not welcome in debate about us.

It’s weird, on website after website, (not to mention legislature after legislature) there’s discussion about this gay thing — endlessly — and most of it filled with such utter mush it’s mind boggling. Like at yesterday, again, on a two and half week old comment thread, which lit up anew for two or three days — still discussing, with no conclusion in sight but opinions more common than crabgrass, and just as good as it.

And so I say something, I try to correct, I try to put our perspective on it all — and what happens? I’m told to go away, shut up, even STFU, and that somehow I’m tainting the proceedings, or even that I somehow think the debate is about me or that I want to somehow talk about just me — it’s weird.

I hate the debate, but still it rages. But why a gay guy is not welcome to put his two cents in I can’t fathom. I mean, you folks are obsessed with us, talking and debating, and studying and whatever it is you do — and if I say a word, people get upset. Weird.

Get a life. And for once, try listening to us about it, we might know something that could be useful to finding a solution so that this debate disappears and we can get back to the important stuff like, oh, I don’t know — everything else.

For gays, we’re just too unimportant, and this marriage debate, which is really even a debate about our very existence, is nuts.


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