How to get a losing candidate

So, they’re out to get us eh? For the good of the party, eh? Can you say “doomed to lose”?

From this afternoon:

“Republican presidential candidates take note: the clout of social and religious conservatives is growing in politically crucial Iowa. And these activists are driving the debate here toward cultural issues — and away from the economy — just as the GOP sets out to find an opponent for President Barack Obama.

“They’ve gotten more involved in the party,” said Norm Pawlewski, a lobbyist for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. “I’ve seen a change in the kind of people who are volunteering — and not only volunteering but working.”

With Obama’s re-election race looming next year, this constituency — made up heavily of evangelical Christians — is intent on playing a major role in choosing the winner of next year’s Iowa GOP caucuses.

>> so you want to pick a new president – because Obama’s not doing good on any front, OK, that’s rational.

The increased activity by this crop of conservatives has been driven in part by a huge fight in the state last year over gay marriage. Voters ousted three Supreme Court justices because of their role in a decision striking down a ban on same-sex marriage. Activists also were energized by huge GOP gains in the state last fall, including ousting a Democratic governor.

>>so over a few gay folks hitching up you go bonkers? To the point of exclusion of all the real issues facing the nation? Sissy smooching with a piece of paper in our hands is the problem that needs attention immediately? Weird.

Also, Steve Scheffler, who heads the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said part of the energy surging through social and religious conservatives comes from antipathy to the Obama administration.

>>well, OK, but surely his faith is now going to deny me my faith, and my freedom, in a Free Republic, so that he can help maintain a modern democracy for heterosexuals by keeping a Medieval Theocracy against gay folks? This is not rational. We’re just not that important. And weirdly, Obama is already on your side against gay marriage. Why are you against him? He agrees with you – NO to marriage.

“Pure and simple, what’s driven that is an administration that few of us would have dreamed would be so bad,” said Scheffler.

>> well, yes it is bad, gay folks have had it with his “evolving” nonsense – he’s evolved from “yes” to “no” on the gay civil unions by any name … before he even became president. He ran on “NO” — he gave you what you wanted — no gay marriage. So what’s the beef, if that’s the only problem facing the nation, or one of such importance it requires presidential action?

Unlike at the national level where social issues are taking a backseat to the economy, there’s no sign that Iowa Republicans are moving away from discussing topics like gay marriage and abortion.

>> your state is broke, your families are broke, financially and morally from the divorce and unwed mothers, abortions, and whatnot, and your infrastructure is broken, the tax system is broke, and so much is simply untenable – and you think the key problem is gay marriage? You know, as much as I like to be at the center of attention, stomping on gay folks cannot be the salvation of the land.

All-but-declared candidates like Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour have made it clear their campaigns will be focused on the economy. And Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who also is weighing a bid, has suggested the party call “a truce” on fighting over social issues while the economy is in such trouble.

>> And so – the key to saving the country is to say no to sissy smooching? It’s ludicrous of course. What do us measly 5% have to do with any of it? These people seem to think that the nation can be rescued from its problems by condemning gay people.

It’s nuts. Absolutely nuts. After they’re done stopping “marriage” will they all stop all the legal arrangements that are made, but not under family law? Will they seek even to stop our smooching by outlawing the bars, our festivals, our very sex again? Will that help the national deficit? Will that solve the problems heterosexual families are facing? ObamaCare? What will it solve? What earthly thing do we gay folks have to do with anything? It’s nuts. Sheer fruitcake. But have at it and you might find yourself with an unelectable candidate and four more years of Obama – all because you’re against gay people’s very existence. And weirdly chase away votes while you’re at it. Weird.

What, is the Republican candidate going to run on a “no gays marriage” platform while the nation goes down the tubes? Gay people? This is your concern? This is nuts. And it’s going to be a real lesson in “how to get a losing candidate.”

Gay people? We’re really the key to it all? Laughable.



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  1. ted

    Hatred of us is the key to the Democrats winning. So yes, we ar ekey. But this is not a pro-active stance. All the Dems have to do is promise not to hunt us down, and Presto!, The White House! They don’t have to do anything for us!

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