Synchronized Mass Dishonesty about gay folks

In all of this debate over gay people, it’s rare to find finite thoughts. And when I ran across this, I thought, ‘now, ain’t this the truth’

“An unchosen preference: There is no evidence to suggest that the sexuality of the majority of people, homosexual or heterosexual, is a result of a conscious choice on their part. Despite the frequently heard popular assertions that homosexuality is a choice. The overwhelming majority [yeah, like in 100% of us] of homosexual males and females indicate [scream from the rooftops] they never chose to become homosexual, but that they are that way innately. Those who would dismiss this point make the untenable mistake of believing in synchronized mass dishonesty, (my emphasis) rather than accepting the stated feelings of homosexuals as indicators of (at least partially) natural biological drives.”

That’s what the accusation of this vast “homosexual lobby” “promoting an agenda” which is somehow supposed to make everyone gay or something, by recruiting everyone we can get our hands on, or even induce just one fine boy to go gay. And about the only people with a bit of Synchronized Mass Dishonesty is the NO GAYS movement. Or maybe just all heterosexuals who use the “choose” meme to just dismiss us.

Over the next several posts, probably all today, because there is so much of this, I’m going to present the words of many researchers, scientists, thinkers, and others of considerable achievement on what one called a “500 piece puzzle.” I will only add very little commentary, for it’s so self-evident that my words are unnecessary. I wish all of it could be entered into all this testimony in legislatures and Congress as our existence is being debated, but somehow I doubt it ever does. Instead it’s the religious and legal stuff.

The only words necessary is that the Family Research Council, NARTH, AFV, FotF, NOM, the Mormons, the Catholic Church, the rest of Christianity, and the rest of the culture warriors should delve into how to guide gay men into monogamous relationships. They should be working on how they can help create a positive moral guide for gay men, how they can use their theology to bring us into the fold of humanity in a positive way – instead of just condemning reality. They are condemning the existence of rocks, and it’s nuts. Help us, people; don’t condemn us. You, Tony Perkins, come up with a good way to deal with the reality of gay people in a positive way instead of trying to get rid of what evolution and genes and whatever else is involved in the constant production of gay people since the dawn of time. Obviously, Tony, and Bryan Fischer, Peter Sprigg, Maggie Gallagher and the rest, and the politicians all the church people, God wanted gay people. Here, Tony and pals, here’s a little irony for you to ponder:

Survival of genetic homosexual traits explained

13 October 2004 by Andy Coghlan

Italian geneticists may have explained how genes apparently linked to male homosexuality survive, despite gay men seldom having children. Their findings also undermine the theory of a single “gay gene”.

The researchers discovered that women tend to have more children when they inherit the same – as yet unidentified – genetic factors linked to homosexuality in men. This fertility boost more than compensates for the lack of offspring fathered by gay men, and keeps the “gay” genetic factors in circulation.

The findings represent the best explanation yet for the Darwinian paradox presented by homosexuality: it is a genetic dead-end, yet the trait persists generation after generation.

“We have finally solved this paradox,” says Andrea Camperio-Ciani of the University of Padua. “The same factor that influences sexual orientation in males promotes higher fecundity in females.”

Ain’t that ironic? We’re the ones promoting kids! We’re the ones helping the ladies keep the population going. We’re so much for family we’re the lynch pin of making more babies, and all by smooching sissies. Yeehaw! Its deliciously ironic. Who knows if it’s really true? I’m sure more research needs to be done, the study replicated, but still, sweet. And it was given out in 2004 and I even I didn’t hear it until yesterday. No Gays means less kids. Go figure. I’m just glad I’m doing my part for the survival of the species. Without having to do the, um, icky part, which everyone else seems to enjoy.


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