Break Time. It’s all too absurd.

Japan, Libya, the UN, the deficit, the debt, taxes, regulations, the underemployed, the unemployed, the faltering economy, on and on, seemingly endless troubles, the mess it all is, is sort of absurd. On the one hand, it’s bad. On the other hand, well, we’ve had worse times. The nation is divided like it hasn’t been in a long time, only we’re in a paradigm shift. And such times are always messy, more inchoate, more seemingly dangerous than other times. But no big deal, civilization survives. In someways a lot of things have got to change, and yet, everything will pretty much stay the same. Still, the nation is consumed with politics in a way it hasn’t been in a long long time. Since the 1960s perhaps. The Babel of voices on all the various and sundry issues is precisely because they are all brought to Washington. No issue is not a federal issue now. Even sissy smooching is a matter of grave nation concern. It’s absurd.

Then too, in the states, they’re broke, their families are cracking, the streets are too, and the whole thing seems to teeter on a massive meltdown of some sort. No one is even sure. Still, the unemployed, the child services, the mental health, the hospitals and schools, and the infrastructure, all and more in poor condition. The governments of each state have garnered a role in every aspect of a person’s life in ways no one ever envisioned when this Republic was started. The taxes, the irresponsibility, the corruption, everything with the bureaucrats, it’s all so intractable. Still, something has got to change. The whole way we look at government has got to change. But instead of dealing with any of it, in state after state the legislatures are consumed with sissy smooching. It’s absurd.

We can’t have cities spending a billion dollars for sports stadiums by taxing families who then have to get government assistance to buy peanut butter whose price is kept high to help the peanut farmer – which must be untangled for it is unsustainable – and instead you people debate us gay people and get upset when we say a word on the subject. It’s nuts.

On current events website after website that I go to get a grasp on it all, to maybe offer a word on the things which affect 100% of the nation – comedic, serious, political, polemical, fact, commentary, news – makes no difference – in a year and a half now I’ve gone to hundreds of sites, left, right, middle – again makes no difference – there is this constant pointless discussion over something which affects but 5% of the people. Something so insignificant, and yet, seemingly something that 300,000,000 people are obsessed with endless discussion about, to no conclusion whatsoever. 300,000,000 people obsessed with what maybe 20,000,000 do while the rest of it spins out of control. And when one gay guy says a word about it, then everyone is upset because he’s tainting the proceedings. It’s nuts.

And I’m tired of it. It’s too weird. I’m gay and I don’t talk about gay stuff as much as heteros do. And so I think I posted my last comment for a while anywhere, even here. At – Stilt gets the honor – he’s been the least concerned over the issue of any site. I shall return to the sidelines and just watch, maybe not even that – and do what I can to make it through whatever is coming. I’m a survivor, I’ll make it. God bless the rest of you.


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