Why are Republicans chasing millions of votes away?

At www.hopeandchangecartoons.blogspot.com I saw a discussion about Eric Holder lowering the standards for police testing in Dayton, Ohio. The idea is ludicrous of course. The problem doesn’t lie in racism. That’s not the reason so many blacks can’t pass the test. The problem lies in the schools. The schools are terrible. So terrible that the governors of Wisconsin and New Jersey are leading the way in cracking the unions whose primary goal is to do the least amount of work, with the least amount of responsibility, for the most amount of money, for the shortest time, so they can retire with the biggest pensions. And to whom kids are a bothersome thing to deal with during the day.

The public schools are utter failures. The problems are manifest in the thousands of reports and studies about kids who can’t read, can’t do math, don’t know history, don’t know geography, are clueless as to logic and science and the wonders of research and thought and are clueless as to how to set up utility and bank accounts and fill out a job application. That’s the problem. And as the billions pour forth from the Department of Education in ever increasing torrents the schools get worse and the scores go down and the lack of even basic knowledge is ignored. Meanwhile, the quotas for diversity in a naturally diverse society are well tended. And the bureaucrats are all quite sure that every program they devise has met all their criteria for being a good program except the one that matters – are the kids able to pass a police entrance test? The answer has proven to be no, they are not able. So Holder is to the rescue, he thinks, by lowering the standards. What a waste of mind. And he calls the nation cowards while he’s lowering standards for “his people” while not doing a thing to raise competence.

Still, for me, there’s always a gay angle, of course. So I posted this on the comments:

>Holder wants to talk “cowardice,” eh? I suggest he talk to his people, there in the black churches, who preachy unGodly things against gay people. His people aren’t cowards on the subject, they’re panic stricken. And they vote against us on every measure by 80%. Real live anti-gay Democrats! Who’d a thunk it? They call it the “down low.” And they call us worse. Holder is such a hypocrite it’s astounding. We’re cowards? HA! They’re like a bunch of sissies running from the KKK and the Black Panthers joined together. (Feel free, folks, to throw that in his face, and O’s too. Both of ’em; you know.)

Chuck, you said it was because you were “white, male, Christian, and conservative.”

Well, sir, I tack on “gay” and get the double whammy from Holder and his people. We smooch; they cringe. The cowards.

And then I added:

And those three cowards, Obama, Holder and Oprah have the utter audacity to talk about they and their people being bullied? Decades ago? By Democrats in the KKK no less. So they need a separate set of standards today? To get a leg up to the highest paid entertainer, the attorney general’s office and the presidency itself? What planet do they live on?

Meanwhile, from the gay media yesterday: “Nicholas Kelo, a student in Akron, Ohio, shot himself dead on Feb. 23 at the age of 13. His mother suspects Nick took his own life because he was bullied after classmates began suspecting he was gay before he joined band.”

And the bullying is about them, the most powerful people on earth? The unfairness? They need protection? What a bunch of sniveling hypocritical cowards.

Holder should get out of Dayton and head on over to Akron, it’s not far.


And then, I read that in Indiana and Delaware, Republicans are trying to vote against gay relationships. Not just gay “marriage.” No. Not the word. The very thing. They will simply legislatively declare that such things don’t exist. Sort of like outlawing rocks, but hey, why not. They discussed this also in Wyoming, Maryland, New Hampshire and Rhode Island too. And in Iowa they are trying to get rid of the judges who said legal recognition of gay relationships is within the constitutional liberties of all Americans. As many other judges around the nation are finding. As some states are finding. And majorities of Americans are finding.

And I think to myself – have they gone mad? Are so many elected Republicans this set against us that they will simply decree us as nothing? Well, that’s a sure way to lose 10,000,000 direct votes – ours. How dumb. But it also chases away the votes of our parents, and our families. That’s oh, what, another 30 to 50 million people? Maybe even 100,000,000. And our friends. More millions, nearly 80% of the nation if we each know 30 heterosexuals personally, and we often do. How many millions of votes do they want to chase away? Over sissy smooching?

Over the reality that we will still have to deal with the legalities of life? We still buy houses together, we still deal with inheritance, we still deal with medical issues, we still deal with kids and everything else – every aspect of life has a legal component. And gay couples have to rely on business and contract law to get around the refusal to recognize gay families under family law. So there already is legal recognition of a kind, gay couple’s legal contracts with each other. Though I’m sure there’s folks working on that “problem” too. One Utah Republican simply wanted to ban gay people making contracts with each other entirely. Now that’s whacko!

And this is do achieve what? Do they think therefore such families are not around? Do they think none will be formed? Do they want to discourage the gay youth from getting behind the picket fence? Or do they want what Nicholas Kelo did? Yes, that’s what many people still yet seem to want. Appalling, but that’s reality. Let’s not be cowards in talking about this death wish some have against gay people. They are quite vocal about it. I think the nation is getting sick of it, even.

But what could they be thinking? There are so many pressing issues on the public table, and they worry about sissy smooching under family law, but prefer to keep it in contract law? Why would you chase away votes? The nation is now near evenly divided on the issue, with it more and more apparent that it’s leaning to the majority that simply can find no reason not to recognize such legal relationships. And, because we will simply never relent, our answer to the Culture War’s demand for our surrender is “NUTS!” And because we’re the most peaceful harmless bunch of, well, bunch of sissies around, eventually 70% or more of the nation will simply not give a damn. Already, socially that’s the case. Even 80% of the people simply don’t care about the utter unimportance of gay people in the scheme of things. But no, some Republicans are going to stop us. Yah, right.

Meanwhile on every single other matter – you know, taxes, health care, the deficit, the big stuff – it’s nearing 65-35 against government intrusion into people’s lives. 20% of the people claim they’re lefties, and 15% are perhaps Christian fundamentalists, which share so many values with lefties it’s not funny. Chief among them is the bizarre belief in a faith that they are right and everyone else is wrong, and they’re going to run everyone’s lives just the way they think lives should be run. And the Left – The Democratic Party – has an allegiance from blacks nearing 97% – and those blacks are 80% against gays. Meanwhile, some 30% of gays already vote Republican, and more are coming over.

And the 15% of the Republican party that is Christian Fundamentalists do really belong in the Democratic Party, right along side their Democratic African-American preachers, in their fulminating against gay people.

And in this way, and I know this is weird, but somehow I think, soon, in 10 years or so maybe, that the two parties will really come down to an anti-gay party and a who-cares gay party. And the Democrats will be anti-gay, and the Republicans as a newly brewed Tea Party will be who-cares? Because the Republicans are being split on the gay thing, while the Democrats are becoming a minorities only party, led by socialist whites. And the Democrats, to boost their white membership, can invite all the anti-gay Christians over to their side, and the Tea Party Republicans should say good bye. And then, with 70% of the nation Tea Party we might get something done that’s, like, I don’t, affecting 100% of us – and let the 30% of the control freaks cringe about sissy smooching. Really, I do believe it’s coming to this.


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