Huckabee, Morris, Martin & Baxter; weird

It’s over. Hallelujah, it’s over. Here, let me explain. The juxtaposition of Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris, Ricky Martin, Meredith Baxter is weird.

OK, so I went to Target this afternoon. To get the medications for the 88 year old gay WW II Veteran who fought the Nazis by playing piano in the officer’s club in San Diego. No one was unaware of what they were getting when he enlisted, the photos prove that. He did his job. He was honorably discharged.

At the Target, just as I walked in, the banana boy, as I call him, because he works in the produce department, and I, flirted by smiles and nods of greeting from afar. But, gaydar says: yep. Then at the drug counter is the slight young man with his own nervous smiles for me. Nothing is said betwixt me and the swains. Nothing can yet be said in public. It’s still dangerous. Still, we seem to know what’s going on.

While waiting for the drugs I walk around the store, and I come to book department. There, on the shelf, one after the other, are the current books by Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris, Ricky Martin and Meredith Baxter. If you can’t figure this out, I can’t help you. I mean really. Anti-gay, who cares gay, gay and Lesbian, right there in a row. Need I say more? And nary a book on the cure in sight. Not a rational tract on ridding the land of gay folks and fighting the menace. Nothing. They dare not write it now. Not because sissies are powerful, no. It’s because it’s so ludicrously stupid as to be beyond belief. Only unicorn hunters and cat herders believe this stuff anymore.

Target meanwhile is giving money to anti-gay groups who believe in unicorns, who are fighting the gay menace. And they’re giving money to politicians who are fighting the gay menace. They even had a public fall out with a who-cares American, Lady GaGa, over the gay menace.

And the gay menace is on sale for $25.99 at Target with a good profit to the company to raise the money to pay the politicians to stir the masses against the gay menace. Can you say “hypocrite”? Can you say “What on earth?” So, promoting the menace to pay to fight the menace. This is rational corporate America? And I laugh uproariously in derision. I mean, really? Does anyone not see this?

These four books in a row, this is our culture today. And it’s good. This isn’t law. This isn’t religion. This isn’t psychology, or psychiatry, or politics, or anything that’s “debated.” It’s not even the “culture wars.” What it is – is reality. There are gay people. And some of us have had compelling lives. And Huckabee is right to push for strengthening marriages – among his own kind at least. Leave us to our own devices please. And Morris is right because the menace to this nation has nothing to do with gay folks. And Ricky and Meredith are there to tell America, “Look, this is difficult, this is emotional, this is legal, here, let me tell you why from personal experience.” And America is listening. And buying their books. I’d bet Ricky out sells Mike and Dick together.

And so I think, concerning my morning’s post – what on earth do the Republicans think they will achieve by fighting us? We’re on sale at Target, for heavens sake. How weird is this? Right next to the guy who will never be president. And another who’s a respected policy analyst who in 300 pages or more can’t find a single problem or threat related to gay people. He doesn’t even point out that some people are still so obsessed with our smooching that they still scream “ICKY” from the rooftops. And the nation buys our biographies at major retailers, to find out just what the problem is. And they can’t find one.


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