Always a gay angle, that’s the problem

This morning at was an interesting news tidbit – Harry Reid thinks that without the National Endowment for the Humanities there would be no Cowboy Poetry Festival in Nevada. The idea is daffy simply because thousands and thousands of festivals and events and poetry readings and public readings of even the Declaration of Independence and whatever else such events could be called have been held everyday of every year for 2½ centuries of this nation’s gloriously creative cultural history without a government grant. Why his there would not survive, I don’t know. Maybe the poetry is garbage. The thing that miffs me most about the NEH, and the rest of the cultural support agencies, the arts councils, etc, and the sports stadiums too, is that these are events and arts enjoyed by a few – and they demand the rest of us pay for them.

Which means we have less money to pay for what we might like to entertain ourselves with. And it reeks of Royal patronage and eventual national collapse. For even corporate subsides, and the lure of money for “Economic Development” is of the same philosophical nature. That those are for the industrial arts rather than the cultural arts is of no importance. Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor for some 35 years basically bankrupted a nation supporting the arts and alchemy, for the good of commerce he said. The last three Louis of France bankrupted the nation with arts grants, and the last guy lost his head, for the good of commerce they said. No really, Louis XIV was quite sure that building Versailles was economic development, a stimulus package if you will, for all those people were there in shovel ready jobs.

And incidentally why some poor black dude in North Baton Rouge should have to pay some amount of tax to support the rich white man’s joy of opera and symphony I don’t know. It seems grossly unfair. On par with using gay tax dollars to defend in indefensible DOMA. Give him back his money, and maybe he can live a bit nicer. Every time I hear of a “just a penny” rise in the sales tax to pay for some park downtown or arts improvement zone I’m like, well, the poor schnooks are going to have to cut back on the sausage in their rice and beans. You cannot help anyone or all of us by taking their money and giving it to someone else. Even the ones who get it suffer eventually, for the nation totters towards the end. Lincoln said it, and he might have been wiser than the putzes running around government today.

But I couldn’t resist making this observation over there –

Oh my, Harry Reid is clueless! Here, let me help him:

The National Gay Rodeo Association (Amazing isn’t it? But real, who knew?) meets in many cities across the heartland, including right there in Nevada, with 5,000 to 50,000 attendees for each event, several times a year — within which there’s plenty of poetry readings. And to my knowledge this association doesn’t receive one dime of taxpayers cash or any grants; I doubt they would ask, probably wouldn’t get it anyway — “promoting” you know, is verbotten.

And if a bunch of gay guys can be cowboys and read poetry on their own dime, and make money at it — I’m sure heterosexual liberals can also!

(And if the NGRA does gets a dime, they should give it back too!) “

And the reason I did so is that there’s always a gay angle. You straight people don’t know this of course. This is all new to you. You often just are bumfuddled when I point out gay angles – and I do a lot at a lot of websites – almost daily, it’s exhausting at time. Usually you dismiss it with “Who cares!” Well, frankly, we do That’s the problem. We do care, very much. For we’re taxpayers too. We’re in the same boat. We’re not going to be exempt from whatever happens. Still, we insulate you from us as best we can. We walk quite openly among you with nary a problem. Still there’s a bit of sticky legal wicket. DOMA. It’s not really just about “marriage” – nor any other word you won’t let us use, in a mean spirited attempt to condemn us out of existence.

But no, it’s about the financial, tax and legal stuff. Gay couples have to go through legal gyrations to get the exact same result as you get through one piece of paper. In a sense, there already is gay marriage, and a gay legal regime, and legal acceptance even at the federal level of such unions. But it is hidden in highly individual business and contract law decisions, and who knows where else, instead of in family law where it belongs. So we do what we have to, at extra expense, instead of you making it easy for us. Because you don’t really think we’re here or something. Beats me.

But no story in this nation can be told without a gay angle. And that’s because we are a part of the culture, often many times players in it (Broadway, anyone?) – which does give lie to the canard that we’re against the culture. We’re the interior designers for heaven’s sake. We’re the clothes designers. We’re the set designers and make up artists of Hollywood blockbuster violence and wanton heterosexual sex-love stories. We’re also the waiters, and the male airline flight attendants, and the hotel front desk clerks, and so much more. We’re the cultural workers – and you all seem to be enjoying immensely whatever we churn out or ease your way through your day and night. Whom do you think are the ballet boys? Whom do you think is making the video games? Whom do you think is in the Mickey Mouse costume giving cuddles to your kids? And you worry about us? Yeesh. And one of us set up the inordinately popular Facebook. We’re cultural leaders, almost. Against it? Bah!

At the same time, we’ve also managed to set up this parallel economy. Even a parallel existence. For instance, if there’s a big city tourist commission, there’s a big city gay tourist commission. But you don’t know that. For we advertise and promote our travel destinations to ourselves. If there’s a business organization, there’s a gay business organization. But you don’t know that either. Still, there’s plenty of us to do business with each other and make a living at it. We even have our own national ad agencies to make sure the gay news industry can survive on the earnings. Indeed. There’s a gay news industry that is wholly and completely separate from yours. And you have probably no clue. You never go to gay news websites, like or , nor even – and that’s just four among hundreds, thousands, who knows? And all over the world even, in every language. Just oodles of gay stuff. We even have a “gayggle” – so we can find any gay club in the land in seconds.

Of course we also have such sites as which is part of our never ending effort to just make you all realize that we’re gay, you’re not.

And this site: to show just how crazy some of you are.

Meanwhile, I’m a piano player, artist, author and website designer who makes a living more or less at this – without one cent of taxpayer cash. I never thought to ask. I don’t think it would win a grant – it’s too boring. Go see: (of course, my real life is over there, this is just this confounded gay debate which I had tried to avoid for a decade but it came roaring back at me.)

And that’s the other problem with the NEH and such stuff – they always seem to use our (gay and straight) money for the most godawful trash and pointlessly provocative stuff. Even most gay folks I know are appalled at some of this crud. Oh I doubt the nation cares if anyone does homoerotic art – and there’s plenty of it for free for the asking and taking if one spends but a moment to look. They just don’t want to pay for it. Frankly, I don’t blame them. I don’t want to pay for operas I don’t go to. I don’t want to pay for sports stadiums I’ll never visit. And I certainly don’t want to pay for divorce courts I can’t use. Support yourselves people, as best you can.

The adage is that if you can work and make a living at something you love doing than you are a lucky man. I have done so. The rest of you faux-artistes who need a helping hand, and cowboy poets – get a job or produce art people like. Flowers are always popular. Not a mom in the nation wouldn’t like a flower painting.



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