Target’s NO GAYS movement

Out of the Closet: Target’s NO GAYS movement. Oh they didn’t start it, no, but I think they just bought it.

What a week! And it’s only Thursday!

In Wisconsin all hell is still breaking loose. (And in poor Libya even worse!) That state is in an uproar, with thousands mobbing the state house and sleeping there. There’s 24 hour coverage of the place. Not a nook or cranny does not find some protester standing, sitting or sleeping. The issue is whether the state, or really – the people living there – can be taxed high enough to sustain the unsustainable public pensions, pay, benefits and health care of public employees. It seems the people voted in enough Republicans to say “no.” It’s been a free ride for overpaid people who haven’t done much more than barely teach kids to read and write or bureaucrats who do nothing more than fiddle with papers that no one really looks at or needs. And it looks like it’s coming to an end. Good.

So what sort of comment do I see about this important issue? I see someone at complaining that gay people are copulating in the Wisconsin State House – and I think – WHAT? Are people just really that opposed to us that they will simply make up fantasies? I guess so. Chalk up a candidate for the NO GAYS movement.

Then there’s our “friend” Oprah comforting some “ex-gay” persons and their cockamamie group that’s cocksure that gay folks will all of a sudden turn straight. Oh yah, you can’t be “ex-gay” – that’s like being “ex-left handed” or “ex-red head.” Or even “ex-blue eyes.” Still, if they’re so proud of their new found heterosexuality why don’t they proudly proclaim themselves heterosexuals and get on with their lives? Why come after me, you faux-heteros. Isn’t that what they really are? Yes, faux-heteros, so appropriate. Or is an “ex-gay” straight person just a tad lower on the social standing than a real heterosexual so they have to differentiate themselves by their former selves rather than their new and improved versions? So have at it faux-heteros, enjoy your place in the NO GAYS movement.

But why Oprah, of all people, should give these people the time of day? Oh yah, she’s never been gay-friendly. No. But now she’s joined the NO GAYS movement. Thanks doll. (Memo to Ex-gays – when you realize it can’t really be done and come back home, I’m not sure I’m going to be welcoming.)

Meanwhile, in California, apparently Target lost a lawsuit ( for details) against a group that’s peaceably getting signatures on a pro-gay marriage petition. Seems it’s perfectly legal to say God Hates Fags, and Target does too, but that wasn’t enough for Target. No, they had to try to stop anyone saying God Loves Fags. Still, it seems the court there did rule in favor of those who ask for signatures.

Weirdly, typically, a Target spokesperson said that the gays were “Attacking” people if they refused to sign. This charge, this use of the word “Attack” all the time. It’s weird. Gay people don’t attack anything. We’re so few, we’re so peaceful, I can’t imagine any thinking we “Attack” anything. And why is there never one police report? Or arrest? Or police out in force to prevent the melee? Where’s all this “Attack” going on? Why does it never make YouTube or the nightly news? I would think that any signs of violence, of “Attack” by gay folks would be so newsworthy as to get instant and constant coverage. And not just FOX. But still, they’re always the supposedly anti-gay station, (the rest are no different, really, but FOX is blamed,) – I can’t imagine them running with a story of some gay guy’s “Attack” on someone or something. There has to be video, there’s has to be something, right? Nah, it’s just a fantasy too buttress the NO GAYS movement.

Oh yah, an 11 year old boy threatened to shoot some of the bullies who keep calling him “homo” and “fag.” He was arrested. Even an 11 year old boy desperately trying to stave off attack is dangerous, for he’s just a gay kid.  The bullies have free speech rights, of course; on religious grounds, no doubt. So much for whom is attacking whom.

Then there’s Lady Gaga and Target – now this is a biggie. Seems the damsel made a deal with Target to sell her wares if Target would cut back on the anti-gay stuff. It was business news, it was entertainment news, it was pointless news – the very sort that the news media loves to play with. Target demurred and now has said basically it’s in the NO GAYS movement.

For Target gives money – supposedly up to $180,000 by now – to a group called “You can run, but you can’t hide.” This fine bunch has a very clearly stated goal: EXECUTE gay folks. Really, they do. Details at, and so many other places it’s not going to stay hidden for much longer. In fact, it was right there on this very morning.

Yes, EXECUTE! Can you imagine? Now that’s clarity of purpose! That’s a statement America can sink it’s teeth into. It’s not that one thuggish man says such a thing – why, just yesterday a commenter by the open and honest name “SgtZim” said on that basically we deserve to have a “Large Gas Bomb” set off in our midst, to, I guess, just eradicate us in one fell swoop. Oh, OK, so he’s an old crank, maybe. The Family Research Council is more circumspect about their NO GAYS position, but they’re right up there with the “if nothing else works, EXECUTE” concept too.

But “You Can Run” is something else again. They’re a 501(c)3 tax exempt educational and charitable organization. They’re getting money from Target, so that Target gets a tax break. And Target I dare say is a bit more serious than a crank on a website, or a nutjob in Minnesota with a few followers. No, Target is a major corporation. And they’ve given money to a group that proclaims its mission is to “EXECUTE” gay folks. US Congresswomen Michelle Bachmann also helped the group raise money. And many a Republican up there in Minnesota has trooped on over to Mr. Bradlee Dean to hear his sage advice on ridding the nation of gay folks. EXECUTE us! That the name of the corporate sponsor is “Target” is all the more apropos.

Oddly, “You Can Run” and Target are going to refer to the recent Westboro case, for their absolute right to argue for the utter destruction and genocide of 5% of the American citizenry. And the nation – and the Supreme Court – are going to have to decide whom is correct. Are we to be executed if we don’t turn straight? Or are we to go in peace, and live amongst you as we always have.

And this might well be our Bull Conner moment. Or maybe not. Maybe someone will do even something more outrageous by Sunday. Who knows. One can only hope so. I want the NO GAYS movement to shout it from the roof tops. For in forty years of listening to their entreaties I still have not got the message. No gay guy has. That’s the weird thing. 40 years of trying to stop us from being gay and utter 100% complete failure.

Still, the decision is coming in the next few years: include us – or execute us. That’s your choice. And if it goes against gay folks – then just give us Florida, and we’ll leave.


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