Commonsense & Wonder’s dichotomy on gay folks

The Commonsense & Wonder Blog’s dichotomy puzzles me.

For some reason unbeknown to me, and without complaint, this blog: – links to me. I never had gone there, I never commented there or contacted them. I don’t know how they found me and the daily mush, nor why they decided to put me up among some august company in their list of links. I appreciate it, and traffic comes to here from there. Just as I have begun to notice that the daily mush gets linked to from a lot of places, and even different websites that aggregate posts include me in. Again, I have no idea why or how this is done. I don’t know who comes here or if they read more than a line or two or the whole thing. I really don’t care either. My mission is to present my viewpoint, after all. And get some frustration out. If someone gains something, good. If someone goes away thinking, fine. If someone is not happy, well, that’s the way it is.

Perhaps Commonsense & Wonder found me back when I concentrated on purely economic issues, or when I spoke a lot about the absurdity of our times. When I started this blog in November of 2009 I just fed off the pages of my local newspaper, the Baton Rouge Advocate. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I considered quitting, often; I still do. I also started to go to Tea Party websites, for they fascinate me. They do so for I had been saying the same thing since high school – the whole thing is an unsustainable mess and there’s no easy way out. I’ve been Tea Party for so long it’s not funny. Back then I had written three papers for Mr. Ford’s 9th grade history class. That was during the 1972-73 school year.

In one I argued that the Soviet Union would fall by the year 2000. I was laughed at. I was off by a decade – it more or less fell in 1989. I knew this because I had first hand knowledge of the system from cousins who live in Prague and told me in Czech the glories of socialism. And I reasoned – no system can long stand when you think that people sit around their kitchen tables and discuss how to be oppressed today, or what to limit yourself to, or prohibit yourself from, or deny your wants and desires in your pursuit of happiness. I couldn’t quite believe that any family would sit down and say to themselves – yes, we will not read any forbidden books, and we will not listen to forbidden music, and we will let them decide. And I was already smuggling in the Rolling Stones to Prague. Nope, it could not last. None of them ever do. Ask a Libyan.

In the second I argued that Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are basically unsustainable Ponzi schemes that eventually would run out of money and bankrupt the nation. I also argued that we’d all be better off if at most we were required to save 5% or so of our salaries in our own passbook type savings account, collecting interest over decades, so that when we finally got to our dotage we’d have our own $750,000 or more to live off of and we wouldn’t have to beg for crumbs from the government. I even proposed a method whereby which the system would gradually change. I was laughed at. Now, there are few left in the nation who don’t agree with the bankrupt part, but less who like my required savings account idea. I have hope.

But Mr. Ford requested us to write a paper about minorities, you know, for understanding diversity or something. After all, we were a 98% white high school in a relatively affluent town in a rich county on Long Island. And so my classmates wrote about blacks, and Latinos, and women, and Asians and the disabled, and the usual list. And I wrote about gay folks. Which of course simply boggled the minds of Mr. Ford and everyone else in that class. They were like, what? And while that was one of my opening shots in our defense, I stayed out of the formal politics of it, and only went door to door, person to person to discuss this gay thing. Not until November 2010 did I go sort of more pushy on it. So from high school until now I was quiet about it all and did what I could only in person.

But then, on these Tea Party sites I noticed that there was the exact same stuff I had heard back in the 1970s. And I thought, “Is this stuff still being said?” And I wondered where the commonsense was. For surely no one still believed the old canards, did they? Oh yes they did, Virginia! I was astounded. And so I decided to step into the fray. Which is where we’re at today:

Commonsense & Wonder blog has a list of ways Communists are trying to take over America and the world. It’s a well known list. Marx could have written it. It’s not that new and exciting. In fact, the list they present is sourced thus: (as read into the congressional record January 10, 1963, from “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen)

And with my commonsense I wonder, wouldn’t it be better to get a more updated list? Like from this decade, lifted right off the Communist Party USA’s website or something? How about just the Democratic Party platform? Or maybe the Socialist Party USA’s list of things to do? Though I would imagine something might be the same, though some might be different. I lead a life, I have no time to the linguistic comparison. I leave that to professionals.

But one thing on the list just jumped out into my face:

#26 Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Does anyone anymore truly believe that gay people saying we’re normal, natural, healthy and just fine is really part of the communist plot to take over the world? It just can’t be true. I stand in evidence of that.

Let’s look at this bit of commonsense – in 1963, perhaps on the same day when this testimony was given to our Congress, over in the Politburo and the Duma in the Kremlin in Moscow, a sage thinker of Marxism-Leninism was presenting his “congressional” testimony from “The Naked Capitalist” by Cleonsky Skousenskaya or somebody – you get the picture.

And what that Marxist, Leninist, Communist said was this: the capitalist plan to destroy the Soviet Union is to present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

And so I wonder, with much commonsense, how come, back then in ’63, that the Right thought that the communists were promoting homosexuality at the same time that the Left thought the capitalists were promoting homosexuality? With all this promotion by both sides you’d think the matter would be solved. Or they’d both agree that this one issue is not part of the equation, but one that they were united on – gay folks are the only ones who say we’re OK.

Not to mention that communists were a whole lot harsher against gays than any capitalist ever was. That’s still true today. All the list presented are things that Communists think is good – except this gay thing. Communists never thought gays were good. To that they are as resolutely opposed as the Westboro Baptist Church. They probably hold up signs in Moscow that read: “Lenin Hates Fags!” They sure still beat up any gay guys going for a little gay pride parade, even today.

I do submit, that the only people whomever presented homosexuality as “normal, natural, healthy” is us gay folks.

The rest of you are still promoting the degeneracy and promiscuity by granting only the barest shred of recognition to gay relationships if you can help it. So something’s not quite right with the picture presented by the Commonsense and Wonder blog. Perhaps they should delete this Item #26. After all, they do link to me, and somehow I don’t think they do so because they believe I’m part of the International Communist Conspiracy to destroy America which they and I are trying to thwart. Do they? If so, I guess I’m the only “communist” blog given the honor.

[I hope I’m not de-linked now 🙂 ]



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