The Libyan Revolution; when dictators go bad

Poor Libya. A country that is rich beyond measure and lives in poverty. A nation with a gorgeous coast and fine weather now being pulverized by a madman. A man everyone knew was mad decades ago. For 42 years now the world has known he was a madman. And now it seems no one knows what to do about it. There’s much dither and dally. This is not the only nation that has gone through this. The shreds of Yugoslavia did just a few years ago. Sudan, and Iran, Iraq, Burma, North Korea, almost any African country, on and on comes the onslaught of dictators, absolute kings without the ermine, but palaces galore, who slaughter their own people because they say these people are against some other people.

But the weirdest thing is that Senator John Kerry is leading the call for military action of taking out the Libyan air forces. Here’s a guy who made a career and presidential run against George Bush for having dared take out a madman at war with his own people, and now he’s calling for us to take out a madman at war with his own people. It’s like if a Republican calls for removal of a dictator it’s bad, but when a Democrat does it it’s good. So hypocritical, and definitely partisan, for dictators are dictators, and it shouldn’t make a difference who takes them out. Every effort should be made to get rid of them.

The United Nations is hopeless at the task because it’s got dictators running the show. They’re a majority of the place. Which is one reason I’d pull the US out and tear down that building in NYC and put up a big park to liberty, but I’m a radical against dictators. The bombing should start in five minutes. Take out Ghaddafi’s palaces and his military and be done with it.

Senator John McCain said once that he thought there should be a league of democracies. That would essentially be the English Speaking world and most of Europe west of the Russian border. Perhaps Brazil and Chile, and even Mexico and India, South Africa, too; you know the usual suspects for liberty and peace. And the rest of the world is bonkers, absolutely bonkers. These dictators hang on until they’re taken out and shot or retire to a villa in the south of France. They rape and pillage their nations and the other dictators join in support of each other. This League of Democracies, the 30 or 40 mostly normal countries is actually against the 150-160 crazed countries, and they against us. It’s a war of sorts between rational governance and suicidal destruction of entire populations for the good of the people.

Now, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – whom I’m guessing is Kerry – why the article by Lolita C. Baldor of the Associated Press doesn’t clarify if they are one and the same person and expects me your average American to know I can’t figure out – is sure that the bombing starts in five minutes only if “there is an international agreement.” By whom? Which countries? All of them? Is the UN to make the call and give the permission to bomb the smithereens out of Libya’s military? That’s not going to happen. The UN is filled with rakes and cads who are learning right now from Kaddaphi (Oh why not, we can’t even get agreement on how to spell the cretin’s name, for heavens sake,) how to destroy a portion of their own populations and have the world watch on in bemused horror and do nothing.

So McCain and Kerry and even the president when he gets back from his golf game should look seriously into a League of Rational Nations – and put together a policy book that says as soon as any dictator starts using his planes and helicopters to bomb their own cities it’s time to take out that nation’s air force and dictator. Sovereignty, schmovereignty – dictators killing their own people is not rational governance, it’s not discussing the tax structure or the criminal code, or keeping state run media – it’s bombing one’s own cities. It’s nuts.

I can’t imagine the Libyan air force is that big. The country only has 6.5 million people. And though there’s plenty of riches there, the jets they possess are almost certainly of an older and clumsier and less sophisticated sort than what might come off the USS Ronald Reagan. And right here in Louisiana there are these lumbering B-52s that can fly there and back and just make nice swimming holes out of every runway in that nation.

Supposedly too, by the other AP article used today “Enforcing a no-fly zone could take weeks to organize, however, and US Defense Secretary Robert gates has noted that it must be preceded by a military operation to take out Libya’s air defenses.” And the operation is in “the early stages of planning” according to British Foreign Minister William Hague – and I think WHAT? You guys don’t have something you can pull off the shelf? Shouldn’t planning on taking out Libya’s military been done long ago? And then updated every year or two as he bought stuff around the world to make sure his dynasty lasts a 1000 years? He’s invaded every country within reach, he’s supported worldwide terrorism and he’s instigated power grabbing revolutions elsewhere, and we have no plan? We have absolutely no plan hanging around when we had to have known this was going to happen one day? It happens with every dictator, so why is there no plan for every dictator? How weird. I’m no military man, but I’d say get to work fella’s and have the plans ready to go at a moment’s notice.

But no, we’re going to talk, with dictators presumably, about the wisdom of stopping the slaughter. And the man who led the charge to keep the dictator in Iraq because of domestic politics and his presidential aspirations is now stuck with a man who was even more dead set against removing dictators. One Barack Obama. He’s the president. And in dealing diligently with the perils of the world he’s gone to the golf course to think about the matter. If I was president I might get out a map of the region to see what might be done, but that’s just me.

And in response to the oil prices skyrocketing (which for once can’t be blamed on Exxon) he wants to tap our reserves instead of allowing drilling for the stuff right here at home or stopping the madman, both of which would have a more salutatory affect on the price and supply situation. Tapping the reserve, which is there for emergencies when oil is embargoed, to lower the price to curry political favor isn’t quite good either.

And so the poor people of Libya get to suffer another day. And you know, they might wind up with another dictator type madman, so what? At least he’d be new and different, which would bring a bit of cheer to that forlorn place. And he can rule until we need to pull off the shelf the plan to take him out if he goes bad.




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