Mr. Boehner: don’t use gay tax dollars

So House Speaker John Boehner is considering going to court to defend DOMA. A law which is certainly targeted at a tiny bunch of the population. A law which is Orwellian named because it doesn’t “defend” marriage – it prohibits it. A law that is under attack by hundreds of lawsuits all across the nation, of just 100s more to come, forever, until the law is gone. Along with all the mini-DOMAs across the nation. A law which is so fundamentally unfair that it strides against the grain of America since its founding principle was declared to the world: All Men Are Created Equal. And he’s going to use gay folks tax dollars to do it.

The courts are consumed by this issue. Millions of dollars are being spent to rid this unjust law from this land. A law that virtually everyone agrees is flawed. A law which is almost certainly going to be ruled unconstitutional, if not this year, within 5 or 6 at the most. The Supreme Court is about to be inundated with hundreds of cases – they’ll be picking and choosing among so many it will give them pause. The lower courts are churning out conflicting decisions by the dozens. The legislatures are racing about holding hearings and passing laws or stopping them. Mr. Boehner, spare the nation and let the law die. If you don’t like what the president is doing – than repeal the law and start over. Join in the repeal effort. That’s the best use of our billions of tax dollars we contribute to this nation.

No, instead of coming up with a repeal bill for what will be stricken down he wants to defend it to its dying day. Of all the many things he has to do – like just maybe solve the morass of government – he’s going to spend time on gay smooching. And that’s what this is about. It’s about us smooching. It’s not like DOMA says gay folks relationships are worth anything. In fact, basically, it says that gay relationships are worth a little less than a bucket of warm spit. The law basically tells gay people we have no value as individuals or as couples or as a portion of the population. That’s what the law really says, only not in so many words.

It just says that no gay relationship of any kind may be recognized anywhere. As if they were nothing and didn’t exist. If the law said that the word “marriage” is reserved for churches and heteros, but that gay couples can use any other word and the law will call them “civil unions,” it would be one thing. I can understand the word problem, I really can. I have argued for “twainage” for decades, to no avail. I argued twainage with my twain when I was 20 years old, long before the issue of “marriage” ever surfaced.

Mr. Boehner likes tax cuts. Well, if there’s one group that deserves a tax cut it’s gay folks. We shouldn’t have to pay for the defense of the laws against us. Indeed, keep your DOMA sir, and give us a special tax rate a good 25% lower than straight folks. After all if we’re not really equal should we have to pay equally? I argued that for decades too.

And with the extra cash gay couples can hire the lawyers we have to use to make legal arrangements between us that are more contractual and business law than family law, to achieve what could be so much more orderly and inexpensively by civil unions. There already is this great body of family law that pertains to heterosexuals, that’s the nature of it. And then there’s us gay folks who don’t quite fit in. The law has been changing, it’s been adding us in, including us. Not a day goes by without some new court case started to include us, because the legal arrangements we have to make don’t fit in any box on any form. Not a week goes by without a decision one way or the other by somebody about including us. Not a day goes by without more people coming to the conclusion that we’re just fine decent people, albeit a bit weird. Mr. Boehner, instead of defending the ultimately indefensible why don’t you figure out a law that includes us?

Meanwhile, I find this encouraging news –

>> On evangelical campuses, rumblings of gay acceptance

Mar 01, 2011 by Cathleen Falsani

(RNS) Late last week, the provost of Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., announced that the school officially had recognized its first gay student organization.

The announcement came barely a month after the Christian school changed its anti-discrimination policy to include homosexuals, after a popular women’s soccer coach was forced out last December because her lesbian partner was expecting a child.

Belmont’s policy changes are the latest in a series of incidents at evangelical Christian campuses involving issues surrounding homosexuality. Some observers now wonder whether a major shift in opinions about homosexuality might be occurring among younger evangelicals.

The answer seems to be yes.

Last month, the student newspaper at Westmont College in California printed an open letter signed by 131 gay and gay-supportive alumni who said they had experienced “doubt, loneliness and fear due to the college’s stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.” >>

Mr. Boehner, look – even evangelicals are grappling with the issue – and coming to our side. This is lions laying down with lambs, sir. The nation does not want to fight gay people anymore. We’re just too embedded in the culture because we’re the children of someone. No family can say anymore that they don’t have a gay relative, however distant, for we told all our families. No gay person except the youngest among us is not out to his family. But Mr. Boehner, those youngest among us are going to grow up. There they are – a million boys in families across this nation. Every one of them now entering puberty with the funny sensation that he’s just a tad different than everyone else around him. There he is, living quietly at home, going to school, playing games – and knowing he’s gay. What are you saying to that boy, sir? Just “tough noogies”? Forever? Will you offer him some hope that he will find a prince charming and settle down and be all he can be knowing that even the nation likes him?

And in many ways the Westboro “God Hates Fags” decision made the nation realize just really how unfair it is. No one else has to put up with this nonsense. No one else can be maligned with impunity, the nation won’t tolerate it. The Baton Rouge Advocate had a 20 inch column on the subject today and couldn’t bring itself to use the “F” word — but spun it to “homosexual” or “gay.” Because the nation is just not going to tolerate it anymore. It’s time to clean up the mess, not prolong it.

Now is the time to figure out how to include us – not to keep telling us we’re worth nothing. And using our tax dollars to do it with. Repeal it, don’t defend it.




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