And if they said it about any other group?

So, the Supreme Court has ruled 8-1 that it’s OK to say “God Hates FAGS” — disgusting.

Only one had it right –> Alito strongly disagreed. “Our profound national commitment to free and open debate is not a license for the vicious verbal assault that occurred in this case,” he said.

If this miscreant group said these vile things about Blacks, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Women, Children with disabilities – on and on the list goes of the people of this nation about whom no such odious things can be said. The nation would not tolerate such speech about anyone.

This is the vaunted new era of civic decency? GOD HATES FAGS? This is moral speech? This is advancing a rational opinion? You heterosexuals are a strange bunch.

“Roberts described the court’s holding as narrow,” — oh it’s narrow alright — like an arrow pointed at gay folks. Why not just paint a target on our backs. No doubt our friends in the Family Research Council are ecstatic. And when the first “fag” is bashed or killed — for this just inciting violence against us — I hope Justice Roberts sleeps well that night.

“And in a separate opinion, Justice Stephen Breyer suggested in other circumstances, governments would not be “powerless to provide private individuals with necessary protection.”

But in this case, Breyer said, it would be wrong to “punish Westboro for seeking to communicate its views on matters of public concern.”

And he’s a “Liberal”? With friends like this who needs enemies?

And sure, communicating that it’s perfectly fine to say anything nasty and vicious — but only at gay folks. And no other citizen in this nation. And this I pay taxes for? They’re calling for gay folks’ death — and it’s only “a matter of public concern”? Yeah, ours.

This decision will surely go down as one of the worst ever. Right up there with Dred Scot.

So sad, so infuriating.


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