10 Million Women needed to marry ex-gays!

OK, so giving into the fantasy of the “ex-gay” movement, for a moment, I will now declare that all 10,000,000 or more of us gay men overnight have seen the light – we’re no longer gay men. We want a woman, and we want her now!

So where in this nation are the 10,000,000 or more spinsters we’re supposed to marry? One would think with so many men “choosing” to be gay that there must be an equal amount of women who are pining away alone waiting for some guy who is not coming. Where are they? There seems not to be any.

Now, the Family Research Council and all the groups pushing for us to find God (memo to FRC: we did, He says we’re fine,) and thus our repressed heterosexuality, too, all admit, readily, that there’s roughly 2 lesbians for every 5 or 6 gay men. OK, so let’s get the 2 lesbians to marry 2 of the gay men. That still leaves 3 or 4 gay men without a woman in sight to betroth. They simply aren’t there. That’s still some 7,000,000 or so gay men without a woman around. Not even in polygamist groups are there enough women to make up the slack.

It would seem that every woman who wants to get married does, and there seems to be just the right amount of men to marry then, and the other way around. Even when accounting for the musical beds played through divorce (for the sanctity of marriage no less!) you still have a perfect match up – a girl for every boy. Except, well, except the gay guys. There’s just not enough women left to marry us.

In decades of looking at population figures every which way I have never seen reported that there’s an excess of ladies without husbands or boyfriends. Yet it must be the case mathematically: if God put one man for every woman, to cleave as one till death or a divorce do them part – and there’s 10,000,000 gay adult men in the USA – there simply must be 10,000,000 unmarried unrequited spinsters awaiting their prince charming – which is, I guess, supposedly us. I certainly never met a woman who said she could find NO man – though plenty who say they can’t find a good man. Still, they all find one.

The reason for this is obvious: there’s 106 boys born for every 100 girls. And even if 5 boys and 5 girls die before 21 years of age – that’s still 6 more boys for the 95 girls alive to marry the 95 heterosexual guys who made it through to adulthood. You can jiggle the figures all you want, tweaking a percentage point here and there. Still, there’s just not enough women of marrying age to accommodate us.

One would think that the Census Bureau would have noticed such a huge number of spinsters no? Yet, they’re just not there. Or here. Or anywhere. Strangely, without the actual figures in front of me, but from memory – the Census data for decade after decade points to 97% of women getting married at least once in their lives, while only 95% of men do. Still, everyone gets a partner. The 5% unmarried men, are, need I say? – we gay guys.

Even more strangely, numbers wise – is given that gay men have congregated in certain neighborhoods in big cities (though even that is not quite true, but that’s what’s said,) there must be communities with high rates of single women. Where? In which town or city in this nation are the spinsters pining? Where are they hiding? Time to “come out” ladies! Again, they just don’t seem to be there.

Now, there are an equal number of men and women, even a few more women, at about 50.5% to 49.5% – but this is because women live longer, and men die younger, and thus there’s far more widows than widowers. That’s obvious from anyone who ever visited a retirement home. But surely we gay guys 70 and younger aren’t supposed to marry old widows 70+ are we? More intriguingly – why would the women do so? I’m sure they’d crack up laughing and thank you for the best joke of their long lives.

Do the FRC and NARTH, AFTAH, and the rest of this alphabet soup of organizations maintain some database of eligible women waiting for us to marry? Can they show me such a list, perhaps with pictures, so I might choose a gal of the dream I never had? They are highly organized. They want us to get a girl. Well sirs, do give me the catalog of available damsels. I’m not a betting man, but I bet they don’t have one. Why, I even bet they didn’t even think it through enough to have thought of compiling the database for all the soon-to-be ex-gays. But what a boost to the wedding business if it could be arranged, eh?

Now, the ages of gay men of course range across all age groups – that is, we’re so many of the 20 year old guys, so many of the 30s, 40s, etc. I’ll leave aside the bizarre claim that gay men die at the age of 41 which is part of the FRC’s information package they hand out. And it’s true that heterosexuals marry people close to their own age (except the trophy wife set) so that it’s rare to have weddings between people who are more than four or five years apart. And usually the men are the older of the twain. So if I have a hundred 50+ gay friends – there must be a hundred 45+ women who never got married. But there aren’t. There simply aren’t.

Even more weirdly – what women in her right mind would want to marry an ex-gay guy? I have yet to hear of any such women volunteering to take up the societal burden of making sure ex-gay guys have a woman to marry, that’s for sure. There’s certainly nothing like a “Women waiting for an ex-gay man” group that’s just clamoring for the gay guys to go heterosexual so that they can finally get married. I’m sure there are a few ladies who do marry the less than 10,000 ex-gays ever deluded into thinking they’re “Ex” anything. But that leaves millions of more men without a lady to have and to hold.

And when anyone can come up with those ladies I’d like to hear from you.

You know, it’s one thing to not like gay folks; oh, I don’t care. It’s a bit looney to blame the recent Christchurch New Zealand earthquake on letting gay folks into town – which claim has already been made at: www.christchurchquake.nz – if the site is still up; Seems no server there wants to host the site with whacky claims that are certifiably delusional. I need not point out that Iran does not allow gay folks a moment’s respite – and they’re struck with earthquakes all the time, do I?. What’s causing the quakes there, if quakes are caused by being nice to gay folks? Just like gay folks having a festival in New Orleans caused Hurricane Katrina. Yeah, sure, 25 years of the festival, no storm, one year, storm, now five more years, no storm. But I’m not the one making the claim.

But it’s just brain dead to claim that you’re going to “cure” all the gay men so we can find this heterosexual bliss you think we’re missing – and then not have a woman for us to marry. Sir, you want me to marry the girl of your dreams? Present her. Give me her number. Why don’t you all get those legions of ladies ready for nuptials, who were denied bliss and kids by our “choosing” to be gay, to get on down to all the gay bars and work their magic?

Or is the claim that gay folks getting gay married will lead to a slippery slope to polygamy based on the fact that so many straight men have wives and girlfriends at the same time, or as Jerry Springer shows repeatedly, straight men with multiple girlfriends and kids by them all – I guess because gay guys are leaving to many available women. Are gay folks really responsible for this too? By leaving too many women unattached? Is this why gay marriage will lead to polygamy? Though why bother mentioning that polygamy is Bible sanctioned heterosexual stuff, and it’s been in every culture on earth long before any gay man dared say a peep about being gay. Indeed, polygamy came first, and if anything rights for gays is at the bottom of the slippery slope started by polygamy thousands of years ago.

The charge and I’m half-expecting is that when 10,000,000 gay men join the competition for women we’ll be accused of stealing the ladies from the heterosexual men. I have no doubt that that will be the case. For gay folks are responsible for everything, aren’t we?

Still, once again, it’s mush numbers from the NO GAYS movement – if they aim to cure us from our “affliction.” They are not anti-gay – they’re NO GAYS! And no matter how hard I try I can make no sense of their numbers. They just don’t add up. It’s faith, to which anyone is entitled. But it’s not logical.

Show me the women, folks, or hush.


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  1. Abdul Majeed

    Serious question. How will women find a man?
    I mean it is not possible for every woman to find a man. So what will they do. Because there are so many reasons that they cannot find men. Here are some examples:
    1.During wars, there are more men killed as compared to women.
    2.More men die due to accidents and diseases than women.
    3.In the USA, women outnumber men by 7.8 million. New York alone has one million more females as compared to the number of males.
    4.Of the male population of New York one-third are gays i.e sodomites. The U.S.A as a whole has more than twenty-five million gays. . This means that these people do not wish to marry women.
    5.Great Britain has four million more females as compared to males. Germany has five million more females as compared to males. Russia has nine million more females than males.
    6.The ratio of MTF is MTF:FTM 5:1.
    7.There are many shemales who were not counted in this ratio. This is also a big problem.
    8.In Mongolia during the 1920s, there were about 110,000 monks, including children, who made up about one-third of the male population, many of whom were killed in the purges of Choibalsan.
    9.Suicide rates are male:female 5:1
    10.There are more male prisoners than females.

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