Spring has sprung; Mardi Gras is here

Spring has sprung, Mardi Gras is here; I’ve got more pressing things to do.

OK, so I’m going to lay off the blogging and commenting all over the internet this next 10 days or so. Spring is here, so getting the garden back up and running. Plenty to do and I have a jungle here. And so too it is Mardi Gras for the next 9 days – Until Tuesday. Parties galore, things to do. A few parades also will roll on by. Including next Saturday’s Spanish Town Parade – the biggest we have here in Baton Rouge; there goes 7 or 8 hours! New Orleans beckons from afar with more parades and fun. So who’s got time for politics?

Then too there’s business to take care of, like in making money, investing money, avoiding spending money. All that stuff, you know.

And too, I feel that what I started in Mid 2010 – and really went full time last November – wading into TEA party websites to put up the gay banner and say “Stop this silly debate, and get to the real problems facing this nation! That’s sort of completed for the moment. I’m linked from a slew of sites. I’ve commented myself silly and had a few guest posts and “blog of the day” sort of stuff. I did what I could for the moment. I made my point. I made people think, and for once defend their positions instead of me just defending mine. I threw some water on the fire that burns against gay folks. And I seemed to have made a dent in some folks minds. What’s it called in law? Oh yah, a “reasonable doubt.” That’s all I need to sow.

Meanwhile, there’s just lots of other more important stuff to deal with than worrying about whether the usual people still don’t like us. They’re slowly being painted into a corner. The reality is, to me, that they are on their last ditch efforts to stop the progress. Even if it does appear they win a few. Yes, well, there’s always the resurgence of energy just before death too.

Even one Pastor Mohler of the Southern Baptist Seminary did finally say – on a Family Values radio show – it’s time for Christians to be more reasonable, rational and understanding and accepting of the reality of gay folks. Not sure if he’s serious, but still, folks do change their minds. Perhaps this one is too. Of course, as Reagan put it – Trust but verify.

And other than that, enjoy life, be merry and don’t let the bad guys win. Oh yeah, and stopping picking on gay folks, it’s just unseemly to pick on the weakest underdog this society knows.


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