It’s Sunday, let’s give thanks

It’s a gorgeous Springtime Sunday here in the mush pit I call home. Ah, yes, new growth and leaves and buds on every tree, shrub and plant everywhere in my jungle like garden, showing that the world will indeed continue and God did not forsake us for whatever reason we believed He did. Sort of like the TEA party is new growth on the seeming deadness of our political morass caused by the tit for tat of Democrats and Republicans. At whose feet I lay equal blame for having brought us to this point.

Now the old and dead winter die back must be cleared, pruned carefully so, so as not to kill the living plant, but clear the way for new growth’s rightful place. Like the entire morass of overly complicated, tangled, convoluted and much unnecessary government at every level needs to be pruned back. Carefully, of course, so that what is good and reasonable, practical and prudent is left standing, and people’s lives can continue uninterrupted, or with the mildest of shocks. Radical change is never good.

And in this way we can allow new growth in economy and human relationships between citizens based not on which faction can connive the most spoils from the public purse after it is taxed out of all of us. But on letting whom can come up with the best ideas to make this a better world on earth for themselves in pursuing their happiness with as much freedom and latitude as possible. This is for the betterment of everyone’s happiness. It’s an Adam Smith thing, with a healthy dash of Declaration of Independence freedom from government overlords, however benign they might be here, as compared to say, very sadly at this time, Libya. That dictator there is like poison ivy in a rose garden. In our need for some Spring cleaning in our governmental structure the detritus should be tossed into the compost heap of history.

While perhaps there were many well intentioned laws and agencies and programs set up in the past 100 years, and then fiddled with all manner of follow up adjustments, amendments, tweakings and jury-rigging and additions to the point of millions of pages of laws, rules, regulations, and onwards in such a confusion miasma that not a blessed person can figure this out. While there are policy “experts” galore, they seem only to know how to navigate the mess, and not clear it of the unused & unnecessary. Sort of like there were many people who could navigate the 170 mile long logjam that blocked the Red River her in Louisiana by going this way and that around the seemingly intractable impediment to commerce and good living, Henry Shreve did come through and in a number of years did tackle the problem and clear the way and made the river usable, a city with his name possible, and he probably sold some lumber for profit while he did what had to be done.

There are so many problems – a veritable Noah’s Ark of too many government agencies, too many crony programs, too many boards, commissions, divisions, bureaus and more, two by two, at the state and federal levels – that the nation is adrift with no land in sight on which to rest and build anew. And sustenance and wherewithal is running out on the ship of state.

Back in high school I had written that the entirety is unsustainable. My teachers laughed. In college I said the same – the professors laughed, though more nervously, for they perhaps intuited it. For decades I’ve been pointing this out to pretty much everybody I ever met. The Democrats called me a Republican, the Republicans called me a Democrat. Even last night, I was once again accused of being some sort of Republican Party flunky bent on establishing their brand of big government over the accuser’s Democratic Party brand of big government. I’m not sure often that I can find the difference. I’ve called them the Demopublicans since I was 15 years old. But I do believe both parties ought too sit down and read out loud in Congress De Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” In this way they might learn that indeed, the least governed are the best governed.

Surely perhaps every country on earth is more governed that the United States is. So starting with our behemoth you can slowly add countries with more governance – which exhibit at the same time less wealth, less happiness, and less freedom. One can draw a line, like a time line, only call it a “bigness of governance” line and plot every country on earth betwixt say, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Burma and the like, way over on the Left side of the line, and move ever rightward down through the United Nations and see exactly how the size of government inhibits people from living as they see fit. Makes no difference whether they call themselves People’s Republics, or People’s Democracies, or Holy Theocracies, or Socialist Republics, or Democrat Socialists – the name is but semantics – it’s the math inherent in the numbers of government agencies, bureaucrats, taxes, rules, laws, and police required to suppress God’s natural given desire of all humankind to make things better for the future.

For it it also obvious that the minute any governance is decreased, the more wealth and happier, cooperative, peaceful people there are.

Why some folks still don’t see this I don’t know. Still, it’s impossible for government to do more than provide a foundation of law and reasonable police power without taking unfairly from some citizens and giving their wealth to supposedly more deserving people, who are of course, usually friends and family of the governors. It’s not much different than a Medieval king making sure his dynasty is preserved by putting his brother in law in a castle down the road. What we have now is merely royalty without the ermine. Castro is the King of Cuba as sure as Henry VIII was King of England and Nicholas was Czar of All the Russians. Our own presidency is called “imperial,” the elites are as entrenched as French Counts with Louis XIV, and we even have our own czars as lesser nobility giving largesse from the cash taken from the peasants. The name of the job was changed to protect the guilty.

On top of all those dangers, there’s we gay folks just rising up everywhere all over the world in a peaceful redress of grievances. It’s the most amazing political movement ever. 5% of the world just fed up and not willing to take it anymore. Yet we’re so geographically dispersed and linguistically Babel you’d have to wonder how we did get this far. A tiny bunch just so determined that the 95% is still perhaps clueless. And all to achieve nothing more than the end to the wild and baseless accusations, the onslaught of spurious charges, the denigration of our existence and the attempt to destroy our existence through “cure,” condemnation, criminal sanction, or just killing us. Some are still quite sure this is too much for us to ask.

You know, the Right and the Left hover around 50% each in this nation so it’s a pretty equal fight. But gay folks are so few and you so many that it’s like a five year old boy stepping into a title bout with Mohammed Ali, Evander Hollified and Sugar Ray Robinson at the same time.

And weirdly, we’re winning. Why is that? Oh yah, virtually everything you say about us is not true – and you know it! And, we’re just too unimportant to bother with – and you know it! Though it would probably free up some time to battle the big issues by just giving us whatever it is we want. Though, equally weirdly, we’re not too sure what that is. Hey, I got an idea! Why don’t you lions sit down with us pink lambs and try to figure it out. You know, make the best of the reality that we’re here. So you folks can get back to fighting the behemoth of governance and we can get back to hairstyling and putting up drapes or something.




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