The False Criminal Charge of Gary Kukis

Flopping Aces did cause to be published a criminally libelous attack on gay men by one Gary Kukis. If this website and this man, and all of you whom agree, are so cocksure that gay men molest little boys — to make them gay — where on earth is your evidence? You have none.

No gay man has ever come forth to say he was “molested” to be made gay — indeed — exactly the opposite. On more than a dozen websites are collected the personal testimonies of gay guys saying “we’re born this way.” is but one. Seek, find.

Meanwhile — Can you point to any one of the 10,000,000 or so adult gay men in this nation who is molesting little boys by the scores to make new gay men? Have any of us been arrested? None. You cannot not show such evidence.

All you can show is married preachers and celibate priests molesting boys who seem to 100% turn out to be straight men with families and kids. Not a boy molested by any clergy seems to have ever turned up gay. Do elucidate you evidence. Bear not false witness — it is UnGodly!

Where are the boys screaming about the abuse?
Where are the parents going to the police to file charges?
Where are the victims of this assault you proclaim?

This is an absurd debate. This is not “debate” — but nothing more than psychotic delusion.

I submitted a “defense of gay men” article to this website. Which saw fit to reject it. Delete my comments, I don’t give a damn — I’m exploring you folks over at my own site.  I shall put my light upon the basket, and make my “yes, yes, and my no, no.” And Render unto Caesar’s which is his. Which is criminal complaint indeed.

You people are complicit and actionable in essentially filing false police reports.

Molesting boys or girls is a crime.

Where is your evidence? Present it. Do not hide behind some “Religious” freedom argument where you can make lunatic criminal complaint accusations against people who have committed no crimes.

In my state filing a false police report, or even making a criminal and law breaking accusation against a person with no foundation is a crime. What state do you live in? What state is this OK in which to make such baseless fabricated criminal charges?

You are guilty of a crime in Louisiana, this I assure you.

God forgive you all — even though you know just what you do.


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