Remove gays from national “debate”

Today at

there is much reportage about Obama’s decision to stop the defense of DOMA

Republicans demur. Already they have started the political nonsense and attack.

Sirs, I do submit — the nation is tired of this attack upon us sissies. They know too many of us. We are not a threat. We are citizens.

Let my people go.

You can win nothing but losing by this “debate” you are having about us — against us even.

Sit down, you Republicans, and embrace gay folks — as best you can. Even if it is to say nothing bad.

That’s it.

We’re here. We’re queer. We’ve been saying so for decades – and you fight us still.

The nation is now with gay folks, however perplexed it might be about us.

Stop this so-called “Debate” which is nothing more than theocratic condemnation. This a Free Republic — even for sissies. It is not a theocracy.

The nation is not on your side on this issue. Yet on many issues, gay folks are with you. Taxes, defense, guns, religious liberty — all of it. Except on the gay issue. On this you have lost.

You — we – -are conservatives. Conservatives deal with reality. Deal with us. We shall go nowhere. We will never relent.

And when less than 20,000,000 take on 300,000,00o there must be something more to it. We must have a determination on which you are still ultimately clueless.

End this alleged debate, and Let My People Go!



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