Obama no longer against what he’s not for. I think.

Obama said today he’s no longer against what he’s not for. I think.

If initial reports about the utterly unimportant sissy smooching issue besetting this nation, Obama did say he will no longer use gay tax dollars to fund the government lawyers against us.

Only he didn’t quite put it like that, of course.

His statement was lost in the real threat to the nation — the destruction of the economy and the current government of Libay slaughtering it’s own people for their own good. Perhaps purposefully, who knows.

We gay folks know that feeling, for sure!

Apparently, he’s told the Justice Department this morning — two years into his term, with lousy approval numbers — and 1/3 of gay folks voting Republican anyway — to no longer argue in defense of DOMA. To offer no defense, however, is not to offer support, so don’t get too excited.

But not to actually support repeal — no, he’s just no longer against what he’s not for.

But he’s still quite sure he’s not for allowing gay folks any piece of paper with any name whatsover to give us the multitude of things which make our legal contortions to achieve such simple things as two names on a property deed with rights of survivorship.

Other than that, he’s very much for us, I think. He doesn’t say.

Meanwhile, because his treatment of the economy has kept the unemployment at 10% —

the taxes high and going higher,

the gasoline prices high and going higher,

the food prices high and going higher;

and a plentitude of other bad economic news —

we won’t be able to afford the nuptials anyway, maybe.

Meanwhile, there are still cranks running around the nation accusing us of molesting every boy in sight.

Indeed, many cranks are quite sure — Gary Kukis at http://www.floppingaces.net is one — that we’re molesting “on average” “117 boys” each.

And if the gay guys make up, oh, I don’t know — 10,000,000 adult men — and we each do in 117 (which seems to be some favorite crank number) — then that’s some number which my calculator cant reach.

Um, what is it? 1,117,000,000? Ah, so the 10 million gay men in America have indeed molested the 1.117 Billion men in America. Yah, sure, ok so it’s wacky.

What can I say? I’m not the idiot suggesting such a thing. Talk to the “family research council” which hasn’t found a gay guy in a family yet. And they’ve been looking since 1983!

Meanwhile — Gary Kukis did make a spurious criminal complaint against us. I have yet to hear word of recanting and apologiy.

And I repeat:

Mr Kukis — Where are the tens of millions of boys sullied by our gay existence? Where?

And how come the 10 million gay guys don’t at all complain that we were molested? (Hint: can’t molest the willing!)

And if there are 10 million gay guys — why is there not a corresponding 10,000,000 women who pine away as spinsters for our having declined the honors?

Oh that’s right. There’s 106 boys born for every 100 girls. But hey, Bible thumpers were never good at math.

To which I point to the eerily fascinating: www.beyondhomophobia.com

Which does show how the Family Research Institute, council, and confab, of all sorts and names in incestuous interlocking groups —
were off to Moscow to learn from Communists how to stop gay people in America. Or was it “ex-commies for ex-gays” — you know, a new networking group or something. Nah, it’s Communists, without doubt.

Which is odd — very odd — for if gay folks are part of the vast left wing conspiracy to bring down America — why would NO GAY Americans get together with NO GAYS Russians — the Leftist of the left, no?

Now this I’m asking — do tell.

And Republicans talk to this group, the FRC and FRI and the rest?

It that before or after the trip to the Kremlin?



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