Gary Kukis: retract & apologize, sir.

To Flopping Aces and Gary Kukis : It’s MENTORING; NOT Recruiting

Folks, were trying to mentor and protect gay boys — we’re not recruiting straight ones.

I was going to publish a rational expose of the mush published by Gary Kukis at

I changed my mind. He made a false charge of criminal activity. He falsely charged that all gay men want is to molest young straight boys and make them gay. It’s something we’ve all heard for a long long time. I’m oh so tired of it. It’s arrant mush. So I really don’t want to “defend” gay folks – actually gay men – for Lesbians never have this charge hurled at them. We need no more defense. That’s all we’ve been doing for 40 years – openly and defiantly, peacefully and even festively, with God on our side – defense. For 1500 years in the Christian West it was just survival, we cheerfully admit on this you are right. Everyone – especially us — is well aware of all the arguments against us. They’ve been reiterated a million times. I’m tired of them; aren’t you? Do you have any new ones? No. You don’t.

So let’s get to the meat of the matter. Something that might curl your hair, though it shouldn’t, no, and I don’t want it to. No, it should make you wonder why I’m still having to do this. I’m trying – all gay men are trying – to make a better life for “our” children. Even if I feel in someway that my life has passed me by; I’m not bitter; I’m sweetly contemplating the future for my kind. They will have it better immeasurably beyond what my generation ever had. I’m jealous, envious even, in a way. I see so many young gay couples now, it’s astounding. Princes are finding Charmings. But still, I’m so thrilled for them, you have no idea. So folks – call it what it is — mentoringnot recruiting. Though you be blind on this yet.

I compare this to my cousins Milos and Ondrej in Prague. They are the same age as me. They speak no English, but fortunately I speak Czech. And I listened to their stories of how they had to thwart the Communist regime all their lives, and live hidden for what they knew they were – citizens deserving of respect and not oppression. I know I smuggled in Led Zeppelin, The Who and the Rolling Stones into Prague, for such music was illegal over there. I did this by putting the vinyl of the forbidden music into an old Mozart or Tchaikovsky sleeve I bought second hand. I did this with many old and new issues – whatever they asked for – or felt they could ask for.

For they had to wait until a relative came to America to ask; oh it was never in writing, no. And our side brought many of that side over here for a month or so at a time. My two cousins, with whom I’m most friendly, because they are my age (I have many more) saw their lives pass by clipped and curtailed under the Soviet maw. This is why I know Socialism in a way that most if not all the commentators at the websites I go to can never grasp. My cousins told me in Czech the glories of very big government — “they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work, and on Tuesday they give us sausages, and on Friday we discuss the overthrow of the regime.”

This is very similar to gay folks in the USA, for in a way it parallels that of the Soviet Block. Czechs & Slovaks were a tiny bunch – just some, well, oddly, just about 5% of the total population over there in the Soviet maw, which is oddly the same percent we are here in the US. Weird parallels abound. So Czechs got their freedom in 1989 – and then had a divorce from Slovakia in 1993. Gay folks didn’t get a “it’s legal to smooch” until 2003 here. That the Soviets colonies got freedom before I did somewhat galls me.

That I just discovered that the Family Research Institute – headed by a thoroughly debunked “Doctor” Paul Cameron – dismissed from every professional association but his own – and hand in glove with the Family Research Council, did go to Moscow to chat with the mayor of that city about how to suppress gay folks more effectively here in America.

This I learned at:

And lo, there, which I shall explore more later – you will find the Family Research Council just gleefully comporting with Russians for the destruction of American gay men. Call me paranoid, but I do think they’re out to get us!

I shall delve into that forthwith, for it’s truly mind boggling. Even I dare say un-American. And Paul Cameron speaks pretty much the same words as Gary Kukis – alarmingly similar, like plagiarism similar, but it’s not my business who owns the copyright on their words.

But still – here we are in 2011 – the anti-gay NO GAYS forces are legion. They proudly display their “end game” — as Gary Kukis the Kook at Flopping Aces kept calling our plan to molest every boy in Christendom and beyond to get more sex partners – which was more Flipping Fingers, but I digress.

Whatever you want to call this sort of deranged imaginings it is not “debate.”

And in a way I can’t really defend against it – for it’s so absurd.

If Mr. Kukis and Flopping Aces and anyone else are so sure we’re pillaging the nation for boys to make them gay than come up with evidence.

You’re making a criminal complaint, gentlemen. Stick to your guns and prove it.

Where are the victims?

Where are the perpetrators?

What police forces have been contacted by anyone to stop the onslaught?

Have you gentlemen presented evidence of any criminal acts of this nature to anyone anywhere?

Have you soiled clothes to present to forensics?

Bruised boys in mother’s arms crying from the assault?

Hospital records of the horror?

Pictures from the doctor visits of the mangled boys?

Interventions by sociologists?

Rushed visits to emergency rooms?

Has any psychiatric or psychological professionals been consulted to stop the creeping gayness?

Have you notified the public health authorities to the danger we present?

Can you point to any boys missing?

Any come screaming out of public bathrooms?

Kidnapped and now in our clutches?

Borrowed for an hour from school?

Seized off the baseball diamond?

What evidence do you have?

Come gentlemen, bear not false witness. It is UnGodly.

Is there even a pubic hair somewhere?


The only thing you have is, astoundingly, only married and celibate preachers and clergy molesting boys. Not any gay men doing it. And to still your worries – it appears that all the victims of the Christians are straight men who are married with children. Not a one seems to be gay. Apparently molesting boys does not make them gay at all.

Again – do you have any evidence whatsoever to substantiate your criminal complaint against us?

If nothing – since there could be nothing – than retract that charge.

Retract and apologize.


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