On Gays the Right is “Liberal”

The Right on Gays are “Liberal” Oh yes, look see:

Everyday as I carouse around the Right, Republican, Conservative, Tea Party websites – places like www.legalinsurrection.blogspot.com and all the sites he links to – and at www.spectator.org and at www.iowntheworld.com and last night, oh last night, at www.floppingaces.net I see that the Right is appalled at the way Liberals just makes stuff up. At www.moonbattery.com that’s their stock in trade. At www.jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com it’s a daily feature. Everywhere – the Right looks to fact – it looks to logic and reason. And the Right points out all the mush that the Liberals say. I need not give the thousands of examples offered daily by the Right at the delusional chicanery of the Left.

But when it comes to gay folks the Right goes so “Liberal” its astounding.

The utter mush that was uttered at www.floppingaces.net last night in a dishonest delusional post devoid of fact, reason and logic by one Gary Kukis was ludicrous. With some cockamamie website with the word “conservative” in it – he was so cocksure that gay folks are out pillaging and molesting our way through the boys of America “recruiting” anyone which we can. How we only seem to manage to pick only the sissies, I don’t know. For we sure ain’t gettin’ no high school athletes at any gay bar I know. He just made up mush. Lies, fabrications, accusations based on “data” from, he boasts: 1978! My God what he said was almost word for word lifted from an Anita Bryant campaign back in the early 1970s.

And oh how the commentators did rush in to join in the feeding frenzy of falsehoods on gay folks. Just utter audacious mush. Of a sort I hadn’t seen in more than a decade. These so-called “conservatives” beat up on sissies you have no idea. With not a shred of anything more than a miasma of mush. Appalling.

I give but one example of the comparison I make:

You know – during the ObamaCare victory marches many Liberal congressmen claimed they were attacked and spit on – despite all evidence to the contrary they have stuck to their story.

Yet, well, when it comes to anyone on the Right saying gay men – and it’s always us guys pilloried for sure – rampage through society hellbent on destroying it and luring, inducing, molesting, raping or recruiting young boys to be gay is delusional as a pack of Liberal congressmen.

What more can I say? Stop the crap. I hate cussing – stop the crap!

It’s unseemly for a rational based bunch of people to go all Liberal gaga over gay folks.


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