Me against the world, egad!

I spent the night at

This is just one thing I guess — and I can no longer fight the onslaught. Attacked from so many sides, I feel not unlike Custer at the last stand!

I’m verklempt, just verklempt.

Have mercy on us gay folks, Dear Lord, this I pray.




  1. ted

    Hey Jim. I went by the pigpen and saw all of these beautiful pearls (with your initials!) cast on the ground. I scooped up as many as I could. Guess i got them all. Funny thing was, most of the porkers were still rooting around with their nose in the slop. One or two were bedecked with jeweled finery, so i guess it was not a total spasm.

  2. ted

    Oh yeah, I forgot. What a martyr. lol

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