“Family Research” Chutzpah

FRC’s Chutzpah, put another way

Part Six – of the FRC Blindness

Over the past week I’ve been looking at the duplicity and mind numbing must of the Family (in which there are no gay folks) Research Council – I just love this statement by this gay-obsessed bunch of wackos. Such insouciance is to be marveled at, truly.

FRC: “This indicates that only about 21 percent of the estimated homosexual and lesbian population of Vermont has entered into civil unions. Put another way, 79 percent of homosexuals and lesbians in Vermont choose not to enter into civil unions.

ME: Here’s the insouciant “put another way” — in their italics — to which I referred earlier – anyway – first of all – how do you people at FRC “know” that these people “choose” not to enter a legalesque relationship because they’re not in committed relationships? Suppose they weren’t ready to get almost-married, but would wait for the whole thing? And too, why, if the FRC says out of one side of their mouths that they don’t want us to be in gay relationships at all are they now so worried that every single gay person did not immediately just call up a friend and say “Hey, let’s get almost-hitched!” Because a faulty and dismissive law, thrown like “here take this, and shut up,” is passed one must join up immediately?

Put another way – perhaps rational gay folks “choose” not to enter some sham 1/4 measure – not even a ½ measure of old – for if there are 1350 federal benefits – then well, that’s some 675. But all we got is 300 – and not even that. For technically, since the 300 are really part of the federal legal regime, and this regime says absolutely NO to any such recognition – there are absolutely Zero legal benefits conferred by some paper about as good as toilet paper. But there’s probably a cotton pickin’ fee to pay to register. Which is paying something for nothing. And we’re just not that stupid.

Put another way —  the FRC and nearly every church, and the government of Vermont itself spent the first 30 years of the Rights for Gays quest telling gay people “NO! NEVER! YOU’RE SICK!” And many still continue such fine condemnation. And now, when throwing the rubber bone to the starving dog, you expected every single gay person to automatically hook up to every single other gay person they could find and immediately rush down to the town clerk and get “somewhat married”? You guys are hysterical. In every sense of the word.

Put another way — Amazingly, the FRC is cocksure that no gay folks could be in committed relationships anyway – since it’s just a sex “act”! So that 21 percent of the “estimated homosexuals and lesbians” got the piece of paper anyway is all the more damning proof that gay folks do, in fact, get settled down to monogamy – exactly opposite to the conclusion of FRC. And maybe if they’d say something nice about us the other 79 percent might do the same. Give it a whirl, guys, make some folks happy.

Put another way — Even more amazing, the entire culture from way before Stonewall to 2000 was adamant that gay folks were illegal, sick, demented, unstable, and Lord knows what else. And then this NO GAYS EVER Family Research Council has the audacity to suggest in a backhanded way that every single gay person should have overcome this onslaught of negativism they had all their lives and instantly, between April 2000 and “January 2004” go get this partnership! It’s just amazing how glib they can be about their lack of further consideration of the numbers – not just their lousy numbers anyway, but the reason for the numbers themselves. For such numbers don’t exist in a vacuum.

Then they conclude with this bon mot:

FRC:  “By contrast, in Vermont, heterosexual married couples outnumber cohabiting couples by a margin of 7 to 1, indicating a much higher level of desire on the part of heterosexual couples to legalize their relationships.

ME: To which I sigh, and say, put another way:

A) Gay people express such a strong desire to legalize their relationships like heterosexual couples that we have forced this debate over full marriage — which you don’t want us to have at all — until your dying day dudes. Doh! In fact, we won’t even settle for absolutely Zero which Vermont did give us.

B) Gay relationships were illegal, not recognized, and not talked about ever until just in the most recent decade. Unless, of course, to disparage, condemn and threaten in all manner of physical and legal ways. And there was not one public example of such a commitment in our lives ever – no songs, no movies, no fairy tales – nothing – zip! Gay people don’t get 1 smidgeon of the support and encouragement to “legalize their relationships” from the time we’re born as straight folks do – and in fact we get the exact opposite! >> A sullen opposition of the very sort exemplified by the Family Research Council – and more:

C) Weirdly – we got the exact same admonishments and encouragement and support for the straight relationships you thought we would have as each and every one of our straight cousins and brothers and sisters, friends, and strangers got. But it apparently fell on deaf ears. And still, and Still! we’re so damn insistent we’re gay that we eschew such overwhelming promotion of heterosexuality foisted into our faces — and the utter condemnation of gayness heaped upon at the very same time – and Still – 21% of the “approximate” gay couples in Vermont got almost-married just as quick as they could arrange a cake to be made.

And the Family Research Council cannot find it in its numbers, its logic, its thought, its mind or its heart to appreciate the truly amazing reality that in the face of such constant opposition 21% of us got hitched as legally as we could as soon as it was available. This perseverance of Biblical proportions, this wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, this makes no impression on our opponents. Our Fortitude of David, our Patience of Job, our Plea for a Samaritan for us — simply makes not one iota of a difference to our opponents. Indeed, they all but condemn anyone who says anything nice about us.

And our willingness to continue to say what we say in the face of such ludicrously “reasoned” and obstreperous opposition doesn’t even get a hearty “Wow, such strong and determined people!” No, we’re accused of having an “agenda” of some threatening kind – threatening to civilization itself.

Put another way — The Family Research Council has been trying to break us and destroy us since 1983, they proudly claim, and work at it still, full time – and you know gentlemen – what dismal failures you are. Go get a life. And God forgive them, even though they know just what they do.


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