The Nation is Broke: Stop Gay Marriage!

The Nation is Broke: Stop gay marriage!

From –where I go each day to follow the economic morass.

I read this:

“Wisdom from Edmund Burke



Burke evidently said (HT: Katrin van der Vaart):

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

The country is in trouble. Continuing to spend 25% of GDP through the federal government is not good for children or other living things [Me: Nor gay folks, I assure you.] Continuing to spend more than $1.5 trillion than we take in via taxes is another mistake. Do what you can to slow down the gravy train for the few at the expense of the many. Do what you can even if it’s a little. Speak to your friends and neighbors and family. Call or write a politician. Do something.”

And I do – I talk to every gay guy I know about this looming catastrophe. I beg them to vote Republican, to vote TEA party – even if were despised by them. Because it will get better for us in the long run anyway.

I also speak to all my straight friends and family about the economic morass – But in keeping with Burke’s admonition – I also must battle this nonsense:


“State of Cheyenne, Jackson gives Cheyenne Jackson another reason to live elsewhere

Oh look, this happened:

CHEYENNE-The Wyoming Senate narrowly voted Friday to stop recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions from outside the state.

Wyoming Senate passes anti-gay marriage bill [Star-Trib]

The House already passed a similar bill, but now must (and inevitably will) approve minor changes. Republican Gov. Matt Mead will most definitely sign. “Protect marriage” canards protected for another day

Though we imagine the state will still gladly take any out-of-state tourism dollars LGBT people might want to pour into the state. So if you’re legally married elsewhere, be sure to buy the “My citizenship went to Wyoming and all I got was this lack of comity” tee shirt. Cost: Around $20 monetarily; priceless in terms of dignity. *Available in multiple sizes, colors, and states.”

In short, the nation is falling apart and the legislatures in Wyoming, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Hawaii and elsewhere are endlessly debating whether gay folks can have a piece of paper that says it’s OK to smooch. And then when they absolutely deny any such decency they accuse us of not wanting to settle down behind a picket fence. Hypocrisy or gall, I don’t know what to call it. Chutzpah for sure.

These legislatures display astounding vapidity of thought on the real problems while they’re cocksure about the utterly nonexistent problem of gay folks. It is amazing to behold.

I don’t think even cafehayek realizes the ridiculous amount of time spent by our government in denigrating a tiny group of taxpayers. Well, no one really thinks about gay folks, unless in the negative. So I guess it’s no big deal. We, of course, in our Jesus like commitment to turning the other cheek, continue to fork over the tax dollars to the government that would deny us our humanity. For the good of the nation. And to “protect” the families of which we are a part from ourselves. Meanwhile, the thieves of the public purse take over the Wisconsin capitol building – and gay folks do nothing more than Burke admonishes: Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. Well, I do something, just a little – I keep pointing out to the TEA Party the Right – this assault on gay folks must cease. We’re taxpaying Americans, members of our families – not some alien horde bent on destroying the nation, as we’re accused of being in the legislatures of this country.

And the nation wonders why we’re pissed off? But they don’t even bother to give a moment’s notice to our tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds. Lesser men would have surrendered long ago. Us? We have not yet begun to fight. For we have God on our side, and faith in our hearts that He will turn this coldness towards us into the warmth we deserve as simply different people within E Pluribus Unam. It cannot stand, it will not stand, that we are to be forever attacked and accused of unGodly acts merely because we’re born this way:

The nation is torn apart in debt and deficit and these fine legislatures do nothing but denigrate their fellow citizens. Sad and pitiful. No doubt, when the collapse comes, we 5% of the nation will be accused of causing it, as we are accused of hurricanes and earthquakes. Then we shall perhaps all be round up and shot, like some of our opponents want to do. And we’ll regret only that we had but one life to give for our nation.



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