I Own the World Protects Gay Folks

I Own The World protects us sissies — I think so, I hope so, I pray. To the degree which you can — to which you can understand. Though I doubt you all can appreciate — but I always get emotional.

To you who have protected me – and to those who will, Big Fur Hat,  I say thanks.

A message to www.iowntheword.com readers — and the rest of America:


As a gay guy who can take care of himself – as you at I Own The World have experienced — I have always found it most welcome when someone has come to my rescue. Which was often enough. When it was no longer possible for me to protect myself. In my life, when I was about to lose a battle, many sometimes physical, less times verbal — some straight person – often a stranger even – stepped up and said “NO — You shall not bother this man.” Once or twice I was about to be pummeled by some “well meaning” straight guys who were going to “teach me a lesson” and perhaps “make a man out of me” or whatever logic gay-bashers wish to use.

I remember when I was about 21 years old, on a subway train in NYC, returning home after a day of work. Some thugs – good looking actually, but does it make a difference if I thought they were like art? — they were obviously about to do me harm. They accosted me. I was trying to reason with them. They were ramping up their verbal assault. I was petrified. I knew I was about to be pummeled to within an inch of my life, or further. When all of a sudden a Puerto Rican woman, mid 20s I would guess, with her child in her arms, sitting a few dozen feet down the car from me, stood up. She came between me and they. She excoriated them in rapid fire Spanish. I heard “maricon” (queer) a few times. The guys backed down. She came to my rescue. She stopped the coming onslaught. I never did know her name – but when she was done stopping the attack she sat next to me until the threat was gone, glaring at the guys, and soothing me, for I was freaked. I had done nothing but merely tried to get home.

Yet, in our society, there are those who still attack us – with venom. I suppose it is their right. People like those who stood up against us in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and elsewhere this week. They just had raw, venomous attacks against us. For their own glee. And nothing more.

Thank you, those who would defend us few gay folks – those among the hundreds of millions of Americans who are our families – our friends – our buddies – we are but a few million – a ridiculously tiny amount — no more than 20,000,000. We do no harm. We are just whom we are, as we insistently say. Why do you not believe us, you whom are so many? Why would we whom are so few be so obstreperous about this? Why do you accuse us of “attacking” you? We can attack you like a slug can chase a leopard. What purpose could we have other than our pursuit of happiness as we see is natural for us? We’re a threat like a pillow is a threat to your weariness. Come, my public policy makers and legislators, my fellow Americans even — protect me — and all of us — as that lady protected me on a subway train back then protected me. Don’t attack us anymore. For we are innocent of whatever it is you accuse us of. Is that too much to ask?

Is it really?


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