Robert, Errant Knight of Medieval Theocracy

A message to: Robert, Errant Knight of Medieval Theocracy

At I saw this headline:

Gays war against Christianity, says prominent ‘culture war’ Knight”

With this lead “Robert Knight will once again tell us who we are, what we want, and why we do what we do:”

With this mush from one Robert Knight, Christian Extraordinaire

“Like other terms that swiftly achieve common usage, “sexual orientation” is rarely examined. Yet “sexual orientation” is more than a neutral term that can be used to describe anyone’s sexual inclinations. It is a radical challenge to the beliefs of all major religious faiths because it attacks the notion that sexual behavior has moral dimensions. It especially challenges Christianity.”

Sir, you got it tuckus backwards — being gay doesn’t attack anything. Being gay is attacked. It’s just a weird little natural variant in “orientation.” And obviously you’re not going to take it anymore. Sure. Neither any more nor any less of us than exist right now will be around for you to complain about. We neither increase nor decrease in numbers because of any political discussion or philosophy. Somehow I can’t even imagine the Bulgarian for “sexual orientation,” or the Tagalog, the Urdu, the Uigher, or any other language. The phrase you decry is an American hetero phrase used specifically to refer to gay folks because you heteros don’t like to use the word “gay.” You sure don’t say you have a sexual orientation. And we don’t have one either. We’re just gay folks – it’s not the sex, it’s the emotion.

And frankly, you have a hell of a lot of nerve to accuse me of “challenging” Christianity. I have attempted to embrace it sir, not challenge it, and I’ve done pretty darn good. .

The underlying concept of “sexual orientation” is that all sexual behavior is equally valid and equally valuable to society. There are no good choices or bad choices, just desires. “Sexual orientation” laws are the legal embodiment of the old ’60s slogan, “If it feels good, do it.” “

Boy are you wrong! The underlying concept of the term is specifically to set off gay people as something oh so very different and exactly not valid. In fact, it’s much preferred to “sissy” or “tomboy” — those two present what must be to you the uncomfortable reality that there are natural born folks who are not “equally valid” by your measure. Gay and Lesbian are two other words not much favored by you errant knights in the culture war for NO GAY people. For again, they show the natural, visible, observable, quantifiable, reality of gay folks in your midst. This you will deny long after the cock has crowed three hundred times, that’s for sure.

However, the orthodox Christian view is that people who embrace sinful behavior as an identity are to be challenged like any other sinner, and they should be assisted in resisting temptation and overcoming it. They are to be encouraged to repent and avail themselves of the healing power of Jesus Christ. “Empowering” a particular sin serves only to trap sinners and encourages them to continue practicing their sinful behavior. That is why “supporting “gay rights” based on the relativist notion of “sexual orientation” is the opposite of Christian compassion, however well meant.”

Thank you for your concern. It’s misplaced. Not your place. None of your business. Do as you will, but leave me out of it. Don’t worry, I’ll rescue any who run from your clutches. And let me tell you sir, beware your logic — if you want to keep telling me I have to “resist” and “overcome” “temptation” all I can do is keep telling you is – it shows that it’s so natural as to be ridiculous. My “temptation” for whoopie is as strong as any man’s. Only straight men get love and acceptance to exercise those temptations with restraint and relationships. While gay men are never ever given acceptance nor guidance, nor advise, nor encouragement or anything resembling pastoral care to be better more restrained, more relationship oriented gay men. The “temptation” aka, gayness, sir, is there. Now deal with it. And teach the children well. But you will not. You will snidely tell us to find Jesus or something. Well, we found Him, and He tells us we’re fine.

Over the past 90 years, a steady campaign has unfolded to overthrow Christian morality and replace it with an amorality that says desires in and of themselves validate behavior. It has been advanced largely by hijacking the rubric and moral capital of the black civil rights movement and attempting to apply such rhetoric to gain support for same-sex behavior. The political Left has long been at war against sexual morals for strategic reasons.”

“The past 90 years?” Is the man crazed? The rights for gay people push didn’t begin until 1969 when we got fed up and tired of being raided when we got together. We hid at your request – and you came in after us anyway. Then you arrested us, beat us for the joy of it, and spit upon us for good measure, and then you got to work in whatever other efforts you could conjure up to destroy our lives. This you called “Christian Charity” This is your “War” against us. This is your “compassion.” You were violent, angry, crazed idiots intent on using the power of the state to brutalize a bunch of natural born sissies.

What a man!

And we begged for mercy. We did not “challenge.” We pleaded for you to resist your temptation to pulverize us into submission. We did not fight back. We turned the other cheek. But you came at us still, as you come at us today, and will probably do so tomorrow. And all you got was a new and improved gay man – a gay man not so willing to put up with your sort of false concern for our well being. But challenge Christianity? No sir, we asked Jesus to soften your hard heart. I see we shall have to pray a bit harder.

And you, Robert H. Knight – have the audacity to write an article entitled “How the Concept of “Sexual Orientation” Threatens Religious Liberty”? In a “Liberty University Law Review.” Sir, you are entitled to your Medieval theocracy within your own precincts. But this is a Free Republic in which I am a taxpayer. But one thing for sure, sir – it is you who are against my religious liberty. And my God has taken me into His arms and given me the strength to withstand the likes of you. You should have such a God as mine.



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