An Open Letter to American Spectator

Dear American Spectator,

Jesus said — walk a mile in another man’s shoes before you condemn him;

and He said — treat others like you want to be treated.

And our Declaration of Independence does appeal to a decency for the respect of the opinions of mankind, therefore:

In 30 years of reading American Spectator I have seen hundreds of articles “about” gay folks. But I have never seen one by a gay guy.

Hello gentlemen. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Jim Hlavac. I am pretty much your only commentator who is a gay guy. Still, a fellow American with a tenaciousness for liberty which perhaps perplexes you. I’m sure you have seen my comments for months. I can’t imagine that you are unaware of what I’ve been saying. I can tell you that I am very happy to sense what I perceive is a welcome change in tone in your articles and posts. I do not know if it is because of me, and I claim no credit, just happiness. Not pro – that’s OK – but a lot less “anti.” Even if it is to just ignore the issue of gay folks. I’d much rather you ignore us than condemn us, I assure you. Every gay man I know says the same thing, and I know more than you I’m sure, and I tell them about my comments at your website. Please, stop condemning us, just ignore us, but deal with us. Which is somewhat contradictory I know.

I will also tell you that I’ve been writing you since 1981. Back with paper and pen. That’s when I began subscribing to you because of my Conservative principles. I’m sure you’re having a difficult time imagining such a situation. A gay man who is conservative? Why, the idea is antithetical, no? Well, no. Not at all. In fact, it’s quite hand in glove. Gay folks are real. Conservatives deal with reality. Surely you have wondered at my tenacity in sticking up for my people, no? Is not tenacity in the face of all odds the hallmark of rugged individualism on which this country was founded? So what if I’m, um, a bit less rugged than some other guy?

Let me put it to you this way – just for the imagining of it all – imagine gayness as akin to autism. Put us on the autism scale and, presto, you can give us a shred of compassion. Would you condemn an autistic child? A “differently abled” child? Would you condemn a child who is “less than normal”? OK, we gay folks are “differently abled” or “Less than normal.” On good authority I know we can accept that. But — no more, no less. It’s not our fault, we don’t know why any more than you do. But we live it. We are it. And you despise it. And we don’t know why. Only us will be gay – not you. And we’re no more threatening, as all evidence has shown, than a banana tree in the midst of an apple orchard. And you know it. You see us, and you won’t admit we’re here. We tell you it’s natural, for we feel it – and you will tell us, no, because you believe it. And your belief trumps our knowledge. Even as you can see us as sissies, which are still beaten up, which we decry. OK, so we’re sissies. Isn’t that proof enough of nature? .

And so I wonder – are you guys ready for an article by a gay guy about why the culture war against gay folks should end? Not over night. No. But eventually. Often it is said it’s a “debate.” But it’s not. It’s a discussion about us – and our opinion doesn’t count. That would taint the proceedings by “promoting homosexuality.” Well, Gentlemen – would you publish an article by a gay guy, and not just your usual “about” us?

I wonder, would you consider it? I am willing to write it.


Jim Hlavac


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