A Marine to the Rescue for Gay Marriage

A Marine to the Rescue: Keep Gay Marriage in New Hampshire!

OK then, finally, finally, a straight guy says we’re OK – that we gay folks actually deserve something positive, and not just dismissively thrown a rubber bone while listening to the teeth gnashing and condemnation still by man and told to go shut up and sit in the corner by seemingly all.

Former US Marine Craig Stowell did something that’s probably unprecedented:

CLAREMONT, N.H. (CBS) — A former Marine is working to keep Republicans in New Hampshire from repealing the gay marriage law with a full page ad in the Union Leader newspaper.” [http://unionleader.com/]

See the ad that the Conservative Union Leader did allow to be run – which is amazing in itself.

http://www.goodasyou.org/good_as_you/2011/02/nh-conservative-marine-resists-another-kind-of-repeal.html If this combination of conservative newspaper and conservative marine coming together like this isn’t proof it’s getting better I don’t know what is.

Stowell did it because he has a gay brother. Just like many millions of men have gay brothers. There’s no way around the fact that every gay man with one or more brothers presents the corollary that straight guys have gay brothers. And straight sisters have gay brothers too. And there’s no way that all gay men are only children. I’d say a good 90% of gay men I know are not only children. And so they have, like I do, brothers and sisters. And every time some fool says something bad about gay guys and gals, you’re telling our straight brothers and sisters that we’re just rotten humans deserving of nothing but scorn.

Let’s look at folly:

“[New Hampshire] Republican House leaders say the hearings will be held tomorrow, but they will not vote on the bills until likely next year, because right now their priority is the budget crisis.”


The state is broke, and these legislators are worried whether two gay men will smooch with “approval”? These gay couples are tax paying law abiding house and business owning residents of the state, even life long citizens, with families, moms & dads, and brothers & sisters – and they already have approval. From their families. To whatever degree those families can deal. But the reality is there. And few families can’t deal with it anymore. Though I pity the poor “good” Christian family that is resolutely opposed to being nice to gay folks which has a gay son and chases him away – for they lose a precious gift. A different sort of child perhaps, but their child nonetheless. What the legislators there in New Hampshire are saying is “chase away the gay child.”

And these “conservatives” all hepped up about their “reality” credentials are going to outlaw “approval” of gay folks. They will tell all our brothers and sisters were just not real people. Thanks guys. You do have your priorities, um, straight. And nothing, gentlemen, nothing says “Christian” — (so you call it, but it’s not Jesus’ “treat others as you want to be treated,” that’s for sure.) — decency and American manliness than picking on sissies. You fiddle while Rome burns, and you wonder why Democrats keep getting into office. Democrats who are far more dangerous than a hairdresser and an interior designer smooching with a piece of paper in their hands and a brother looking on proudly at the joy. No, you will be joy killers. You will denigrate. You will spend gay tax dollars to scorn gay people. How nice of you. It’s like a thief telling me to fill the gas tank for his getaway.

Meanwhile, Thrice married professional adulterer Donald Trump did weigh in on the issue, for the Sanctity of the institution he loves so much he’s quite determined to do it as many times as he can afford the alimony payments:

New York is a place with lots of gays, and I think it’s great. But I’m not in favor of gay marriage,” Trump said in an interview that aired late Monday night on Fox News.”


Why Donald, I dare say you’re not in favor of your own marriages. You seem to quite debase the institution.

He of course joins thrice married Newt Gingrich also of philander-land. Not to mention slowpokes to the altar twice married John McCain and Bob Dole. Who knows how many of these gentlemen did not follow one of God’s commandments, and tear asunder what God cleaved together? Though I suppose with a modicum of research it could be figured out. The adulterous, divorced and newly remarried are legion in the halls of legislatures, and even among the NO GAYS COALITION. With quite insouciant impunity on their way to their next marriage they stop by the public pulpit to tell us they’re not in favor of us getting married.

Let us not forget either than philanderer in chief Bill Clinton is against gay marriage too, for we might sully the fine institution to which he hasn’t paid much attention. As are so many child molesting clergymen derelict in their vows – and they blame us for their criminal acts – and sully our good name as fine gay folks! They’re all married and chaste – and run after kids – and are like pillaging heathen. Still, all their victims still wind up straight – which does go against the meme that gay boys are made gay because they were not only molested but enjoyed it so much they decided to physically become sissies for the fun of being harassed. Indeed, I think sometimes that those most opposed to marriage for gay folks are those who are most adept at abandoning marriages at a moments notice. I’m sure even John Edwards is against gay guys getting married.

In a weird duplicity, moments after they proclaim themselves against marriage for us they listen carefully to all manner of “family” supporters who spend their lives blaming gay people for not settling down behind a picket fence in domestic bliss – while fighting tooth and nail to prevent any such thing.

Sure, deny us marriage by any name and tell us we’re bums for not getting married.

Go ahead, tell us even our smooching is evil and sick and depraved and we’re crazy and dysfunctional and then blame us for not having just wonderful relationships that you don’t even want to hear about anyway.

That, folks, is the pure definition of “chutzpah.”

On par with a man who murders his parents, and then pleading mercy for he’s an orphan.

(Which gay folks don’t do, oddly enough, for all they supposedly “did” to us.)

(Which is strange we’re blamed for choosing to be gay and yet everyone is quite sure it must have been something the mother did, or the father did, or didn’t, in the exact correct dosages as to make us physically different long after the moment of conception did set those parameters – because being gay is so powerful it can change everything, I guess.)

And if a Marine sees the good in marriage for gay folks, so can the rest of you. Because he defends your rights as much as he defends ours. And gay folks have paid more than enough taxes to hire us a brigade or two of Marines to protect us.


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