Gays and Tea Party, becoming friendlier

My fellow First Thursday member, (a Baton Rouge gay guys’ social club)

As I mentioned briefly in the meeting at Dennis’s house, daily for almost a year now I have been wading into TEA Party, Republican and Conservative websites and giving them all, shall we say, a “hlavacattack.” I do so with unfailing politeness and humor – and you all know my humor! Sometimes it’s a single comment, other times rip roaring debates, and now it’s gotten to me being a guest blogger, or someone links to my blog in their article, or uses phrases that I use. In fact, my blog is now permanently linked to from many of these sites.

Or I track down the author of articles and contact them directly. Or I contact the operators of these sites and tell them “You have no idea what you’re talking about, here’s why …” Or I copy my posts and send it to my growing email list of TEA Party and Republican operatives – I tell ’em, point blank — “You don’t have to like me, I don’t care – but you can’t keep saying this God awful crud that makes no sense. It’s not ‘Liberty for All but a Theocracy for Gay folks.’ It’s Liberty for All, even for the not-so-rugged individuals gay folks might be.” Of course, I also point out — “Don’t you at least marvel at our fortitude in listening to this nonsense and doing nothing more dangerous than putting on a Speedo at a street festival?”

Like whenever I hear “Gay people are anti-family” I comment: “You know I was talking to my mother about that just yesterday, and she would disagree, and might even bop you in the nose for that fresh remark.

I cannot even begin to give you more than the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve been doing. Here’s some highlights; here are the sites which have had the biggest sea change in their attitudes towards gay folks since I began – for it is getting better. – the biggest change here is the virtual elimination of the use of the word “fag.” One day I wrote “It appears that the liberal schools you all complain about did you all a great disservice indeed, for you all apparently have dyslexia – you spell G-A-Y as F-A-G. Sad that even in your dyslexia you can’t spell either.” And that about ended it. If you ‘site search’ for Hlavac, you will encounter some of my guest posts. The site operators called me “one interesting dude” and gave me permission to say what I want. It’s like we’re a tag team now, in changing attitudes. Often, I will read, in comments on some article — “Hey, where’s that havoc fellow” (yes, havoc, which is cute,) — and when I finally get there I’ll say something like — “I’m sorry, I was doing a major part of the gay lifestyle – it’s called laundry. One should always have clean undies on if one is fag-bashed and rushed to the hospital after all. has greatly restrained their use of the term “depraved homosexuals” — particularly after I said “Nothing so bespeaks American manliness than beating up on sissies. For nothing is so depraved as a hairdresser, running with scissors, threatening to give a bob instead of a weave. And we turn the other cheek, as Jesus Himself commands us to do, and I say to God, Forgive them they know not what they do.” Whomever is in charge of this site now visits mine almost daily, just to see what I might say. Actually, eight or nine months ago they would routinely delete my comments until I said :”Sure, sure, debate ‘about’ gay folks – but don’t let us into the room, lest we taint the proceedings even through the electronic media. Not to mention my Second Amendment Right to defend myself, and for a decent respect for the opinions of mankind, of course. But really now, how do you people ever fly and still deal with the flight(y) attendant bringing you coffee and just possibly saving your life if you won’t even talk to gay folks?” After that, well, I can say what I want. has almost completely stopped all postings on gay subjects unless it has to do with any specific laws under discussion, and then it’s fact based, not emotion based. No more of the “homosexual agenda” — which I referred to as “The nefarious plan whereby which gay men will not pay taxes to pay for the police to arrest in the bars we went to hide in at your request. Had you not raided the Stonewall one too many times, we might still well be hidden.” Here it was also along the lines of “If you think gayness is not natural, I suggest you all get yourself to a gay bar and play phrenologist – and if you think all those sissies down at the pubs are faking it you really are crazy. made a comment during the DADT debate about Private Manning – the maybe gay guy at the center of Wikileaks – being the problem with gay men in the military – we could be traitors! I quickly commented: “Benedict Arnold was a happily married hetero with two sons who had to change their names after their hetero father was caught selling out the nation in its infancy – ergo all heterosexuals cannot be trusted in the military. Well, no, that can’t be right. So why don’t you reexamine your logic and try again, OK?” That site did apologize to me and all gay men for having made the remark as he did. – which is really American Spectator magazine, which I’ve actually been reading regularly for 30 years – has virtually ceased having articles about gay people in the past month, after near daily stuff – and they have, mostly, separated their “abortion and homosexuality” arguments on the culture war they think is raging after I said repeatedly “Gay folks have nothing to do with abortion. We don’t make any babies that may or may not be killed. That is indeed the very biggest complaint against us – we don’t make babies. Therefore we are simply not part of the debate on abortion. And when Ann Coulter goes on national TV and says gay people getting even a modicum of respect is the cause of teenage pregnancy in America today I cringe at the stupidity. For I cannot both be gay and not have babies, and be impregnating the young ladies who are at the center of the abortion debate at the same time. Don’t like us for some reason, I don’t care — but this is not logic you are using. And I’m against abortion because 5% of those babies done in are my people, they are the future gay folks I shall never meet.” Which did raise eyebrows I assure you. – me and he have a steady exchange – and since he’s Jewish I do point out — “Gay folks are like Medieval Jews, the Bible thrown at us for no reason other than what is ‘believed’ and not what is ‘known’” He does make my blog his post of the day from time to time – sending his readers my way. We’ve been having a sort of debate – he posts something without reference to me after I post something at my blog directly pulling him or his subject of the day apart. He seems to be giving me points to contest, to see how I do. Then it’s the next go round. – this site was buying into the ‘gays molest boys syndrome’ – until I pointed out that “You say we make up 1% of the population, therefore, there aren’t enough gay folks in all the country to molest all the straight boys that we’re accused of molesting. On the other hand, it’s mathematically impossible for each gay man to molest 50 or 100 men each, which you also claim – for that would mean that virtually every straight guy in this nation was molested at least once. Such can not be the case, and Conservatives deal with fact, not fiction, right?” This site now seems to feed off what I say one day, by posting something with an aside virtually word for word what I say, just to see what people will say – and then I’m given the freedom to say what I want in the comments.

Then there dozens more sites where I comment, or just contact the writers of the mush directly and I tell them — “Do you really read what you write about gay folks? Do you really think an antiques dealer wants to destroy the Republic? Come now folks, be rational. Hate us for a good reason, not stuff you just make up after a night of drunken revelry.

Oh, I can’t even begin to spell out to you all the daily battle I do. As I say to them — “Let My People Go! But don’t forget to include us!

There are also several sites I use for some factual stuff about the state of the NO GAYS crusade – is the best.

And whenever someone on the net complains about being accused of homophobia I say “You people are homophobic like Sherman was Confederophobic. He was not, of course – rather, he had a deliberate plan to lay waste to Georgia. Just like the NO GAYS movement does not have an irrational fear of gay people, or homophobia, see – rather, they wish to lay waste to Gay America – and they have a delusional program of either executing us, exporting us, or incarcerating us. I have a Christian duty to inform you that nothing says fiscal sanity and agape like destroying 5% of the nation’s people, all of whom are the sons of mothers. And put us in jail? You will call it punishment and we will call it the weirdest Club Med which comes from the folly of man.”

But the coolest site I’ve encountered of late is which is a compendium of anecdotes by gay folks about when they knew they were gay – and each anecdote is accompanied by a picture of the person as a pre-teenager. And I have sent this link far and wide, and that has stilled some of the passion of the anti-gay folks. It’s noticeable. To me.

So that’s just some of the fun I’m having. I’m not asking anyone to agree with the politics on all those other issues America faces. No, my point is only to defend us gay folks to those who are our most intrepid opponents. For if we do not come to an understanding with them of some kind, then this debate we all don’t like them having about us will never be resolved. As I tell many on the net — “Personally, my goal is nothing less than for the Pope himself to be the lion who sits down with us, The Pink Sheep of the Flock of God, and say, ‘I’m sorry.’ And we all know the impossible takes a little longer.


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